Should Occupy Change Its Name Given They No Longer Occupy Anything?

Once upon a time, there was a movement called Occupy. They did nothing worthwhile. Sitting around in a place for a long time whining about everything while living off social security doesn’t count as anything worthwhile in my books.

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Be an Occupy Protester for Hallowe’en!

It’s Hallowe’en! Not ready but need a costume? Here’s a simple one!

Just throw on your worst laundry, don’t wash or shower, and down a bottle of Buckley’s cough syrup if you’re not bitter enough about the world.

Actually, down a bottle anyway cause you’ll need to be that disillusioned about life and the world you live in.

Then complain about anything you can think of anytime you see anybody.

And voilà!

An original, cheap, last minute Hallowe’en costume that will get you into lots of Hallowe’en parties in major cities in North America where protests are being held.