Nova Scotia’s CoViD-19 Story… in Verse

There once was a realm called Nova Scotia –
Which’s Premier asked the people not to roam –
In pandemic times of new corona –
This is their tale to #staytheblazeshome!

To prevent the spread of CoViD-19 –
They had to stay inside, with some, alone –
Until it was gone or came a vaccine –
They all would have to #staytheblazeshome!

They could still explore the world, see others –
Through Firefox, Facetime, Facebook, Skype, Edge, Chrome –
Each one on their own, or all together –
Connect with tech and #staytheblazeshome!

There were lots of other things to do, though –
If folks did not have internet or phones –
Arts, crafts, books, games, writing, music, puzzles –
So much to help them #staytheblazeshome!

Now, of course, they had to go out sometime –
But far too oft, and always with their phones –
Through which Google tracked them day and night time –
To show they did not #staytheblazeshome!

When the Premier saw this, he was livid –
He got on TV, his mouth frothed with foam –
Scolded those ignoring laws on CoViD –
And told them all to #staytheblazeshome!

Right away, the message resonated –
The world made memes, beers, songs, shirts, all things known –
Ev’ry thing with what the Premier stated –
His catchphrase hashtagged, #staytheblazeshome!

But unlike the virus that went viral –
His scolding’s biggest impact was in tone –
Worse and worse, the situation spiraled –
Folks yelled, but did not #staytheblazeshome!

So he sent police to ticket people –
For being where they’re not allowed to roam –
Or too close in public, or too social –
When they know well to #staytheblazeshome!

This worked well, and things reopened slowly –
Each step with rules, enough to make a tome –
To avoid more peaks and waves that’d only –
Return them all to #staytheblazeshome!

So did Nova Scotians follow plenty –
Enough to rid of CoViD from their home?
Will there be a Tales from CoViD 20?
One called You Did Not #staytheblazeshome!

Meh! For now, heed Nova Scotia’s screw-up –
As detailed in this cautionary poem –
To diminish such pandemics’ wallop –
Right from the start, ye #staytheblazeshome!

What are Nova Scotians Like? Why, like Sidney and Maudie!

Whenever I’ve traveled outside of Canada, I find that Nova Scotia is still relatively unknown to the world. I have to tell people where Nova Scotia is after I tell them I’m from there, because the name is mostly meaningless to them. Then comes the assortment of scouting questions as to what it’s like there, what people do there, anyone famous they might know from there, what people are like there, and so on. On the matter of people, since I’m not a sufficient sample on my own, possibly because I’m Asian because Nova Scotians aren’t mostly Asian, from now on, I’ll tell them about Sidney, as in Crosby, and Maudie, as in (Maud) Lewis.

Sidney Crosby has been the greatest hockey player in the world for a decade or so now. Nova Scotians suddenly get a lot of credibility with the mention of Sidney. However, Maud, is still as quaint as the rest of us is to the rest of the world. If you don’t know Maud, I can’t say I blame you. I didn’t even know much about Maud, and her life, though I did know a bit about her art, and I’m from Nova Scotia.

But if you don’t know much about Maud, may I highly recommend this film that is still out in the US as I write this in early September 2017. You can see it via other means after this. SO beautiful and inspiring, though tragic in many ways, too.


And a fuller summary of Maud Lewis rather than just a movie trailer…


And an oldie but goodie…


A painting of hers that was recently found sold for more than $125K!

100 Years of Nova Scotian Weather Online and Interactive… and Then Some

I just finished recreating a Tableau “viz” that is a series of online, interactive dashboards with weather information for eight places in Nova Scotia from the past 100 years (1917-2016):

  • Halifax
  • Liverpool
  • Yarmouth
  • Greenwood
  • Halifax Airport
  • Amherst
  • Antigonish
  • Sydney

They are on the Tableau Public site under my profile listing all my vizzes so far. Not many but the start of something good!

I also have dedicated weather vizzes for:

from reasonably good data sets that existed so I didn’t have to kill myself getting all the data from nearby weather stations and cobbling them all together! I had over 1600 files for those 8 places! Well, Halifax didn’t have a great data set but since so many Nova Scotians live in the area, including me, I didn’t want to leave them out.

CNN Projects Liberals Majority in Nova Scotian 2017 Election! (8:32 PM Tue Night)

It’s 8:32 pm Tuesday night, May 30th, as I write this, half an hour after polls closed in Nova Scotia for our provincial election today. Yet, the TV coverage has nothing worthy to report. I don’t know wassup with that Nova Scotia speed results reporting, so I called my contact at CNN, Anderson Scooper, to get a projection and, lo and behold, they had one!

CNN is projecting a Liberals majority in Nova Scotia!

Thanks, Mr. Scooper. I can get on with my life now. 🙂

The Canadian and local stations made the same call at 12:57 AM Wednesday morning. Case and point, thank you very much. 😉

The Era of Social Media Flawed New Political Candidates

We are entering an era where more and more newly nominated political candidates will have something regrettable in their social media past, or else be irrelevant. As the demographics change to usher in younger candidates who have been on social media for more and more years, it’ll be increasingly hard to find new candidates who haven’t done anything on social media that might come back to haunt them in the ironically idealistic, but hypocritical, political world. We think and trust politicians less than lawyers and insurance salespeople, yet we expect them to be more politically correct than our role models.

With these candidates with some regrettable social media pasts, people are going to have to start getting used to them, and judge them on the severity of that past rather than presence of any past. That is, was it just a reaction on Twitter? Maybe a post they made to initiate things? Or something private on Facebook someone put out in a more public forum? Or did they have a whole website / forum where they were seriously propagating the unacceptable action? While none of these venues may be idealistically argued to be acceptable, some of these are realistically more forgivable than others. Everybody has reacted inappropriately to a joke. We all have initiated an inappropriate comment. However, that may or may not reflect our views, or judgment when there’s something real at stake, on the matter. Having a whole website or forum to propagate it, on the other hand, that’s a dedicated effort that’s harder to believe one could leave behind.

In some places, people are more used to having new political candidates with flawed social media pasts, like the US now that Shtrump has bought and hacked his way to the to-be-impeached presidency. But at a local level, people will likely have a double standard of their local politicians so pending how politically correct your area is, your area may or may not be more ready for these new candidates with flawed social media pasts. Where I live in Nova Scotia, Canada, we are very traditional and totally not ready for this. Two weeks into an election call and we’ve lost 3 candidates in 51 ridings already! There’s Jad Crnogorac, Bill McEwen and Matt McKnight. I don’t know their full stories enough to comment on whether or not they should have been dropped, or resigned, from their respective races. I’m just saying political parties had better get used to having more supposed “clean” candidates, who they vet, who will have things from their social media past surface that the parties won’t like. The people had also better get used to the same thing and judge what those actions are rather than expecting completely clean candidates. Or else consider voting for someone who’s never been on social media to know what any of it is like, or probably also never used email, either, if they can find one.