Definition: Psychological Immune System

Psychological Immune System

A concept parallel to the physical immune system, to describe one’s ability to resist or accept change, both good and bad, the way the physical immune system can reject things intended to be good for the body like organ transplants.


The linked article doesn’t offer the same definition, and doesn’t talk about the resistance to good changes, either. I learned about the concept in a more easily understandable way via the episode of the new The Happiness Lab podcast linked below.

Daily 5 Minute Retrospective Routine at Night

Happy New Year!

Last year, before I went to sleep each night, I took a few minutes to ask myself what was my memory of the day? and get myself an answer for it. Some days, it was quick. Other days, it was not. Most days it was good. Some days, it was not. It was generally a very nice daily retrospective exercise each night, to appreciate each day, often with some gratefulness as well.

This year, I’m needing some more intensity in my life so I’m adding an additional question to that nightly retrospective routine to make it:

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Gone to Participate in Ragnarok

Today (Feb 22 2014) is the Norse apocalypse, a great battle where a lot of its mythological figures die. Well, who am I to be staying home or doing mere errands when this is going on.

I just posted this post title for a Facebook status. 🙂

The good thing is the world will be idyllic and beautiful after the battle… like when Canada will win Olympic Gold in men’s hockey to go with their women’s medals. 🙂

Btw, do you think any Norsey looking folks would be offended if I wished them a Happy Ragnarok today? 🙂