Why Didn’t Volvo Trucks Save Epic Split Commercial for Super Bowl?

Every now and then, I see a commercial that just completely wows me. This time, it’s by Volvo Trucks showing off the stability of their dynamic steering with Jean-Claude Van Damme in the slowly jaw dropping commercial below.

The Super Bowl is the time when great commercials are supposed to be seen. Some are, but many are also not. This one, I thought, could have competed with any one I have ever seen.

Starting with JCVD talking about his career and life, and that haunting base line and rhythm from Enya’s Only Time song.

You have no idea where the thing is going with him talking about that and moving slightly from the truck ride. You’re not even sure what he’s on given you don’t see people standing on trucks like that.

Then you find out where he is and what’s going on with the camera panning out, but you’re still not sure what this is all about. As the song gets momentum, the trucks slowly move apart, JCVD does the split to bridge them and stays there, your jaw slowly drops and stays there like JCVD doing the splits.

The car with the camera then goes a bit around the trucks, the ground moves easily beneath it, in reverse so it’s a bit exotic… and the rising sun comes out and stays for the final shot.

It’s just magic!

What a brilliant concept for a commercial! And who really cares if it’s real or fake like some trolls are insisting it’s fake? The concept is just brilliant!


Best commercial I’ve seen this year, by far!

Here’s a little of how they planned the commercial… and teased people with it. That’s confidence to set up people expecting a lot! Though having a small idea of it kind of ruins the magic moment for me, I would think.

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