Steve Jobs Could Be the MOST Popular Outfit This Hallowe’en

It’s easy.

Black turtleneck. Official St.Croix brand optional at $190 US.

Blue jeans.

Tennis shoes.


Not that much hair on your head.

A little hair on your face.

An Apple gadget or two.

Diet optional.

This Hallowe’en, how many people do you want to bet will be dressing “up” as Steve Jobs?

The legend’s outfits are easy, including the high priced gadgets. His looks are simple and requires no work for a costume. The guy is a cultural icon and the hippest thing going this month… in death, no less. What more could you want for someone or something to emulate for Hallowe’en?

Of course, what’s sad is that it’ll be so cliché and in bad taste that it’d be anything but representative of Steve Jobs and his visionary and innovative ways. But what would you expect of commoners?

Will you or anyone you know go dressing up as Steve Jobs for Hallowe’en?


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