A Renewable Marriage License

I came across this song today that I thought was a fantastic concept!

If I could make a wish
And my wish came true
I believe I would have the solution
To vows that are made when you say, “I do”

To make it more clear for you to see
Here is what, here is what my wish would be

I wish that a marriage license
Was just like a driver’s license
That expires every two years
With an option to hold
Just in case love doesn’t grow cold
Grow cold, grow cold, grow cold

I thought it would be a great concept because it would force people to relook at their marriage in a serious way once every couple of years. A bit more than an anniversary, to contemplate the meaning of that licence. It may cause more divorces as it would be like a sign for a lot of people to stop hanging on to something that doesn’t work. But you know, better a divorce than hanging on to something that doesn’t work for longer, have it happen further down the road, and regretting it more while probably being more bitter about it.

Mind you, it could also save a lot of marriages if people thought about it more seriously more often, to do what it takes to save or rekindle a marriage gone cold. While not a wedding every two years, can you imagine all the people in glee and Facebooking or tweeting about having their marriage renewed once again? Once every two years?

I’m not sure if there would be more divorces coming from something like this, but I can tell you the world would be better off for it. The divorces would be well intended and done, and the efforts to keep and renew the license would spark more joy. That’s as long as the government doesn’t make it a huge hassle to do!

Now, which government wants to be the first to try out this concept as policy? Probably need a small jurisdiction like Bhutan or something, where the people are already happiest in the world, mostly. 🙂

Here’s to the Chi-lites for such a good, practical and forward thinking song!

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