My Starships Start Here Contributions

In 2011, Nova Scotia had a campaign called Ships Start Here to rally the province around trying to get a $25 billion navy shipbuilding contract… which we did!

During this time, Andrew Burke came up with a cool parody campaign called Starships Start Here, where starships, space ships, science-fiction characters and the like, would be featured in Nova Scotian scenery. I found out a bit late, to be honest, but when I did, I made a bunch of contributions to it. The pics below are my contributions which have been released so far. Click on the thumbnail to see the larger version.

I will add more here as they get released, rather than making new posts and having them all in several places.

Andrew is happy to accept new submissions so if you’re keen on this sort of fun, please make something and send it to him. Guidelines are on his  Starships Start Here website, which I highly recommend you check out for some great and funny art work and concepts!

Oh, I just happen to have a ton of sci-fi wallpapers with elements to help you with creating submissions for Starships Start Here if you’re game.

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