Peyton Manning Joins the Denver Broncos… and Why This Guy is Glad He Did!

The Peyton Manning Sweepstakes is over! Peyton has chosen to sign with the Denver Broncos, a team with a horse mascot like the Indianapolis Colts, for whom he had played for 14 seasons. Maybe he has a thing for horsey teams. Regardless, that means I’m going to be switching favourite teams because I was only in for the Colts to follow Peyton from the University of Tennessee, where he played college football. But now that Peyton has left, I go with him.

A lot of reasons were mentioned why Peyton chose the Broncos, see story link above, but here’s why I am glad he chose them. Some of these reasons I don’t doubt he considered, though maybe as a minor factor. Others are just for me that made me happy:

  • Good defense already in place. The Colts had a lot of problems with defense over the years, mostly never having a complete one.
  • Denver has $40M cap space, which means room for some more offense, including offensive line. They can bring Jeff Saturday, Dallas Clark and a few of Peyton’s buddies, or just get some other outstanding receivers.
  • Tough place to play. Peyton will have an advantage with Mile High’s altitude impact on all the visiting teams. The stadium is outdoors and cold some of the time, but I think Peyton will be fine. It’s a tough place for teams to visit, especially also with the rabid fan base!
  • Less disadvantage not being a dome team when they visit other outdoor stadium teams. Peyton is fine outdoors, as a story from so well notes. He’s not as great in the cold, but those stats are skewed by road playoff games that happen in January outdoors where the Colts weren’t favoured. They’re going to try to get home playoff games where the Broncos will be favoured, obviously.
  • Great coaches and executives in place and some running game with the offense I’m excited to see Peyton take over and see what he can impart on them in terms of his football wisdom. I also loved John Elway as a player and the Broncos with him a long time ago so this is an easy transition for me.
  • No clash with Eli in playoffs till Super Bowl. Save the drama for the big dance, not something part way through the playoffs. Most of the other reasons could have applied to San Francisco, a sure contender till the end. However, this one could likely not happen. The Giants are defending Super Bowl champs and expected to do well again next year, Super Bowl curse aside.
  • We’ll still have Peyton vs Brady battles regularly in the AFC. We’ll also get two guaranteed Peyton vs Philip Rivers games each year. The Chargers may have had Peyton’s numbers in Indy, but that’s with Indy’s weaknesses. Should be a different team in Denver. That said, the Broncos have a crazy schedule in 2012 against all kinds of 2011 playoff teams, and 15 games outdoors. We’ll see how it all turns out. I doubt anyone else in the AFC West has nearly as tough a schedule!
  • Relatively easy division to win other things considered aside from that crazy schedule. That will help the adjustments for the first year, at least. Who knows who will rise in power in years beyond that, but the Broncos should be steady to go and handle anyone by then.
  • Nicer uniforms! Wow! Talk about a change from the boring blue and while with 1950s stripes, maybe 1940s! The Denver Broncos have a great colour combination, logo, alternate logos and such. I’ll love having their wallpapers on my computer and wear their uniforms and hats and such, too! Check out my NFL wallpapers collection for all monitor sizes and iPhone, Blackberries and smart phone backgrounds here and see what I mean! I even have Facebook Timeline Profile cover photos for all the teams!
  • I never did like the 49ers growing up. It’d have been awkward for me now to switch. Good to lay one on the 49ers who now have their own QB problems with having let Alex Smith become a free agent. Matt Flynn might seriously want to consider them, though! Look out in that case!

There are going to be a lot of repercussions to this story. Fans in Denver love it. Tim Tebow is now on the trading block despite not having a back-up QB given last season’s backup QB Brady Quinn just signing with the rival Chiefs. And who else might come to Denver now that they know Peyton is there, old buddies with him or not?

Stay tuned! The Peyton Sweepstakes may be over in some ways, but there’s plenty of exciting developments still to come!

In the meanwhile, I just happen to be in New York City this week and just ran across the gigantic NFL Shop today which I hadn’t known was here, so I’ll be coming back home with some Broncos football gear for sure!

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