The FIRST Dress Shirt

Before my current sewing adventure, I had one fling with sewing back in 2007 when I made this dress shirt. You can see from it, I had most of my fashion philosophy even way back then. Bold colours. Clear and easily defined. Asymmetry. Distinct look. Details. Memorable.

Unlike most of the garments I made today, this had nothing serged on it. I French hemmed everything, though! The hours it took me to make this shirt and get it right I don’t want to even recall! That fearless and determined spirit to resize and redesign the pattern was also there right from the get go.

To give you an idea of what I’m looking for in a good fit, this isn’t good enough. There’s just a little wrinkle on the shoulders that wouldn’t work well if I were to put a yoke on the shirt since I’d be attracting your eyes to it given the yoke is meant to attract attention. It probably looks pretty good to most people, but that’s just me and my standards. 🙂

For other garments I’ve made, please click here to see. Thank you.


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