$25 Billion Shipbuilding Contract Goes to Irving Shipyards in Nova Scotia!

The Federal Government of Canada just announced that the $25 shipbuilding contract to build the next generation of Canadian Navy ships will go to Irving Shipyards in Halifax, Nova Scotia!

At stake was more than 30 new ships for the navy and the coast guard, most of which include combat ships, and about 11,500 jobs in the combat ship agreement.

It’s like getting the Olympics for each of the next 30 years, to paraphrase Nova Scotian Premier Darrell Dexter. The Premier will officially respond from his visit in Isreal, at 5:30 PM Halifax time.

Yes, the best shipyard won given the history, tradition and track record of the Irving Shipyards here in Halifax.

And yes, life just changed in Nova Scotia!

This is even if it’ll be 3-5 years before ship building actually starts, but the outlook and possibilities for this province just completely changed. Not only will this contract do lots for the province, it will have all kinds of spin off impacts that makes its impact far beyond the $25 price tag.

Congratulations to the Vancouver Shipyards for winning the $8 billion non-combat ship building package.

Now, let’s pack up that disillusioned Occupy Halifax protest, get some education and skills and work to earn your money rather than feeling entitled to it. I hear protesting doesn’t pay well, and doesn’t get results when they don’t know what they’re protesting.

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