Facebook Needs a Lose Friends Button, not a Find Friends Button

Facebook just introduced a Find Friends button as I write this. It’s a gradual roll out, I suspect, so others will have seen it before me and others still have yet to see it. They snuck the Find Friends button between your Profile and Account buttons in the upper right hand corner. But really, do Facebook users need such a button?


Most people have far more Facebook friends than they need, or want, frankly, because they feel too awkward or apathetic to say “no” to certain friends requests, or clean up their Facebook friends list periodically. They can’t keep track of them all. And now, Facebook wants to help them all get more friends?

Hitting the Find Friends button gives you one crazy long list of Facebook users who you might potentially want to befriend. So far as I can tell, the only thing in common they have is that they all have at least one mutual Facebook friend with you. That’s like getting a listing of all the Facebook friends your Facebook friends have, with whom you’re not Facebook friends!

But you can give Facebook other criteria like some city you choose to be your home town, or college you never attended. Talk about a tool to troll for guys or girls, bullying victims or any other type of people you want, on any campus and other places you choose!

Really?? Do we need to make it that easy to troll and find people to add?

And remember when you had to work hard to stalk people?

I can see people adding others just because Facebook says “we both know (so and so)”. And probably cause they look cute or rich or something. Hey, people have sent Friend Requests for far less than that for a reason!

Unfortunately, I don’t see any Privacy settings that will prevent your profile from showing up in others’ Find Friends searches!

So not only is this new Find Friends button bad news, it’s the opposite of what Facebook really needs. That would be a Lose Friend button, or an app that prompts you to eliminate some Facebook friends on any number of criteria. I’ve posted some criteria the app could use, like:

  • You have not had any interaction with this person for 6 months, would you like to remove them as a Facebook friend?
  • This person has not responded in any way to your last 5 contacts with them, do you still consider them a friend because maybe they don’t consider you one?
  • This person has posted objectionable language, would you like to be known to be associated with them?

Wouldn’t that be a funny and useful app to create? I wish I knew how to create apps cause you know I’d be on it!

In the meanwhile, I guess I’ll just have to put with Facebook one more step to getting out of control, and keep on asking REALLY? louder and louder like the people in this great Microsoft Windows phone commercial does.

C’mon, Facebook! REALLY???



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2 thoughts on “Facebook Needs a Lose Friends Button, not a Find Friends Button

    • I don’t know how you’d “get it” if you can’t see it already. However, in Canada, at least, it’s in the top right hand corner just to the left of your Account link. Sorry I can’t help more than that.

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