Definition: Automaticity and Commercial Racial Profiling

Automaticity is new word learned #17 in 2020. A fancy word for something like reactive instincts (one which could be trained), but not exactly that term, so that’s why there is a term for it, I suppose. 🙂


And commercial racial profiling, or actions resulting from racial profiling in a commercial (retail) setting, is absolutely disgusting. As with anything, though, there is a continuum from mild to just outright extreme. This one is the latter, and in Canada, and the more open-minded part of Canada that is the west coast, no less. To assume an Aboriginal with just $30,000 or so in his bank account has to be impossible to the point that he must be committing fraud, and call the police on him in a bank. Then to handcuff his 12 year old daughter trying to open a bank account. OMFG! I can’t imagine a worse commercial racial profiling… but that’s reality for you. Makes the imagination look pale all the time.

Just absolutely tragic, though. I hope these people face some serious consequences beyond the public apology of their organizations.

The Players in the “Spelling” NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Commercial

I LOVE this NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs commercial! It’s so simple, but it shows and says so much! And so wonderful to see all these NHL legends again, out of uniform as themselves in life.

This is the full length version, which isn’t always played during the games… and better than the shortened version, for sure!

It took me five tries before I identified all the players, though when I went to check online, I couldn’t find a list. Once I got it confirmed with some hockey nut friends, I thought I’d share it. The players are listed below in the order of appearance in the commercial above, with the letters of their last names that they spelled out in the commercial.

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Dupont PHB71 Hybrid Rice in Viet Nam Ad

Recently, DuPont posted the advertisement below for its PHB71 Hybrid Rice grown in Viet Nam. Hybrid rice is cross-breeding of rice strains, not genetically modified as in artificially modifying them. Think of cross-breeding dogs and genetically created dogs, if you want to better understand the difference. We do the former all the time. The latter is a bit more expensive and sketchy… and probably illegal in many countries.

What I found amazing was how these Vietnamese farmers grew rice in the paddies in one season, then harvested shrimp in the same paddies in another! Talk about making use of the land!

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Super Bowl XLVI Commercial Previews

It’s becoming a trend for Super Bowl commercials to be released online before the Super Bowl, supposedly to “engage” fans rather than just entertaining them for a few moments during the game until the next great commercial comes along and you lose all your attention span. That, plus more people are “watching TV” on mobile devices all the time. This year, here are some of the commercials released early. There are some great ones, and some just weird ones. See who got it right… Continue reading