News, Issues, Concerns

I have written lots about Facebook’s features, their benefits and potential harms for users. Below is a list of such posts you might consider reading if you aren’t aware of certain things going on with Facebook. There are also some other things you might consider trying or doing on Facebook for your own fun or benefit, aside from the many tagging memes and notes I have for you to try, but which are on other pages.

Do the Bergen Facebook Addiction Test

Sensible, Simple and Effective Suggestions for Improving Facebook

Facebook Needs a Lose Friends Button, not a Find Friends Button

Haiku Facebook Status Idea and Challenge

The Prejudices and Privacy Perils of Facebook Quizzes

How to Get Rid of Your Facebook Past

25 Things For Facebook You Can’t Steal My ID With

25 Things You Gave on Facebook to Help Get Your ID Stolen

Una Guía de Netiqueta Práctica para Facebook

3 thoughts on “News, Issues, Concerns

    • Hi Janet, if you look at some of the comments regarding not being able to find the Results tab, that may be your problem. Or maybe that you didn’t fill out every answer, or didn’t fill one out with an A or B. Lots and lots of people have done my test on Excel and got results and it’s the same one everyone else is using so I don’t think it’s the file. Please have a look at those suggestions and see if one of them is the problem. Thank you.

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