Definition: Prostyle, Forecourt, Tower Tomb, Loculus, Distaff, Closing Stone

Palmyra and tombs today…


Tower tomb

Towers used as kinship grouping tombs in Palmyra, often occupying high ground


Loculus (plural loculi)

An architectural compartment or niche that houses a body in a place of entombment, but in botany, each of a number of small separate cavities, especially in an ovary



A stick or spindle onto which wool or flax is wound for spinning


Definition: Celebrant, Battlement, Merlon, Crenellation, Triple Deity

Palmyra and some more old architecture today…



A person who performs a rite



A parapet at the top of a wall, especially of a fort or castle, that has regularly spaced squared openings for shooting through



The solid upright section of a battlement in medieval architecture or fortifications (where you hide behind when not shooting arrows from the battlement)



The gap between merlons in a battlement


Triple deity

Three deities worshiped as one, like the Greek Fates


Definition: Tanakh, Mishnah or Oral Torah, Gemera, Halakhah, Sukkot, Sukkah

Not knowing much about Judaism, it’s not surprising I learned so many words on just an introductory article about it.



The Hebrew Bible that contains 3 sections: the Torah or Five Books of Moses, the Prophets, and the Writings


Mishnah or Oral Torah

A minimalistic set of debates attributed to the great religious scholars, or Rabbis, transcribed and published in the second century C.E.



Series of writings that expounded on the Mishnah, and combined with it to create the Talmud



Jewish law



A holiday that commemorates the 40 year period when Israelites were wandering in the desert, living in temporary shelters, and also a harvest festival



A temporary dwelling built on the holiday of Sukkot