Have You Seen YOUR Top 20 Moments of 2012 on Facebook? And Cheat to See Your Friends’?

Facebook has a new feature for its users. It’s called the Year in Review, and it features your Top 20 Moments from some algorithm Facebook generates from your profile. You may have seen it, or not have it yet, as it seems to be a gradual rollout. So look for it if you have not!

Just go to your profile. On the right hand side of where your wall starts, there should be a “2012” graphic and link to click on to see your top moments from 2012. A whole page is dedicated to it!

It would seem to me that Facebook posts in 2012 which received a lot of Likes and/or Comments are on your Top Moments list. It also seems to choose one friend, among the statistic of how many friends you added in 2012, as one of those top moments. Life events like getting into relationship (not sure about out), starting jobs, starting school, etc. were also prominent. The number of new Facebook friends you made is display in the summary, as well as the number of pages you liked.

If you approve of your Top 20 Moments, you can click the Share button with the 2012 Top Moments link to show your friends.

Now, if you look at your friends’ profile to see their Top Moments of 2012 in review, you won’t see a link for it on their wall or profile. If Facebook wanted them to review and approve it first, though, they left an opening for others to see that I can’t believe they overlooked.

You can just type yearinreview/ in between the regular Facebook URL, facebook.com/ and your friend’s profile URL. For example, to see a profile with the URL of 1234567:

  • The regular profile has a URL of facebook.com/1234567
  • You type in a URL of facebook.com/yearinreview/1234567 and see their 2012 Top 20 Moments on Facebook.

And you can see it whether they want to or not!

Wassup, Facebook? Do you want people’s friends to see their 2012 Top Moments year in review or not?

If your FB friend doesn’t have a custom URL, and their profile URL is something facebook.com/profile.php?id=122334455667788, just stick the yearinreview/ between the end of the Facebook URL and the profile number, like

  • facebook.com/yearinreview/22334455667788

As for people who are not your Facebook friends, you can’t get a true Top Moments of 2012 for them by trying the same trick. However, if they have anything set to “public” for a privacy setting, you can see a Top Moments from that public collection! So beware if you have stuff set to public!

You should beware if you ever have anything set to public anyways! Not that you shouldn’t do it, but think about it carefully before you do! This is just another instance where it might burn you!

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