Math Shows Occupy Don’t Even Represent 1%, Never Mind 99%

The Occupy Movements around the world are constantly clamouring about how they represent 99% of the people. Yet, the math shows they don’t even have 1% support anywhere you look. Try this simple exercise.

Pick an area where there is an Occupy protest. Pick it according to the name of the movement for who they claim to represent. So if it’s Occupy London, London is the area. But if it’s Occupy Nova Scotia in Halifax, Nova Scotia is the area, not Halifax.

Find the population for that region. Just ask someone if you don’t have the research skills. You’ll find out it wouldn’t matter if they were off by even 50%.

Divide the population by 100. If you’re not good at math, use a calculator or write down the number and remove the last two digits on the right.

Check out the Occupy protest in the area to see if you see even close to that number of people.

You’ll see it’s pretty pathetic, the number of people who are there compared to what 1% of the population should be. In Nova Scotia, where I live, Occupy represents about 0.012% of the provincial population. It’s a number so small it would even fit in the brain of these protesters!

Take an estimate of the number of people and divide by the population of the region, then multiply by 100, to get the real percentage. Absolutely pathetic!

Now, those Occupy simpletons will argue they “represent” 99% of the population, that it’s symbolic so the math doesn’t apply. Of course, they’ll say anything and believe anything to support their case. But here’s the reality they’re constantly missing.

If you really want to see a reaction from 99% of the population, raise the tax by 10% and see what protests would arise. Force religion on people and see what protests would arise. Support bullying and see what protests would arise.

I bet if our Mayor didn’t kick out of Occupy protesters, we’re at a point where we could organize a Mockupy Protest to mock Occupy, and get a bigger turn out. Hey, in Calgary, a blogger name Cory Morgan got a petition to kick out Occupy and got 4X the petition to allow them to stay (CTV News). Do the math, Occupy!

Oh, wait. You guys all flunked math. Sorry.

2 thoughts on “Math Shows Occupy Don’t Even Represent 1%, Never Mind 99%

  1. Well as far as i’ve understood it, these people don’t claimed to represent the 99% of the people, they do claim they are part of the 99% getting abused (or f~#cked if you will) by the less than 1% of the ‘evil’ groups of heads of states (politicians…), heads of economy (banks & traders & spéculators, and big industries…) pretending to represent in our ‘democracy’ the people (all of us 100%…)

    So i understand that few hundreds or thousands of protesters represent a very low ratio of the people (7 Billions on earth…) even less than 1%, but i would say 1% of the good people the 99% being abused,

    So i believe :

    – the 1% of heads of states & big industries DO NOT represent ME
    – the 1% protester DO represents some of MY FEELING about what’s going on on this earth concerning the 99% of the population I belong to…

    1% of corrupted politicians is way too much, it would not grow futher…
    1% of good people fighting for their right & their freedom can only grow… one the 99%-1% ~98% of others WAKE UP !!

    • Most people don’t believe the far less than 1% of the people camping out don’t represent them. They work hard. They take responsibility for their situation. They work to change the system, not sit around expecting it to change. They contribute to the system by having an income and working rather than double dipping to benefit from social services and incurring extra costs to maintain their protest space. They aren’t selfish to put their rights in front of the rights of others by lying to themselves to say their rights are being abused when they’re actually abusing others’ rights to public spaces.

      Just represent yourself and don’t pretend you’re anything greater than that cause you’re not.

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