How Dare They Have a Most Pro Football Passing Yards Award in the CFL?

Montreal Alouettes quarterback Anthony Calvillo broke the all-time professional football passing yard records on today, passing Damon Allen who had 72,381 yards. The Montreal and Quebec presses, of course, is playing it all up with articles like how Calvillo is the best and all with articles like this (Montreal Gazette).

But why do they even bother having such a pretentious award considering the Canadian Football League (CFL) is basically a minor league for the National Football League (NFL)?

That’s going to offend a lot of Canadians and CFL fans, but face it. It is. The players there aspire to make the NFL, and will leave if they get the call.

So think of something then.

Do you see all-time professional home run awards combining Major League and AAA totals?

Do you see all-time professional goals or points awards combining National Hockey League and minor hockey league totals?

So why is the CFL making a big deal of most pro passing yard to be handing out such awards? How pretentious is it to be putting up the list of Calvillo and Allen ahead of true greats like Favre and Marino. I’d be willing to throw in Warren Moon cause at least  Warren Moon made the NFL!

Think about it. You’re parading around two guys who couldn’t even make the NFL as being greater than their greatest legends!

You can put that in the dictionary as the definition to pretentious and forget any other attempt at a definition. What kind of nonsense is that???

And talk about embarrassing! Do they think nobody knows the difference?

Sure, it’s professional football. It’s a politically well chosen name for the award. There’s nothing “technically” wrong with the name, but there’s everything wrong with the intent.

If the CFL are still of the pretentious mentality to advertise in the same “technically correct” manner some years back about how their “balls are bigger”, referring to the football but with the double entendre towards the NFL, all it’s good for is so they can kick themselves there more easily with awards like this most pro passing yard crap.

2 thoughts on “How Dare They Have a Most Pro Football Passing Yards Award in the CFL?

  1. first id like to say you problay know shit about footballl and if you did you know the cfl was around alot longer then the nfl you dummy there both pro sports that be like saying the khl in russia isnt pro hockey but it is . so chances are you are american so you natrually have a bias against us candaians so thats prob why you sitting behind your little computer bitching about a canandian quaterback passing some one the greats in the sport i hope you enjoy blogging about sports that you know nothing about so stop your bitching please cuz you just sounds dumber then you prob are
    so its set in history theres now a canadian quaterback sittting on top of the pro football passing yard record that makes my day

    • John, you’re an illiterate Canadian, obviously. It says on my site I’m Canadian, and I make money on Proline NFL every year to the point I count it as a source of income in my budget so maybe you’d like to compare your knowledge before you assume things you can’t comprehend. Can’t you read I said minor league baseball players are also “pro” so if the CFL is like that, why would we count it? The KHL at least have many players who can play in the NHL. Most of the CFL guys can’t make the NFL. That’s why it’s like minor league baseball.

      And yes, I love blogging about stuff I know about on a platform that tons of people read cause they know I’ve got thoughtful and intelligent things to say. But please, do continue to share your opposing comments. It only makes my point sound better and page views promote my views on Google and other search engines. Thanks for the plug!

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