Silver LIZARD Skin Fleece and Spandex Gloves


Recently, I taught myself how to create a simple glove pattern that could turned into a double layered glove easily. I’ll blog more on that when I have the process documented better. The double layer glove means you can do a few things with it:

  • Use the two layers together for warmth, excess warmth if you use two warming layers like both of fleece.
  • Use the outer layer for design for whatever you have that you can use on the outside, like crazy spandex or stretch material (non-stretch possible but not recommended for excess stress on seams).

Here, I used some silver snake / lizard / crocodile / alligator skin spandex I had purchased in Manhattan some years ago and the result is pretty cool, in my opinion. Under a coat sleeve, it looks like I have silver lizard skin! Combined with the GATORSNAKE running tights made a few years ago from the same spandex, and a tuque to come, I might well be a vampire hunting, silver skinned lizard of a runner this winter!

Silver rating

lizard-gloves-openDespite how much I LOVE these LIZARD gloves, I did make the thumb too long. A little excess allowance for end fabrics makes my hand look maybe a bit more lizard than human, lol. I allowed for some spandex fabric to fold under at the cuffs so the fleece is not visible, but I allowed for way too much (about 1 inch). As you can see, it is pretty tight at the cuffs that just 0.25 inch would have done the job, without leaving a big thin layer visible here, but would not be under a typical coat sleeve extending much further than that cuff. These are little things, but it wouldn’t have been appropriate to have given a gold rating to an all silver garment, would it? 🙂

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