These are properly sized 1024 x 1024 pixel iPad wallpapers . I am just starting out in this so there aren’t many entries here, but I hope to add many in the near future as I have quite a few desktop wallpapers from which to create iPad wallpapers.


NFL Team Logos

NHL Team Logos


8 thoughts on “iPad

  1. Sorry but I had to write to you here as I could now find any contact info. I own ipadwallpapaersbybay.com and like your style and would like if you wanted to add me on you insightful sites? I publish my original photos as ipad wallpapers…. Martin

    • Hi Martin, my apologies but if I took requests for sites on that list, it’d be quite long by now. I’m flattered so many people who I don’t know ask me, but I just can’t accommodate them all and won’t accommodate randomly or be choosy about it. The only sites there which belong to people I know are those of a few (very few) personal friends who have sites, but they are personal friends and that’s the only reason their sites are there. I will leave your request, though, because I see you have a link to it and it’s the first (and currently only) comment on this page. That should get it some attention.

      It is a very nice site and I’d recommend others here looking for iPad wallpapers to check it out!

  2. I love your wallpaper backgrounds for mobile phones and iPads!

    Do you have any Major League Baseball backgrounds? I think those would be great to create!


    • Hi Tyler, thanks for the comp. I don’t have have MLB backgrounds. I do agree they’d be great, they just take time to find, do and/or edit and my time requirements in life have changed since the days I’ve made a lot of wallpapers. They are high on my list for topics, though, so maybe bit by bit this winter, I will get around to them.

    • HI David, if you can crack it, which I hear isn’t that hard to do, you can then do whatever you want with it as that’s something I have no control over. However, I’d like to keep the spreadsheet the way it is so I won’t be sharing it. It’s my only way to ensure my name stays with my work.

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