Canada Needs Its Own Black Guy with Disputable Citizenship to Run for PM


That Canadian election “debate” tonight was pathétique!

Stephen Harper was ahead of the game again by secretly authorizing the leakage of that Auditor-General’s G8 spending abuse report just days ago. You had better believe it! It refocused the other candidates’ talking points  on more of the same old abuse of the PC government, where there’s marginal impact now, rather than discussing some real issues that would have much larger impact on swaying voters.

Is it any wonder this country is apathetic over its politics and is having its fourth election in seven years?

I am officially declaring my apathy for this election tonight.

We need some black guy with disputable citizenship to run for Prime Minister in Canada!

Maybe a guy named Cabama?

Baracque Cabama?

Actually, what we need is a Canadian Idol style of election, like they have in Australia. Eliminate the lowest vote getting candidate each round until you get a winner. Until then, we’ve got a Canadian Idle kind of election.

p.s. If Donald Trump and the Republicans manage to discredit Obama’s citizenship, we’ll take Barack!

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