Could Comet ISON Be the Event of 2013… AND the 21st Century?

Comet_ISON_discoveryOn the Eve of (Mayan) Destruction, which so many people have predicted to be the end of the world, I thought I’d play a little sooth-saying of my own! Mind you, my prediction is a little bit more scientifically based.

Right now, there’s a little comet sitting about 600 million miles (965 million km) away, beyond Jupiter. It’s called Comet ISON, or C/2012 S1. ISON stands for International Scientific Optical Network. It is an organization to which the comet’s two discoverers belong (Artyom Novichonok and Vitali Nevski). They discovered it on September 24th, 2012.

This comet is already reasonably visible at that distance, which is rare for comets since it takes one of decent size for this to happen. Size definitely matters here, in more puns than one, because that means the comet has more to shed, and might survive a close pass to the sun to shed a lot of matter and be bright for weeks!

How bright? Say, brighter than the moon bright? Which also means visible in the DAY TIME bright!!!

Can you imagine what that would be like??? That would rock the world!!!

It’d be like a scene out of Star Trek or something! Imagine a sky with a bright object floating around in the sky either during the day or night, or parts of both, depending on the time this comet would be seen, aside from the sun and moon! It would completely captivate the world! It’d be the most photographed object ever, despite all the photos of some public figure “stars” taken these days. That’d be NO match for if the entire world was to turn skyward completely! Nobody has that star power! The world would have its eyes towards the skies for over a month! Astronomy would never have enjoyed such a fondness or spotlight! Make sure the universities have room in their programs starting in 2014 or 2015!

Comet ISON would not only be the event of the year, it’d be the event of anybody’s life time who is alive to see it!

And yes, it can happen! In 1680, there was such a great comet in 1680, during Sir Isaac Newton’s time. However, this one has the potential to be brighter, says Sky & Telescope Magazine!

The thing about this, right now, though, is the comet’s potential. We’ve heard a few similar stories before, like with Kouhoutek in 1974, which was, ironically, the scientific flop of the century! Comet Hale-Bopp in 1997 didn’t have nearly as much potential, but it lived up to its share. And that’s partly why I’m confident this one will turn out. Science has become much better at predicting this sort of stuff. Much better still doesn’t mean great, but I’m counting on it because my Tarot cards turned out spectacularly when I did a read on ISON! 😉

I’m making this call from my Tarot card readings as much as my scientific analysis. 😉

The show is expected to start in August, but really peak in November and December. It could be the “miracle” comet of Christmas 2013! Can you just imagine the frenzy the religious people the world over would have with a bright object actually wandering in the skies at Christmas time???

For more information on Comet ISON, you can check out great articles by Time magazine and the Mother Nature Network (MNN).

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