A National Anthem Melody, Radical Reinterpretation Challenge

I heard this beautiful, creative and inspirational recent rendition of the Star Spangled Banner just now.


And I thought to myself afterward, what if more songwriters and/or performers did more radical reinterpretations of their national anthems’ melodies? Many, if not most, who perform a national anthem put some “interpretation” into the often sung songs. However, most aren’t all that original.

So who out there might want to try? Being Canadian, I’d love to hear some more original interpretations of O Canada. I’d try myself, having been a songwriter, but I have too many things going on right now that can’t wait. I did stop songwriting for times when I’d be less active and mobile, after all, given my inefficiency at it. 🙂

Who’s up for the challenge?


Living and Existing Quote

I had written about 100 quotes and posted them over the years on this blog. I’m back at it again with another bunch over the next few weeks that I had written since I last posted some.

This is how I differentiate between living and existing.

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My Awair Air Quality Monitor Sampling Experiments

I recently got the new 2nd edition Awair air quality monitor.

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