The MUSLIN Pajama Top

I am currently on another round of dress shirt fitting for myself with help from others, so I’d be making some muslins till I get it right. Seeing how many I went through on the last round of self fitting, and knowing I’d be starting much closer to the end product this time, I got the brilliant idea of making muslins out of flannel, and seeing them through to the finish to be pajama tops!

The end product may not fit to the degree I desire, and that’s quite a high degree, but it would certainly be more than good enough to be pajama tops. I’m going to have the nicest fitting pajamas as it is with these muslins, never mind when I have my desired dress shirt shell that I will also use to make pajama tops. They’ve going to be so nice a woman’s never going to want to take them off me! That’s my new pajama standards, lol.

Below is a picture of my first new dress shirt muslin, finished as a pajama top. I happen to have a pair of pants to go with it for the full outfit that has the cut of a military uniform, with lubby dubby glitter trimmed hearts and “LOVE” all over it. Look at the upper chest. There’s not even a wave of wrinkle in it. How many dress shirts or blouse do you have that you can say this about? No interfacing or anything underneath to make it like a breastplate, but it sits like it.

I’ll have to fix the collar a bit to move it up in the front. The sleeves could use a higher cap that will let it sit a bit more fully, while not be constricting to move about it. I think that’s all I’ll have to do! So on to the next muslin and another pair of pajamas! I actually don’t have winter pajamas that are a little warmer to wear so this is also perfect for my needs! I love it when things come together so well!

MUSLIN Pyjamas

This isn’t a design project, so I’m not going to submit it to my usual fashion grading. And I didn’t waste my other muslins. I was able to give them away to people who make crafts who could use small pieces for many items. I could never waste¬†that much fabric!

For other garments I’ve made, please click here to see. Thank you.

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