Everything That Happens To Me Happens For A Great Reason Whether I Know It Then Or Not

https://digitalcitizen.ca/category/my-quotes/Has anything bad happen in your life that has turned out well, like the proverbial blessing in disguise? What’s the worst thing that has happened to you that has turned out well? Or that bad thing which has reversed fortunes most?

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What’s Your Best Conspiracy Theory for the Pope Resigning?

So, Pope Benedict is resigning. The first Pope to do so in 600+ years. He says it’s due to his deteriorating health, but we know better. Popes die on the job. Worst job related death rate on the planet!

There’s a conspiracy going on in the holy cult of the papacy. But what is it?

Give me your best conspiracy theory! >:-)

Darth Pope

What Would Be Your “Metta World Peace” Name?

Ron Artest, the basketball player currently known as Metta World Peace, changed his name in a tone of hypocrisy to try to cover up his violent past on and off the basketball court. He has been in brawls, is a repeat offender for dishing out nasty flagrant fouls, suspended for about 100 games and arrested on domestic violence. To call yourself Metta (Buddhist term meaning loving kindness and friendliness toward others) and sporting World Peace on your back doesn’t change who you are, even if it’s as powerful an advertisement as can be for a celebrity because your name gets called an awful lot! But if the world did see him in a new light because of his name, World Peace recently reminded us it’s all a facade with a six game suspension for almost taking the jaw off James Harden with an elbow.

But Ron does go around sporting World Peace on the back of his jersey, which prompts me to ask you this…

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Why Canada’s Banning of Dire Straits’ Money for Nothing is Bad Policy

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC) issued a ruling today which censored Dire Straits’ mega-hit song from over 25 years ago, Money for Nothing. The CBSC said the song should either be banned, or suitably edited, for its use of the homophobic word “faggot”, three times. (CBC, Jan 13 2011; CSBC Decision)

(I’d have embedded the actual music video but those *^&*@$ at YouTube have all these copyrights rules now that don’t let them be seen in Canada and other countries).

I understand the principle to censor the song, but completely disagree with the psychology of the action. For the sake of an ideal, the fight against homophobia just took a step backward rather than a step forward.

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