Do You Like the New Nike NFL Uniforms? (Gallery and Poll)

Below is a gallery of the new Nike NFL uniforms. Have a look and take the poll to tell people if you like them. You can also comment. Tell me what you think, and I’ll tell you what I think… if you care for what I think. 🙂

This gallery is easier to view than the NFL site’s gallery because there are no frequent advertisements interrupting your viewing here, and the thumbnails are labeled and in order! Seriously,, you can do much better than that!

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Over 200 NFL Team Logo Facebook Timeline Profile Cover Photos

Are there NFL fans on Facebook? You betcha there are!

Would those NFL fans use their team logo banner as the Timeline profile cover photos? We’ll see, I guess.

Below are over 200 NFL team logo Facebook Timeline profile cover photo graphics covering every existing team. Hope I’ve got one you like for your team! Logos are listed in alphabetical order of team city (Arizona first, Washington last). I made these from my large collection of NFL team logo wallpapers customized for varying monitor sizes.

Please click here for more Facebook Timeline Profile Cover Photos of differing themes on this site.

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iPad Wallpapers with the Oakland Raiders Team Logos

Because a commenter named Mike requested it, below are some Oakland Raiders team logo wallpapers for the iPad. I have to apologize a bit, though, because I didn’t have a lot of suitable graphics to start with making these wallpapers. You see, a lot of the Raiders wallpapers I had access to had the RAIDERS wording above it. Unfortunately, the only way I could crop things without cutting off the main logo, chops off the R and S on the ends of the word so you end up looking at the AIDER when you use your iPad in the vertical orientation.

AIDERs? From Oakland? R U kiddin’ me? Are you guys supposed to hurt people?

Anyway, this collection didn’t turn out to be the most razzling dazzling of iPad wallpaper collections. But hopefully, the people in Raider Nation who like things clean will like them.

Someone else care to suggest the next NFL team I should post?

Below are some . I only make wallpapers with team logos because players change too often these days.

There are many types of iPad wallpapers here.

  • Unique one-offs with full backgrounds.
  • Plain logo on a plain team colour background.
  • Embossed logo for those who like a little eye candy, labeled with “emboss”.
  • Small logo are for those who like a lot of plain space for their “padtop” icons.
  • Small embossed logo that look like a button, labeled with “button”.
  • Textured backgrounds like canvas, burlap, sandstone and steel, which you have to see full size to appreciate the difference as the thumbnails don’t do them justice.

I try to design these wallpapers for a variety of tastes and usages. I hope you’ll be able to find one you like.

Please click on the links below for NFL team logo backgrounds/wallpapers (among other themes) for your: