The Players in the “Spelling” NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Commercial

I LOVE this NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs commercial! It’s so simple, but it shows and says so much! And so wonderful to see all these NHL legends again, out of uniform as themselves in life.

This is the full length version, which isn’t always played during the games… and better than the shortened version, for sure!

It took me five tries before I identified all the players, though when I went to check online, I couldn’t find a list. Once I got it confirmed with some hockey nut friends, I thought I’d share it. The players are listed below in the order of appearance in the commercial above, with the letters of their last names that they spelled out in the commercial.

The commercial’s full spelling and breaks go like this.


And the players are:

  • LEM – Mario LEMieux
  • CRO – Sidney CROsby
  • KEON – Dave KEON
  • HULL – Brett & Bobby HULL
  • MESS – Mark MESSier
  • FED – Sergei FEDerov
  • OU – Ray BOUrque
  • RKE – Bobby ClaRKE
  • RO – Patrick ROy
  • YZE – Steve YZErman
  • LIDS – Niklas LIDStrom
  • ITO – Phil EsposITO
  • TOEWS – Jonathan TOEWS
  • BRO – Martin BROdeur
  • DA – Mike MoDAno
  • ANNE – Teemu SelANNE
  • ORR – Bobby ORR

12 thoughts on “The Players in the “Spelling” NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Commercial

  1. I tend to disagree. Wasted a great opportunity to present it differently. Having these legend s p e l l, to me seems too low grade. Not sure which Ad agency thought of this, but poor representations of such great dignified men. Just my 5 cents in.

    • Yes, nice touch to have Wayne holding the picture. Sad the playoffs are over for not only the hockey, but seeing the commercial… and having all the visitors flock to this post to see who all the players were. Lots were wondering probably cause they were missing a few. πŸ™‚

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