What’s Your Best Conspiracy Theory for the Pope Resigning?

So, Pope Benedict is resigning. The first Pope to do so in 600+ years. He says it’s due to his deteriorating health, but we know better. Popes die on the job. Worst job related death rate on the planet!

There’s a conspiracy going on in the holy cult of the papacy. But what is it?

Give me your best conspiracy theory! >:-)

Darth Pope

2 thoughts on “What’s Your Best Conspiracy Theory for the Pope Resigning?

  1. He knows that even the church’s own exorcist has figured out he’s a minion, and the last pope. See the prophcy of St. Malachy: ‘the last pope will walk out of the Vatican’, he is called Peter of Rome following the last real pope, Gloria Olivae, PJ2. How can he walk out over the bodies of his priests? Because, as we found out today, he’s still alive, which is not the way a pontiff usually leaves the job. Do they break the ring or not? How precious, and scary.

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