https://digitalcitizen.ca/category/writing/I’m making so many changes in my life I can hardly control it all! Despite changes documented here, here, here, and here, that’s actually only about half of all the changes I’ve actually initiated, on my own or in response to other things going on in my life! That includes a change in poetry writing style after 1870 poems, and embracing modern poetry in a new blog for the symbolism and freedom… and one which I just changed the name for a third  time in a week, but for which I have finally found the perfect name, or at least almost perfect name!

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The Players in the “Spelling” NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Commercial

I LOVE this NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs commercial! It’s so simple, but it shows and says so much! And so wonderful to see all these NHL legends again, out of uniform as themselves in life.

This is the full length version, which isn’t always played during the games… and better than the shortened version, for sure!

It took me five tries before I identified all the players, though when I went to check online, I couldn’t find a list. Once I got it confirmed with some hockey nut friends, I thought I’d share it. The players are listed below in the order of appearance in the commercial above, with the letters of their last names that they spelled out in the commercial.

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Is It Wrong to Assign Gender to Genderless AI Robots?

Here’s where the fun really begins with my new adventure into artificial intelligence (AI) robotics! Sure, the robots, what they can do, what you can get them to do and how you apply it all that are cool. However, it’s the human and social sides of this which most interests me.

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List of Animal Group Names (Collective Nouns)

What are groups of various kinds of animals called? There are a lot of answers, sometimes for the same animal! I’ve tracked down the animals on this list for my need to know and am sharing in case anybody out there also wants to know. There are some good lists out there but I needed this formatted this way for my needs. I hope it is useful, or at least interesting, to you as well. 🙂

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What Pope Name Would You Choose as Pope?

Immediately after a new Pope accepts election, he is asked, “By what name shall you be called?”

He has to choose a new name because he is a new enlightened person in a new role. Often, but not always, this name will bear some symbolism to say something about him, his views or some other factor. The new Pope Francis chose this name to represent his humility and caring for the disadvantaged.

So what I want to know is, if you were elected Pope, which name would you choose? And why if you care to share?

Realistically, women wouldn’t be answering this question today, and probably not any time soon, but this is a thought exercise so go for it! I’m all for women in the clergy!

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