MAPLE Mittens and CANADIAN Winter Gift Set

canadiana-gift-setI recently devised my own way to make double layered mittens where all the seams are on the inside after inversion. The double layer also allowed one for show on the outside, like with spandex of many funky patterns, and one for warmth on the inside like with generic fleece, or both of fleece for warmth. I did the latter and added a matching double layered tuque I also devised my own way of doing with similar principles, to make a “Canadian” winter gift set for a friend who happens to have the same head and hand size as me. Very convenient!

maple-mittensThe double layered mittens I chose to make in a red and a white background with the opposite colour maple leaf. It means one hand will always be red and one white if the same side of your hand is facing in a direction. They’ll match in colour if not, but then both your thumbs are going in the same direction. Multiple asymmetry, in other words, which is the trademark in my design and why I call my still imaginary company Asymmetrix Design. 🙂

As for the hat, 4 of the 5 panels are red with white maple leafs. That left a white panel with a big maple leaf in the middle. Bordered by red, it’s almost a Canadian flag within the otherwise messy maple leaf print. You can choose to wear this tuque with that white panel in different places as you choose for variation of the same hat. It probably has a different feel and impression if you wore it head on in the front, or offset to the side, or at the back. It’ll give you a different look, for sure!

Gold Rating

maple-mittenI was very pleased with how this turned out. Its construction is solid with two stitches on every seam for strength. It is very warm. It also fit my friend very well that’s very important, and she loved it, which is just as important. 🙂

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