Should Occupy Change Its Name Given They No Longer Occupy Anything?

Once upon a time, there was a movement called Occupy. They did nothing worthwhile. Sitting around in a place for a long time whining about everything while living off social security doesn’t count as anything worthwhile in my books.

However, with time, they went away, just like the 99% of the people they claim to represent knew they would. They were even wrong in that, as probably at least 99.99% of the people knew they would go away soon enough. It just took a little cold and public objection by those they claimed to have represented, for being a public annoyance, and that was that. Halifax was a typical example.

Every now and then, though, they still get back together to get a little high and try to remember the good old days when they thought they had something going and a purpose in life. The problem, though, is that they still call themselves Occupy, when they no longer occupy anything?

Are they even more disillusioned than I thought they were? Don’t they even realize that?

I’m confident, though, that at some point, they will realize that. I don’t think they can be that stupid forever!

But then what? Will they change their name? They would have to. So then to what?


The Dispersed Movement?

Hmmm. I think that has a nice ring to it!

But until then, I’ll have to refer to them by the only name they had, which is Occupy.

Well, Occupy… I MOCKUPY YOU!

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