How to Fix the Economy in 300 Words’s right. That’s what the title says. And that’s what the italicized text below describe. For those who think I’m too detailed and don’t look at the big picture, it’s because they only see me where I have to be the one to make things happen, and you can’t do that without details. You can’t build a car on concepts and vague ideas, in other words. For them, this should eliminate any of that. Fixing the economy, a huge problem, really only comes down to the 300 words below, which I could summarize in a sentence if I need to. For this, I’m sure many of these people who think I’m too much in the details will claim I’m naive. But you know what? I’ve gone through and grilled myself on the details of all this, what it would take to make it happen, and I’ve not been able to convince myself otherwise in the few years I’ve thought about this. If they really thought I were naive, I’ve got two words for them. Bring it! Try to win an argument against me on it! Otherwise, enjoy and let me know your thoughts if you were up to it!

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Remove PUBIC from Spellcheck to Avoid PUBIC Humiliation!
Strong sexual terms are used in this post. Please don’t read if you don’t care for this type of language, but it is appropriate for the content, not used for the sake of using it. And this is NOT an April Fools Day joke, even if its content might seem to be one!

If you have to type the word public often, as I do working for government, also known as the public service or the public administration, may I recommend you remove pubic from your spell checker. If you don’t, your spell checker will never pick up on some potentially very embarrassing typos such as these words below in bold. For the fun of it, I made up definitions for them, in case you might actually find such terms to be useful in your vocabulary!

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My Halifax Regional Municipality Budget 2018, with Explanations, from its Budget Allocator

Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) did an innovative and democratic thing this year to have an interactive online Budget Allocator to let people try their hands at creating a municipality budget for the area, and submit it for City Council’s consideration. How much consideration each, or all the submissions might get, is another story, but I won’t be cynical here. I want to share my example of a cohesive budget that’s more than just the numbers, with rationale behind the choices, although the numbers are critical to make things work, of course. We’ll see when HRM presents its final budget, if it will do something similar to explain its choices in a way understandable to the general public.

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My Starships Start Here Contributions

In 2011, Nova Scotia had a campaign called Ships Start Here to rally the province around trying to get a $25 billion navy shipbuilding contract… which we did!

During this time, Andrew Burke came up with a cool parody campaign called Starships Start Here, where starships, space ships, science-fiction characters and the like, would be featured in Nova Scotian scenery. I found out a bit late, to be honest, but when I did, I made a bunch of contributions to it. The pics below are my contributions which have been released so far. Click on the thumbnail to see the larger version. Continue reading