What Would Be Your “Metta World Peace” Name?

Ron Artest, the basketball player currently known as Metta World Peace, changed his name in a tone of hypocrisy to try to cover up his violent past on and off the basketball court. He has been in brawls, is a repeat offender for dishing out nasty flagrant fouls, suspended for about 100 games and arrested on domestic violence. To call yourself Metta (Buddhist term meaning loving kindness and friendliness toward others) and sporting World Peace on your back doesn’t change who you are, even if it’s as powerful an advertisement as can be for a celebrity because your name gets called an awful lot! But if the world did see him in a new light because of his name, World Peace recently reminded us it’s all a facade with a six game suspension for almost taking the jaw off James Harden with an elbow.

But Ron does go around sporting World Peace on the back of his jersey, which prompts me to ask you this…

Ignoring the hypocritical purpose for the name change, if you could change your name to something so as to sport a moniker on the back of your jersey, what would your new name be?

In street language, what would be your “Metta World Peace” name?

Please feel free to share your answer in the Comments below. Come back to fill in an answer if you need time to think about it. After all, a name change isn’t something one should take lightly. Ron thought about it for years before doing it.

I’ll have to think about mine. I hope I won’t need to take years to give you an answer. I’m hoping you can decide on yours faster than I can on mine.

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