FLOWER Dress: Vogue V1047 Dress Pattern Wasn’t Vogue Enough for Me

Last winter, I was involved in a sewing and fashion challenge with the Atlantic Sewing Guild. Lots of people brought in fabrics from their stash to contribute. A couple of people bundled them together in some way that didn’t quite go together well, to create the challenge with that bundle. Different weights, odd colours, no colour, small pieces, etc. were among the challenges with each bundle. Participants then drew numbers to determine order to “draft” a bundle, and then it was up to everyone to make something from their bundle. Here’s what I started and ended up with.

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Canada Needs Its Own Black Guy with Disputable Citizenship to Run for PM


That Canadian election “debate” tonight was pathétique!

Stephen Harper was ahead of the game again by secretly authorizing the leakage of that Auditor-General’s G8 spending abuse report just days ago. You had better believe it! It refocused the other candidates’ talking points  on more of the same old abuse of the PC government, where there’s marginal impact now, rather than discussing some real issues that would have much larger impact on swaying voters.

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Over 250 Cartoon Pictures for Facebook Profile Pics Campaign Against Child Abuse

Until December 6th, there is a global campaign on Facebook where people replace their profile pictures with their favourite cartoon character/s, then encourage their friends to do the same. Now this campaign I like! Too bad it’s way too short but it’s gone viral globally after just a day’s notice!

I’ve got over 250 cartoon pictures made for Facebook profile pics at the bottom, arranged in alphabetical order with names, which include some modern and some old cartoons.

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