Farewell to Occupy Nova Scotia

A few weeks ago, I posted on how public sentiments were used against the Occupy Nova Scotia protest to remove them, clearly demonstrating they didn’t have support of the majority of the people, never mind the 99% they claim to represent. It’s actually not even 0.099% (see the math).The Occupy protest was where the Jewish people and military veterans needed the public space to commemorate days meaningful to them, and to the greater public. If Occupy didn’t go, there was going to be hell to pay from public pressure turning on them. It was a brilliant public relations move to demonstrate the true public sentiment on the situation, that Occupy didn’t hold enough clout to put it above pretty much any other important events and causes.

Occupy did move, but the end wasn’t still resolved as they were going to come back after Remembrance Day. It was going to happen again in less than a month as December and Christmas, Hannukah and other parades and ceremonies of the month would need to take place and they would have to move again, either showing they had no backbone, or that the public was going to push them aside at the public’s convenience.

Well, that won’t need to happen (CBC version).

In a daring public relations move, just after Remembrance Day services were over, in the pouring rain, Halifax police moved in to evict the Occupy Nova Scotia protesters from their temporary site at Victoria Park. The reason cited was Municipal by-law P-600 (PDF) from May 29th 1999, stating that municipal parks weren’t to be a camping ground for some, which was what these parks were turning into with the Occupy protests.

Somebody fought the law and the law won.

I bet they didn’t see that coming!

From what I have said about why the Occupy protests will ALL fail, all I can tell you is I’m happily singing…

Occupy is going down,
Going down,
Going down!
Occupy is going down,
Bye, bye,

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