Shall We Call Rob Gronkowski RG1?

There’s been a LOT of talk this NFL off-season about potential draft Robert Griffin the Third, or RG3 as he is more commonly referred to in a smaller mouthful. That’s great and all, but this guy hasn’t even hit the NFL yet… and there’s another very prominent RG already in the NFL!

That would be Rob Gronkowski… not exactly less than a mouthful of a name for some.

This guy so far has had a short, but spectacular NFL career so far with the New England Patriots. He has more than his fair share of NFL records already. He has been in photos with porn stars on Twitter during his off week mid-season. Well, maybe just one, Bibi Jones, but that’s just the one we know of. The guy was dancing wildly at a party just hours after losing the Super Bowl, like nothing happened and nothing happened to his supposedly bad ankle that hampered him during the game.

RG3 hasn’t even hit the NFL and done anything there yet, and he’s got the RG moniker already? I think not! As much as I don’t like Gronk and the Patriots, I do feel he deserves the top RG moniker for now for all he has done, good and bad.

I propose we call Rob Gronkowski RG1.

Top dog of the RG moniker. RG3 is just going to have to earn his way up!

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