Daily 5 Minute Retrospective Routine at Night

Happy New Year!

Last year, before I went to sleep each night, I took a few minutes to ask myself what was my memory of the day? and get myself an answer for it. Some days, it was quick. Other days, it was not. Most days it was good. Some days, it was not. It was generally a very nice daily retrospective exercise each night, to appreciate each day, often with some gratefulness as well.

This year, I’m needing some more intensity in my life so I’m adding an additional question to that nightly retrospective routine to make it:

  1. How would I have relived today differently?
  2. What was my memory of the day?

The first is actually a double question, first identifying the “mistake” and second identifying the “correction”, assuming I know or can find the answer/s. For such a serious question and for it to be a serious a daily retrospective, you would be correct to say I will need more than 5 minutes for that alone. However, I can tell you for the days when I will have more serious corrections to contemplate, one or both of these two things will be true:

  1. I will have thought about it much of the day that I will have the answer/s ready by bedtime.
  2. I will need more than one day to contemplate it all so no practical amount of time at bedtime would suffice.

I expect that by my nature to think about mistakes I’ve made, even the little ones, I will know the answer/s to the first question most nights by bedtime. This would be similar to having the answer to the second question on memory of the day. Also, most days, how I might have lived the day differently should be fairly small detail stuff. I’m not that imperfect in life, lol. I also have very few regrets in life despite making mistakes like others and being hard on myself. That’s because I learn from them and get over them.

I really do think I can do this routine in about 5 minutes, on average. Some nights it’ll take more, and some it’ll take less. But it’ll be 5 minutes well spent each night.

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