Do You Like the New Nike NFL Uniforms? (Gallery and Poll)

Below is a gallery of the new Nike NFL uniforms. Have a look and take the poll to tell people if you like them. You can also comment. Tell me what you think, and I’ll tell you what I think… if you care for what I think. 🙂

This gallery is easier to view than the NFL site’s gallery because there are no frequent advertisements interrupting your viewing here, and the thumbnails are labeled and in order! Seriously,, you can do much better than that!

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Over 200 NFL Team Logo Facebook Timeline Profile Cover Photos

Are there NFL fans on Facebook? You betcha there are!

Would those NFL fans use their team logo banner as the Timeline profile cover photos? We’ll see, I guess.

Below are over 200 NFL team logo Facebook Timeline profile cover photo graphics covering every existing team. Hope I’ve got one you like for your team! Logos are listed in alphabetical order of team city (Arizona first, Washington last). I made these from my large collection of NFL team logo wallpapers customized for varying monitor sizes.

Please click here for more Facebook Timeline Profile Cover Photos of differing themes on this site.

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Is Fate’s Sense of Irony Cruel to Have a Super Bowl in Indianapolis with the WRONG Manning Playing?

One of the curses of the Super Bowl, it seems, is that the home team where it is held has never gotten to play in it. Any year where the host city has a decent team, though, hope always mounts. Before the 2011-2012 season, speculation this trend may change was especially strong with the Indianapolis Colts being a perennial contender. However, Fate put a quick end to that. Their magician quarterback, Peyton Manning, was sidelined for the first time in his career with a neck injury that was going to keep him out for the season, or enough of it to keep the Colts from even getting to the playoffs to have a chance to play a Super Bowl in front of their fans.

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Colts and Saints in Super Bowl! Who Do You Think Will Win?

New Orleans Saints

There were 297 votes, with 48% for the Colts and 52% for the Saints. The “wisdom of crowds” theory won out here as the Saints were underdogs and yet, you the readers, voted they’d win. Well done and congrats to the Saints! I knew I should have put the Colts logo up on top rather than the Saints. Probably jinxed my own Colts!

The original post is below the dotted line.


I only have two NFL team hats, those of the New Orlean Saints and of the Indianapolis Colts… and they are both going to the Super Bowl!


My team is the Colts. I’ve been a fan of Peyton Manning ever since he was at the University of Tennessee. He started his first game the day I ran my first marathon in October 4 1998. He’s still playing at a high level and I’m still running at a high level. His football career and my running has had some pretty interesting coincidences for our personal achievements. But he and the Colts are my team.

The Saints were my NFC team because I enjoyed watching them. That interest became a liking after my visit there to run the Mardi Gras marathon in 2003 and a second love after they got Drew Brees. Not being one willing to pay big money for sport caps, I found a beautiful Saints hat at Wal-Mart for $10 and that was my first hat.

Indianapolis Colts

It was not until this year when I had a great winning streak in betting in Pro-Line sports here in Nova Scotia, at a sale, that I got my Colts hat. So I’ve only had the two hats for half a season or so, but it could not be more timely!

The two teams did great during the regular seasons. However, things seemed a little iffy towards the end as neither team finished strong, even if Indianapolis did so resting their starters and by-passing the chance at a perfect season. However, both teams rebounded well to end up in the Super Bowl, even with a little luck. But you know what they say, you have to be good to be lucky!

I’d prefer it if the Colts win, of course, but I won’t be too disappointed if the Saints win. I just hope for a great game.

That said, I definitely think the Colts will win. Any opinions? Take the poll or leave a comment. Thanks!


NFL Team Logos Wallpapers (gigantic 2560 x 1920 pixels)

Below are 170NFL team logo wallpapers the giant 2560 x 1600 pixels in size, which also make for good big resolution graphics of those logos if you want to use them for something else. Other sizes can be found on this blog through these links, with some unique designs for every size:

I didn’t have enough resolution on these wallpapers to create full screen ones for all the versions, but the ones I have all are high resolution. Some of these wallpapers are quite detailed so they are a few MB in size so please be patient if you want to see or download some of these wallpapers.


Please click here to get wallpapers of other themes on this site.

Make your own customized screen saver from these NFL team logos wallpapers.
(PC Windows XP instructions)

Get NFL team logo wallpapers customized for your iPhone.