Is Fate’s Sense of Irony Cruel to Have a Super Bowl in Indianapolis with the WRONG Manning Playing?

One of the curses of the Super Bowl, it seems, is that the home team where it is held has never gotten to play in it. Any year where the host city has a decent team, though, hope always mounts. Before the 2011-2012 season, speculation this trend may change was especially strong with the Indianapolis Colts being a perennial contender. However, Fate put a quick end to that. Their magician quarterback, Peyton Manning, was sidelined for the first time in his career with a neck injury that was going to keep him out for the season, or enough of it to keep the Colts from even getting to the playoffs to have a chance to play a Super Bowl in front of their fans.

Unfortunately, Fate was in a foul mood towards Indy for some reason and did not stop there.

In a surprise playoff run, the New York Giants are the NFC representative in the Super Bowl. And who would their quarterback be? Peyton’s little brother Eli Manning.

Oh, Fate! How cruel Thou canst be!

Isn’t there a flag for taunting, or unsportsmanlike conduct that can be thrown?

That said, this will be Eli’s chance to back up a statement he made at the beginning of the year, where he was asked if he considered himself among the elite quarterbacks like Tom Brady (against whom he is playing today), Drew Brees, big brother Peyton Manning, and so on. I think Eli has proven himself that over the years, including a win against Brady in Super Bowl XLII when the Giants beat the heavily favoured 18-0 Patriots (with different players but still Brady and Bellick heading them). The critics weren’t buying it, though, and Eli had to prove himself, which he did admirably with this playoff runs and some key wins in an otherwise rough season for the Giants.

Now, the big question left would be if Eli be considered better than Peyton if Eli won Super Bowl XLVI? And would Fate be considered even more cruel to have that happen?

But let’s not speculate it until it actually happens. Enjoy the mega-game today, everyone!

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