How to Download Entire Pinterest Boards Easily web interface web interface

Please note that as of Dec 2014, this NO LONGER WORKS due to a security setting change on Pinterest. I’ll leave it here in case the creators of Download Your Board figures out a way to get around that. Until then, I don’t know of a reliable option for downloading entire Pinterest boards. Sorry.


This is useful for Pinterest users and non-users alike, basically anyone who might care to grab a collection of pictures that have been gathered on a Pinterest board, in one quick swoop. How and why you use it, whether to backup, steal, borrow, translate to another format like presentation, etc. is up to you. It’s just an awesome tool providing a magnificent service.

Ever seen a great Pinterest board and wished you had the time to repin a whole bunch of the pins? Or maybe just grab a whole whack of them to use in a presentation, or maybe use as wallpapers, or whatever? Maybe you even want them all!

Well, Pinterest’s interface is horrible for doing either, to be kind, ever so slow, tedious with steps and time consuming animations. Fortunately, there is an awesome website that allows you to simply put in the board’s URL and click the download button to get it all!

The site is

After you do said step, you get a Zip file of not only all the pins, but also their thumbnails! Do the quick 1-click unzip to get all the files in one folder where the zip file downloaded and you have all the files!

The names read like encrypted code, with exception of “large_” or “small_” at the start to make it simple to sort them apart, in case you just want one or the other. That is a very useful feature built in!

Now, you’re ready to sort the files visually to delete what you want and keep what you want. If you want to upload again in a certain order and grouping, you’ll have to rename the files so they appear in consecutive orders, like 001, oo2 and so on. This is fantastic for reorganizing your boards to have similar pins closer together, like fashion lines within a Dresses board, for example, since Pinterest is so pathetic at letting you organize anything on their site! Typical of the American hoarding epidemic today. But you can’t expect the program to read your mind for reorganization! If you don’t wish to reorganize, just leave the files as is and use as is, like re-uploading that entire board (or what you kept) in a flash by uploading pins in Pinterest, and selecting all files remaining.

If you upload any files you downloaded, you will no longer be giving credit to the original pinners, and originator of the pins (or stealers since lots of people steal graphics online). It isn’t nice to do, of course, and you can run quite rampant with it. With average Internet high speed,  you can literally grab someone’s entire Pinterest account of tens of thousands of pins in under 1 hour! But you know, that’s the Internet for ya.

Just remember the same thing can be done to you and any of your other work! Get over it and work within the flow.


5 thoughts on “How to Download Entire Pinterest Boards Easily

    • Thanks so much for the update, Jim. Much appreciated, though sad to hear the news. I have updated the post with a disclaimer at the top. However, I’ll leave it up so that should things change, I can update this again.

  1. Limit you boards to 30 or 40 pins. Then you can save as pdf, or you can use evernote to save the entire page. You may have to move pins around to new boards to get it below the ~30 threshold. Kind of a pain.

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