Happy New Baktun and Katun and Tun!

That’s what you say when you’re into a new baktun, like a new year, right? A baktun is a Mayan calendar cycle of 144,000 days or roughly 394 years, the 13th of which just ended on December 21st when all kinds of people were predicting the apocalypse! The baktun has 20 smallerĀ katuns, one of which also ended and coincides with the end of the baktun every 20 katunsĀ 7885.2 years.

Special occasion indeed! How many things are you around to celebrate once every 7885.2 years???

Well, no apocalypse here, so happy new baktun!

Now, would someone tell me why the Mayans were also triskaidekaphobic? That is, why they feared the number 13? They had to be if they were predicting the end of the world at the end of the 13th cycle, of all the number of cycles they could have chosen!

So far as I knew, the triskaidekaphobia was a Western and Persian concept. The link above to Wikipedia seem to confirm that. So where did the Mayans get their triskaidekaphobia?

Or is there really something to worry about the number 13 since it doesn’t seem to discriminate, and is universal?


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