Super Bowl XLVI Commercial Previews

It’s becoming a trend for Super Bowl commercials to be released online before the Super Bowl, supposedly to “engage” fans rather than just entertaining them for a few moments during the game until the next great commercial comes along and you lose all your attention span. That, plus more people are “watching TV” on mobile devices all the time. This year, here are some of the commercials released early. There are some great ones, and some just weird ones. See who got it right…

Volkswagen, last year’s Super Bowl winner with the awesome The Force Darth Vader kid commercial, got things right for engaging fans, as far as I’m concerned. Chevy did a pretty good job with the Happy Grad ad down below. Volkswagen put out a prequel reference commercial this year with dogs barking the Imperial March from Star Wars. It’s cute, but nothing to text home about, as far as I’m concerned. This is The Bark Side (cute!)

However, they used it as a reference, along with last year’s The Force, in their real game day commercial that they told fans to watch for. That’s continuity and fan engagement, for ya! Here’s The Dog Strikes Back.

That wasn’t the kid in The Force, though. He had some sort of ailment last year. Dare I ask if something tragic happened to him?

The other big winner among the previews released, in my opinion, is the Audi Vampire Party commercial. What a clever concept that’s presented in a riotous manner!

While we’re on the movie and throwback themes, Honda also had a “throwback movie” commercial, playing off Ferris Buehler’s Day Off. Sorry to share the news, but nothing rivals Star Wars for that sort of 80s throw back! Still, it was great, especially where Matthew Broderick sings Chinese. 🙂

If it isn’t obvious by now, car companies are in some serious competition for Super Bowl ads this year. Look at this suite Chevy has out! At least they were original and didn’t rely on references to all sorts of things, for which copyright permission could not have been cheap! This Silverado one is my favourite in the suite, for sure! I thought maybe a sexy woman among the bunch showing up at the end would have been a nice touch, though… not the least for evolutionary purposes to continue humanity. They missed out on a huge demographic!

This Sonic Joy one is cute.

As is these aliens with the Volt.

Then there’s this patriotic appealing Volt version of Morning in Hamtramck.

Chevy also did the fan engagement thing well by having a fan commercial submissions contest. The contest was more fan engaging than Volkswagen’s prequel, sure, but to be honest, I’m not sure that many people out there are into making commercials, or even scripting ideas. The new generation is a bit short on attention span. Just give them a prequel, give them a little anticipation and time to talk about it, and show the commercial.

There were regional contest winners for that Chevy Route 66 contest that were great, but look at this fabulous Happy Grad commercial overall winner that resulted!

Then Chevy wrapped up with a thank you video not yet embeddable, but you can see it via this link. Nice touch.

But among all those great car commercials, there are also some bombs. I can’t believe Acura spent 2 minutes on this one… or that someone even pitched it to Acura and convinced them to do it! For all the star power, 2 minute durations and special effects that must have cost a fortune, there was hardly anything to even get out of it aside from what’s going to be water cooler ridicule the next day.

But let’s end on some funny notes, as the best Super Bowl ads tend to be, with some usual suspects seen in the past… and some not.

Enjoy the commercials, everyone! Don’t forget to watch the game, too!

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