NFL Team Logos Wallpapers, AFC Teams (1280 x 1024 pixels)

Get AFC team logo wallpapers customized for your iPhone.

Get AFC team logo wallpapers customized for your Blackberry Bold 9000 or Palm Pre.

These are NFL team logo wallpapers 1280 x 1024 pixels in size, but just for the AFC teams because this gallery would be twice as large with all the NFL teams! Other sizes can be found on this blog through these links, with some unique designs for every size:

There are LOTS of NFL player wallpapers, but relatively few with the team logos. Even the team websites often did not have them, and not in many sizes! As a designer, I love logos and colour schemes of sports teams and so I compiled this collection.

I did not create these wallpapers, for the most part, except for some I made from graphics I found online. I did adjust many of the wallpapers for more richness in colour, took out advertising and especially adapted many to their sizes here since most were not of this size.


Please click here to get wallpapers of other themes on this site.

Make your own customized screen saver from these AFC team logos wallpapers.
(PC Windows XP instructions)


9 thoughts on “NFL Team Logos Wallpapers, AFC Teams (1280 x 1024 pixels)

    • You’re very welcome, Tom. The Colts are my team from a long story starting many years back when they drafted Peyton Manning. Peyton started his first game on the day I ran my first marathon. He won his first Super Bowl the first time I ever qualified for my first marathon. I had my best running week with 106 miles last week and capped it off with relaxing to watch his performance (as well as all the other Colts) in that epic game Sunday against the Pats.

      As an odd side story for this year, my Parents moved to New Orleans early this decade so they had become my NFC team. I have two football caps, Colts and Saints, so I’m having quite a year. 🙂

      Colts-Saints Super Bowl? 🙂

  1. Your wallpapers are awesooomeee!!! do you have any more wallpapers of the new england patriots??

    • Hi Rodrigo. Thanks for the compliment on the wallpapers. At this time, I don’t have other New England Patriots wallpapers. However, if you have a little graphic skill, you can get the iPad versions and just extend the background to your monitor size.

      I’m assuming you have a 1280×1024 pixel monitor since you commented on this post.

      The iPad wallpapers are 1024×1024 pixels. You’ll just need to extend the width to 1280 pixels. Don’t stretch the picture, though. Just add background of the same colour as the wallpaper you pick. You can’t do it to any of the patterned background, though.

      Next football season, I’ll be making some more, team by team. But they take a lot of time so I want to cover teams in some other sports between now and then with the NFL collection already up.

    • You’re welcome. I made them for my own use originally and thought I’d share. Please only use for personal use as they were not meant for monetary gain. Just fan art, if you will. Thank you.

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