What Pope Name Would You Choose as Pope?

Immediately after a new Pope accepts election, he is asked, “By what name shall you be called?”

He has to choose a new name because he is a new enlightened person in a new role. Often, but not always, this name will bear some symbolism to say something about him, his views or some other factor. The new Pope Francis chose this name to represent his humility and caring for the disadvantaged.

So what I want to know is, if you were elected Pope, which name would you choose? And why if you care to share?

Realistically, women wouldn’t be answering this question today, and probably not any time soon, but this is a thought exercise so go for it! I’m all for women in the clergy!

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What’s Your Best Conspiracy Theory for the Pope Resigning?

So, Pope Benedict is resigning. The first Pope to do so in 600+ years. He says it’s due to his deteriorating health, but we know better. Popes die on the job. Worst job related death rate on the planet!

There’s a conspiracy going on in the holy cult of the papacy. But what is it?

Give me your best conspiracy theory! >:-)

Darth Pope