A More Efficient, and Quieter Way to Pin on Pinterest

If you pin on Pinterest more for your needs than to get followers, this is a faster way to pin and keep your pins all organized rather than pinning one item to the proper board all the time. It’s also “quieter” because only your followers who follow one specific board, or every board, will see what you’re pinning. But if you were pinning primarily to get followers, and would want as many people to see as many pins as possible all the time, then this isn’t for you.

Method summary

My technique involves

  1. Pinning everything to one board which’s name starts with a number
  2. Using the Move option every now and then when editing that board to select bunches of commonly themed pins and moving all of them to one board.
  3. Repeat as needed.

Naming the board to be organized later

In this technique, when you pin something, you always pin it to the same board. Call it something like Pinned for organizing later, or whatever you like. Name it starting with a number so it will always be at the top of your options of boards to pin, whether as the last board you pinned to, or the first on your general list if none of the three that Pinterest guessed at the top of the pinning window, by algorithm, are correct. For the rest of the name, try to name it so people visiting your account and following you will know what you’re doing with the pins there, if you cared.

Your board will always be visible as a pinning choice

By constantly pinning to one board, you never have to scroll to find the board you want to pin something to. You can also pin to a board Pinterest guessed you wanted, and this choice will still always be there for when Pinterest doesn’t give you a correct guess. Pinning becomes close to being an automated task in this system, which keeps the Pinterest experience more enjoyable. You can focus on the content with less interruption from finding boards to pin to for organization. It’s almost hitting Like to add pins to your Likes list, but you’ll have to pin those Likes later if you want it organized, making more work overall rather than less. Here, you just move batches of common pins later. Pinning it to a generic board will also warn you about pinning duplication, which Liking a pin will not do, saving you time there, too.

Pinning more quietly

In pinning only to one board all the time, unless someone were to follow you completely, or followed that board specifically, they’ll never see what you pin. That’s because when you move pins, nobody sees them on their feed like they do when something is pinned to boards they follow. This is a bit “anti-social” media, but like I said, this technique is also for those who pin primarily for themselves.

Moving the pins later

Moving the pins on your one board to be organized later is where the time savings come in. Edit your to be organized later board once in a while. When you do, choose Move as an option. Pinterest will ask you to check off which pins you want to move. A quick scroll through and checking off, the way you might Like things from your feed, is all it takes before you click Move at the top of your screen and choose your board to relocate the entire batch of pins. You can move up to 50 pins at a time, which is a lot faster compared to finding a different board each time for 50 pins while you’re pinning, or even, say, 10 times, if you pinned 5 similar pins one at a time, consecutively, during your pinning. You’d also have to scroll through your feed many times in order to do this as your similar pins mostly won’t be close to each other.

Better use of limited pinning time

Pinning to a single board for organizing later also lets you use your pinning time better. Let’s say you had 10 minutes. You’ll only get so many pins done if you were organizing while pinning. You might not get to see some pins later in your feed, or might see some but never got around to them because you ran out of time. Either way, what you didn’t get to, won’t be easy to find again unless you were on Pinterest again soon after, so the feed had not added much since you were last on to have to scroll through a million screens. Pinning to a single board is faster so you’ll get to more pins, and pin more as well. Once pinned, the pin will always be there waiting for you to organize at your convenience. It’s not as efficient as hitting Like to quickly get pins set aside, but in hitting Like, the organization process is still slower later compared to pinning a pin at a time.

If really rushed for pinning time, you could always just hit a lot of Likes, then pin those Likes to one board quickly later like a robot, and use Move to move batches of similar pins to common boards. I’d just stick to this method unless for those exceptional times, though.

Give it a try!

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