MAKE IT COUNT will be my Mantra for 2018

I will have a lot of “performance” related moments this year, and before each, I will be telling myself to “make it count”! Some of these moments will be very small, like playing through a piano piece without mistake during practice at home, or on a public piano. However, some will be big and important, like the higher than annual average number of big consequence decisions I expect to make this year.

I picked MAKE IT COUNT over IT’S SHOW TIME because some of these bigger moments will be serious in a rational way to finalize something, rather than an emotional perk up before a “performance” to come. However, I imagine there’ll be lots of moments where I’ll start out with IT’S SHOW TIME, followed by MAKE IT COUNT, as a double mantra. 

Have You Seen YOUR Top 20 Moments of 2012 on Facebook? And Cheat to See Your Friends’?

Facebook has a new feature for its users. It’s called the Year in Review, and it features your Top 20 Moments from some algorithm Facebook generates from your profile. You may have seen it, or not have it yet, as it seems to be a gradual rollout. So look for it if you have not!

Just go to your profile. On the right hand side of where your wall starts, there should be a “2012” graphic and link to click on to see your top moments from 2012. A whole page is dedicated to it!

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What Does America’s Got Talent Have to Compete With Connie Talbot, Paul Potts and Susan Boyle?

Top to bottom: Connie Talbot, Paul Potts, Susan Boyle

Top to bottom: Connie Talbot, Paul Potts, Susan Boyle

Update from Apr 27 2009, you can add Hollie Steel to this list! WOW!

I do a lot of research for this blog. I want to take a rest today and let some readers share their knowledge and opinions on some content from America’s Got Talent, the American version of Britain’s Got Talent, or even American Idol.

I don’t watch any of those three shows, but Britain’s Got Talent videos the likes of Susan Boyle, Paul Potts and Connie Talbot have managed to reach me (see videos below). They have amazed me, taken my breath away, made me cry, inspired me, and so on.

However, nothing from America’s Got Talent or American Idol seemed to have reached me… and YouTube is an American phenomenon! Why nothing from either show has reached me isn’t the point here, though.

What I want to know is what does America’s Got Talent (or American Idol) have to compete with the likes of the Britain’s Got Talent videos below of Connie Talbot, Paul Potts and Susan Boyle?

Tell me, because I’ve got no idea. I believe the best viral stuff on the Net works similar to a free market where the true best will make it to the top be better known. But if so, then America’s Got Talent and American Idol has nothing that comes close to the aforementioned videos from Britain’s Got Talent.

That is probably wrong, though, so please help me. Post a comment suggestion of some of America’s Got Talent’s best moments with a YouTube link. Or American Idol as well. Maybe your favourite moment/s is a good way to identify that choice?

Or can I be right that America’s Got Talent and American Idol don’t have anything that can compete with the viral videos below from Britain’s Got Talent? Somehow, I can’t imagine the Americans agreeing with that. But maybe the American hype machine has pretty much picked up everyone hitting the “good” level so as to leave nothing quite as stunning as some of those Britain’s Got Talent folks. We’ll see, I guess.

If you haven’t by chance seen any of these videos below, I would highly recommend you have a look. I think they’ll move you, probably a lot. They certainly moved me a lot.

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Reading Level: 6.8


Connie Talbot on Britain’s Got Talent 2007

Connie made it to the finals and has also gone on to stardom, as Connie’s website shows or by searching her name on Google and YouTube. For all her various videos, there are over 80 million views… which Susan Boyle has yet to reach at time of posting, but has 2 more years to do that, which shouldn’t be a problem. There are some other great and charming videos of Connie, like:


Paul Potts on Britain’s Got Talent 2007

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Paul won the overall competition in 2007 and has gone on to stardom. See Paul’s website or just search his name on Google and YouTube and see what shows up. This video with Natasha Marsh shows Paul singing Verdi, and this one is a more polished Paul singing the same Nessun Dorma as above, but is formal and has no crowd electricity like the above one.


Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.