Holy day run on water with Jesuses

S Dec 25, 2022

That title has been a running joke for a year now, pun intended on running, and I’m not going to explain it. But I might well have been running with Jesus because of how cold that windchill was out in the open water that I was basically screaming his name every couple of minutes! I wonder if the Texans consider that worship even though they don’t consider screaming Jesus many times while in bed on Sunday morning a form of worship. No joke! They are dead serious about screaming Jesus a lot while in bed on Sunday morning as not being a true form of worship! They hand out bumper stickers about it! Thanks to Light and River for wanting to do this run and to Light for bringing me along for it! Definitely made my Christmas, along with a conversation with Princess on her own pilgrimage through Portugal, I believe at the moment, afterwards. I hope you all had a very merry Christmas that was just as fun! It must’ve been fun if I was averaging 203 cadence for a whole 15 km with half of it into a blistering wind! Jesus!

Demo Interactive Education Tool for National Flags

When you look up some flags, you often get a webpage, or list if it were a part of a group or you had searched the group, and links to the place the flag represents. Sometimes, you’ll get a map with some flags, and be able to download a graphic. That lack of consistency was frustrating to me, as was the large lack of information about flag design components and other flags with similar features, for design research and/or inspiration to avoid duplication or find inspiration among variations. So in the winter of 2023, I designed and build interactive online displays that would contain it all, as well as be able to grow and change over time as the information changes. I did this using the Tableau Public platform, and the first result was this demo using national flags as a set.

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Run and Walk Journal Entries Coming Apr 1

I have hardly written anything on this blog for some time. However, that hasn’t meant I haven’t done any writing. On the contrary, I have been journaling daily, often multiple times, for over a year now. Of that, perhaps the one I enjoy most is my Run and Walk journal. It is rather spontaneous creative nonfiction dictated to my iPad while I’m high (on endorphins), as I prepare and consume my post run recovery smoothie right after getting in the door and removing my shoes.

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NAVA New American City Flags Survey Analysis Visualization

A few days ago, I shared a data visualization I did for the North American Vexillological Association (NAVA) to support their international press release on a flag survey they did in late 2022. Today, I have the analytical one ready, intended more for research, or to find things to research and answer among the results.

NAVA New American City Flags Survey Analysis Tableau viz

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