Apple Should Change Its Name with Steve Jobs’ Passing

It’s a sad day for the world as Steve Jobs, Apple founder and former CEO, and its identity, has passed away (CNN).

It’s not every day we see such a revolutionary come along, and we have been fortunate to have had him in our lives for decades.

Lots of reactions are coming in. Kind words, big history, legendary stories, personal anecdotes, etc. I don’t need to repeat some of those, but here’s my take on a fitting tribute.

Apple was Steve Jobs, and Steve Jobs was Apple, in essence, as far as I’m concerned. Sure, I realize lots of people make the company and deserve credit for their contributions and all. However, the successes of Apple are indelibly tied to Steve Jobs, his vision and his style. Apple’s worst times were the ones without Steve Jobs, and to be frank, I’m not confident its best times are to come any time soon. Just look at the iPhone 4s debacle just days ago (CNET). No offense intended, but if Steve weren’t close to death from his own condition, seeing the company’s future without him via that first step might well have sucked the life that remained in him.

Video killed the radio star, and the iPhone 4s killed the Apple star.

What Steve Jobs has left with Apple is a legacy, and Apple should leave that legacy in tact by changing its name. Don’t just close the Steve Jobs chapter because Steve Jobs was the book to Apple. Start a new book by giving it a title. Where that story goes, then can stand on its own, even if as a sequel to Apple. That way, if it succeeds, it deserves its own credit. But if it fails as I’d be betting my money on, it doesn’t taint the legacy Steve Jobs left behind.

Rest in peace, Steve.

What do you think would be the most fitting tribute for Steve Jobs?

6 thoughts on “Apple Should Change Its Name with Steve Jobs’ Passing

    • He probably wouldn’t want it now, but if things go bad, well, he might change his mind. It’ll always be his legacy no matter what name it’s under. That’s why I think they should change their name, to preserve the legacy to be his and let others make what they may of it from here on in. It’s not conventional thinking, but if it were, I wouldn’t have bothered to repeat all the good and wonderful stuff said by others.

  1. I think the brand name and logo are so simple and effective and part of Steve Job’s legacy that they should not be changed.

  2. changing the name of the company will not make Apple intact… It will break APPLE! Do you think the two Steves (Founders) will agree to that? There are reasons why they named it and designed the logo that way… Reasons which are part of that LEGACY…

    In order to remain ones legacy is to improve and develop what they had done not by changing anything that has been embedded already to people’s mind, heart and soul… ^^

  3. Most fitting tribute to Steve Jobs???

    Innovate the first gadget he made and name it after him. The gadget must have the qualities and behavior of Steve or the welcome screen should have the word he often uttered… things like that…

    though he’s gone but the legacy and a gadget like that will still make us think Steve is still around… (that would be somewhat scary eh?)

    …just an idea… ^^

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