Definition: Narrow and General AI (artificial intelligence)

Narrow AI (artificial intelligence)

Artificial intelligence that is generally good at only one task or one task at a time. Compare to General AI that is good at many and multiple tasks at once, like the AI you see in science-fiction that is quite far away from the AI we have today, as awesome as it may seem (or fearsome to some people).

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Canada Needs Its Own Black Guy with Disputable Citizenship to Run for PM


That Canadian election “debate” tonight was pathétique!

Stephen Harper was ahead of the game again by secretly authorizing the leakage of that Auditor-General’s G8 spending abuse report just days ago. You had better believe it! It refocused the other candidates’ talking points  on more of the same old abuse of the PC government, where there’s marginal impact now, rather than discussing some real issues that would have much larger impact on swaying voters.

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Hosni Mubarak Has More Wealth than Bill Gates, and Enough to Feed Egypt for 1-2 Years!

Egyptian Dictator Hosni Mubarak

The wealth of Hosni Mubarak has been estimated to be somewhere between $40-70 Billion! That’s Billions, not millions. (CBC, via MSNBC)

That’s an unbelievable number! I mean, I knew the guy wasn’t poor, but having that many billions???

Billions is a big of a difficult number to comprehend besides the actual number, so here is some context as to how much wealth that is.

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Over 250 Cartoon Pictures for Facebook Profile Pics Campaign Against Child Abuse

Until December 6th, there is a global campaign on Facebook where people replace their profile pictures with their favourite cartoon character/s, then encourage their friends to do the same. Now this campaign I like! Too bad it’s way too short but it’s gone viral globally after just a day’s notice!

I’ve got over 250 cartoon pictures made for Facebook profile pics at the bottom, arranged in alphabetical order with names, which include some modern and some old cartoons.

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Who Would You Want to Narrate Your Biography?

Just a quick fun post today to take a break from all the iPad wallpaper postings of late, courtesy of an idea by my friend, the Intrepid Ms Laltoo.

You have probably watched a biography television show at one time or another. You can have pictures, film or video clips, interviews, music, and such, but there is a narrator who generally tells the main thread of the story of your life.

Well, if you had a biography show done on your life, who would you want to narrate your biography?

If you can give a reason with your choice as a comment below, that would help give some context.

Blogging on the spot, I don’ t know if I have a definitive answer. However, my gut says William Shatner, best known to me as Captain Kirk (later Admiral), of Star Trek fame. But I think the skit below illustrates why better, from tone, to humour, to styles of speaking, etc.

William Shatner as Admiral Kirk from the Star Trek movies

It’d also be symbolic since I love Star Trek… although I don’t own a phaser, just a TNG uniform to be the Asian representation at all the Star Trek events since we can’t have Star Trek without Asians. Mind you, I hope I outlive Bill so that he wouldn’t be alive to narrate my biography.

But there’s hope with science-fiction, cryogenics and reincarnation… if we can’t live forever by that time.

But wait! If we do, then my biography will never be due! 🙂

And. Yes.

I. Would. Vote. For. William. Shatner. As. The. Next. Governor. General. Of. Canada!

Because. I. AM. CANADIAN!!!!

Now, care to write your Six Word Biography in case you’re not rich enough to commission your narrator of choice for more than six words?




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