20 Feet from Stardom

A year or so ago, I had a chance to watch an absolutely phenomenal documentary called 20 Feet from Stardom, on back-up singers. I was reminded of it today and found an almost complete version on YouTube. It’s plenty good enough to watch and get an appreciation for those singers, mostly women, if you don’t want to watch it fully on some paid source.

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Complete This Phrase: “Everything I Needed to Learn About Life, I Learned…”

Have you ever seen one of those statements, articles, or even books that touts all of life’s lessons being contained in something? Often, it’s some passion someone has, like marathon running, or some show or movie. Sometimes it’s in a relationship or person, whether it’s one with your dog, or a hero/heroine you look up to.

For a future quote to point to some fun references, I’m wondering if you’d mind leaving a comment and completing the phrase Everything I needed to learn about life, I learned…

You don’t need to explain it if you don’t want to. That would likely be rather long, I would think, because there’s a LOT to learn about life! But if you want to, you go for it.

I’m not going to explain my choice much other than to say, go see it and think hard, over and over again, about all the many things said, situations presented, solutions developed. And also think about all the things not said, or done, but perhaps implied. So my answer is Continue reading

A Real Measurements Sheet You Can Use for Sewing/Costuming

In sewing, often only 3 measurements are required on patterns to determine a size to follow: bust/chest, waist and hips. That’s about as impractical as anything I’ve ever seen considering people are all kinds of height and shapes outside of those measurements. The vast majority of people don’t even fit the standard sizes made!

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How to Download Entire Pinterest Boards Easily

Downloadmyboard.com web interface

Downloadmyboard.com web interface

Please note that as of Dec 2014, this NO LONGER WORKS due to a security setting change on Pinterest. I’ll leave it here in case the creators of Download Your Board figures out a way to get around that. Until then, I don’t know of a reliable option for downloading entire Pinterest boards. Sorry.


This is useful for Pinterest users and non-users alike, basically anyone who might care to grab a collection of pictures that have been gathered on a Pinterest board, in one quick swoop. How and why you use it, whether to backup, steal, borrow, translate to another format like presentation, etc. is up to you. It’s just an awesome tool providing a magnificent service.

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Over 1850 Anime/Manga Character Birthdays, By Date (and Analysis)

To see who has birthdays today quickly, click on this text rather than scroll this long list.

You’ll also get be able to interact with some dashboards that will show you anime and manga character birthdays in different groupings like by series, month, dates, and so on!



I am not knowledgeable in the subject of anime. I only compiled the information from several online sources. They seem reliable from reviews and comments so I trust them. If you want to be absolutely sure, Google the character name with “birthday” to confirm. What is here is for quick searching and compilation.

If you like Anime stuff, you may enjoy these Anime themed Facebook tagging memes.

January 1 Asahi Azumane Haikyuu!!
January 1 Batsu Ichimonji Rival Schools 2
January 1 Ed Cowboy Bebop
January 1 Edgemaster Soul Calibur
January 1 Fujitaka Kinomoto Card Captor Sakura
January 1 Gai Naruto
January 1 1997 Johji Ohtomo Cyber Formula [Future GPX]
January 1 Kaede Rukawa Slam Dunk
January 1 1560 Kayura Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (Ronin Warriors)
January 1 2231 Kei Dirty Pair Flash
January 1 Kitakita Oyaji (Adburg Eldor) Mahoujin Guruguru
January 1 4982 Kris Christopher Battle Athletes Daiundokai
January 1 Kyyusaku Natsume All-Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku Nuku
January 1 1976 Mai Shiranui Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
January 1 1984 Maki Tanabe Gun Parade March
January 1 Miyuki Kotobuki Tokimeki Memorial 2
January 1 Momiji Kagariya Starship GIrl Yamamoto Yohko
January 1 Mutsuki Ichimonji Happy Lesson
January 1 Osaka Naru Sailor Moon
January 1 Portgas D. Ace One Piece
January 1 1952 Reiko Asagiri Gate Keepers
January 1 1986 Ren Tao Shaman King
January 1 Riku Kamiya Tokimeki Tonight
January 1 Ritsu Assassination Classroom
January 1 Sakura Saginomiya Aozora Shoujotai (801 TTS Airbats)
January 1 Shinichirou Suwa I-Doll
January 1 Sumomo Chobits
January 2 Ginga Torikai Reideen
January 2 Iwashi Tatami Naruto
January 2 Maria Luise Mobile Fighter G Gundam
January 2 Orie Ishizuka Raijin-Oh [Zettai Muteki]
January 2 1912 Shun Di Virtua Fighter
January 2 89 Qing Wan Fu Samurai Shodown/Samurai Spirits
January 3 Bart Garsus Vandread
January 3 Cyan Garamonde Final Fantasy VI (III in the US)
January 3 Gan Isurugi Rival Schools 2
January 3 1902 Ichirou Oogami Sakura Taisen
January 3 Keisuke Yuuki Fushigi Yuugi
January 3 Koharu Hotta Princess Nine
January 3 1980 Kyoshiro Tohdoh Code Geass
January 3 Laguna Loire Final Fantasy VIII
January 3 Rakushu Shurato
January 3 2043 Scott Heyward Vifam
January 3 Tentzaa Starship GIrl Yamamoto Yohko
January 4 Aiichiro Nitori Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
January 4 Mami Shimura Sotsugyou Vacation
January 5 Bass Armstrong Dead or Alive 2
January 5 Doll/Tiger Jura Tripper
January 5 1931 Gen Fu Dead or Alive
January 5 1968 Terrence T. D’arby JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
January 5 1979 Urashima Keitarou Love Hina
January 5 2283 Yoko Mizuno Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
January 6 1385 Amidamaru Shaman King
January 6 1974 Cammy Street Fighter 2
January 6 Canis Major Sirius Saint Seiya
January 6 1981 Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn Sailor Moon
January 6 Kou Gaiji Saiyuuki [Gensou Maden]
January 6 Makoto Sawatari Kanon
January 7 Ayu Tsukimiya Kanon
January 7 Kaho Sister Princess
January 7 Konekomaru Miwa (aka Koneko) Ao No Exorcist
January 7 1921 Lee Pai Long Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
January 7 Yuuki Wasaka Dream Saga
January 8 1926 Ching Tao Shaman King
January 8 Grant Garou: Mark of the Wolves
January 8 Hiashi Hyuga Naruto
January 8 Hizashi Hyuga Naruto
January 8 1959 Sumio Matsunuma Karuizawa Syndrome
January 8 1907 Sumire Kanzaki Sakura Taisen
January 8 Tetsuo Kaga Hikaru no Go
January 8 Victor Angelique
January 9 1551 Anubis / Kujuro Sasaki (RW name: Cale) Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (Ronin Warriors)
January 9 Haku Naruto
January 9 Kaede Kayano Assassination Classroom
January 9 1721 Nicotine Kafuin Samurai Shodown/Samurai Spirits
January 10 1978 Leona Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
January 11 Dalida Roe Laha Chandora II Gundam SEED [Mobile Suit]
January 11 1984 Koalla Suu Love Hina
January 11 Mio Juuonji I-Doll
January 11 Nana the Dog Angel Tales (Otogi Story Tenshi no Shippo)
January 11 Sara Hand Maid May
January 12 Capricorn Shura Saint Seiya
January 12 Elle Vianno Gundam ZZ
January 12 Icchan (Ichirou Mihara) Angelic Layer
January 13 Saki Nijino Tokimeki Memorial
January 14 Neteru-kun Tottoko Hamutarou
January 14 Raymond Bishop Mobile Fighter G Gundam
January 14 Sakuno Ryuzaki Tennis no Oujisama (The Prince of Tennis)
January 14 467 RC Siegfried Kircheis Legend of Galactic Heroes
January 15 Fujiwara no Yukitaka Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de 2
January 15 1960 Miki City Hunter
January 15 Rie Shibata All-Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku Nuku
January 15 1987 Shiki Mihara Tokimeki Memorial: Girls’ Side
January 16 Eriko Tamura Idol Densetsu Eriko
January 16 Masaki Shiratori Tokimeki Memorial 3
January 16 Takashi Ayanokouji PitaTen
January 17 Kai Hirose Dagwon [Brave Command]
January 17 Kozue Izumi Mugen no Ryvius (Infinite Ryvius)
January 17 Pandora The Violinist of Hameln
January 17 Seiji Ogata Hikaru no Go
January 18 1765 Basara Kubikiri Samurai Shodown/Samurai Spirits
January 18 Miko Kamiyama Kakyuusei
January 18 Shizuka Mitsuki Kakyuusei
January 18 Widoshiku/Akira Onishi Time Stranger Kyoko
January 19 Gaara Naruto
January 19 Taeko Adachi Sentimental Graffiti
January 19 1838 Will Antonio Zepelli JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
January 20 Maeka Kudanshita Tokimeki Memorial 2
January 20 1983 Seika Mori Gun Parade March
January 20 1987 Shiho Arisawa Tokimeki Memorial: Girls’ Side
January 21 1954 Geese Howard Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
January 21 Puchiko Di-Gi-Charat
January 23 1989 Bonne Jenet Garou: Mark of the Wolves
January 23 Claude C. Kenny Star Ocean EX
January 23 Cygnus Hyoga Saint Seiya
January 23 1982 Inaho Hitomebore Master Mosquiton
January 23 Shino Aburame Naruto
January 23 1845 Yuki The Last Blade
January 24 Ayano Elizabeth Hakuhoin Starship GIrl Yamamoto Yohko
January 24 Francois/ Cyborg 003 Cyborg 009
January 25 Dr. Gilmour Cyborg 009
January 25 Katsuya Johnouchi (Dub name: Joey Wheeler) Yu-Gi-Oh
January 25 Kyousuke Tamamo Jigoku Sensei Nuube
January 25 Minoru Kokubunji Chobits
January 26 Miine Shaman King
January 27 Ayu Kawahara To the North – White Illumination
January 27 1967 Balrog (USA: Vega) Street Fighter 2
January 27 1962 Dr. Kozaburo Nambu Gatchaman
January 27 1978 Haruka Ten’ou/Sailor Uranus Sailor Moon
January 27 Papillon Myu Saint Seiya
January 28 Alice Shinohara (Peach Pai) Suchie Pai Adventure
January 28 2048 Fred Shuffle Vifam
January 28 Jean Rubran Yadamon
January 28 Noriyuki? Hakusui? Sakura Taisen 3
January 28 Raizze Haimer Mitsumete Knight
January 28 Tarou Hanaukyou Hanaukyou Maid Team
January 28 Yaone Saiyuuki [Gensou Maden]
January 29 Kotaro Takebayashi Assassination Classroom
January 29 Mai Kawasumi Kanon
January 30 Atsuro Kiryuu Kaikan Phrase
January 30 Helena Dead or Alive 2
January 30 1980 Himeko Nonohara Hime-chan no Ribon
January 30 Satoru Saruyama eX-D
January 30 Takaomi Kai Dream Saga
January 30 1966 Yoshikage Kira JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
January 31 Itsuki Kujou Hanazakari no Kimitachi E
January 31 Keiko Yukimura Yuu Yuu Hakusho
January 31 Sato Kimijima I-Doll
February 1 Kei (Knight of Light) Pretear
February 1 Koki Mimura Assassination Classroom
February 1 Mizuno Souba (Aqua Stranger) Time Stranger Kyoko
February 1 Shiori Misaka Kanon
February 1 Worm Raimi Saint Seiya
February 2 Jet Rink/ Cyborg 002 Cyborg 009
February 2 Karl Heinz Schneider Captain Tsubasa
February 2 Kisaragi Ninomai Happy Lesson
February 2 2031 Mylene Flare Jenius Macross 7
February 2 1972 Prince Heinell (dubbed name: Prince Zardoz) Voltes V
February 2 Rin Matsuoka Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
February 2 Shiori Takatsuki Utena [Revolutionary Girl]
February 2 Vivi One Piece
February 2 Yuki the Snake Angel Tales (Otogi Story Tenshi no Shippo)
February 3 Belvedere Coco (Vandread Taidouhen only) Vandread
February 3 Edward Elric Fullmetal Alchemist
February 3 Mio Kisaragi Tokimeki Memorial
February 4 1974 Blue Mary Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
February 4 1761 Charlotte Samurai Shodown/Samurai Spirits
February 4 Cie Caprice Sakura Taisen 3
February 4 Haruhi Fujioka Ouran High School Host Club
February 4 Jacob Saint Seiya
February 4 1945 Keiko Ochiai (Secretary) Gate Keepers
February 4 Shin Sano Hanazakari no Kimitachi E
February 4 1947 Takuma Sakazaki Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
February 5 2005 Anise Fahmu Borgman
February 5 Chizuru Akamine Yami no Matsuei
February 5 1966 Daichi Hashimoto Gate Keepers 21
February 5 Gilbert Nightray Pandora Hearts
February 5 1966 Ikkaku Amanohashi Tokimeki Memorial: Girls’ Side
February 5 Lacus Clyne Gundam SEED [Mobile Suit]
February 5 Mikiko (Miki) Shinohara Pia Carrot 2
February 5 Shimon Takagi Sotsugyou M
February 6 Emi Tachibana Tokimeki Memorial 3
February 6 64 UC Frau Bou Gundam [Mobile Suit]
February 6 Mariel Hanaukyou Maid Team
February 6 Siegfried Soul Calibur
February 6 Washuu Hakubi Tenchi Muyo!
February 7 Aerith Gainsborough Final Fantasy VII
February 7 Akira Yamaguchi Jigoku Sensei Nuube
February 7 Aquarius Camus Saint Seiya
February 7 Carol Palecki Mitsumete Knight
February 7 Nina Anna Thunder eX-D
February 8 Dejiko Chocolat (Di-Gi-Charat) Di-Gi-Charat
February 8 2283 Erika Kousaka Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
February 8 Hokage the Third Naruto
February 8 2281 Luminaev Du Krosovski Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
February 8 Setzer Gabbiani Final Fantasy VI (III in the US)
February 8 1966 Wolf Hawkfield Virtua Fighter
February 8 1979 Yaten Kou/Sailor Star Healer Sailor Moon
February 9 Akiba Kanda Tokimeki Memorial 2
February 9 Futoshi Hakkai eX-D
February 9 Kasumi Tani Hand Maid May
February 9 Kilik Soul Calibur
February 9 1987 Pirika Shaman King
February 9 Yuki Mizuno (Suchie Yuki) Suchie Pai Adventure
February 9 Yuzuki Fuwa Assassination Classroom
February 10 A-ko Magami Project A-ko
February 10 Aya Sugita Kodomo no Omocha
February 10 Himiko Kudou Getbackers
February 10 Hydra Ichi Saint Seiya
February 10 1983 Mio Mibuya Gun Parade March
February 10 Naozumi Kamura Kodomo no Omocha
February 10 Natsuki Hamashima Gizoku
February 10 Rugal Bernstein Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
February 11 Kaho Mizuki Card Captor Sakura
February 11 Kentaro Higashikunimaru Clamp Campus Detectives
February 11 Michiko Shirakaba Migiko and Hidariko All-Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku Nuku
February 11 Shirayuki Sister Princess
February 11 Yuri Hidaka Hikaru no Go
February 12 1966 Blanka Street Fighter 2
February 13 1990 Makoto Hyuuga Evangelion [Neon Genesis]
February 13 Marine Reigan Baldios
February 13 Sei-Lan Angelique
February 13 1976 Shermie Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
February 13 Shizuka Kikuchi Jigoku Sensei Nuube
February 14 Ai Shione I-Doll
February 14 Harpy Valentin Saint Seiya
February 14 Hayate Ootori Reideen
February 14 Hazuki Fujiwara Ojamajo Doremi
February 14 Hikaru Yoshimoto Princess Nine
February 14 1965 Ken Street Fighter 2
February 14 Kikunosuke Oka Sakura Taisen 2
February 14 Kyuu Oda Ayashi no Ceres
February 14 2083 Mirushia Asano Gundress
February 14 1984 Moe Ishizu Gun Parade March
February 14 Natsu Ayuhara Rival Schools 2
February 14 Prince Lute The Violinist of Hameln
February 14 Ririka Ebbet Burn-Up Excess
February 14 Taku Makabe Tokimeki Tonight
February 15 1965 John Crowley Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
February 15 Sai Johnouchi Angelic Layer
February 15 Shinji Kazama and Hiromi Sasaki Full Metal Panic!
February 15 Yoshiaki Ogawa Raijin-Oh [Zettai Muteki]
February 16 1986 Diethard Reid Code Geass
February 16 1982 Kain R. Heinlein Garou: Mark of the Wolves
February 16 Miyuki Hosaka Sentimental Graffiti
February 16 1843 Recca Lee The Last Blade
February 16 Shu Arc the Lad
February 16 Tomite Fushigi Yuugi
February 17 Folken Lakue de Fanel Escaflowne [Vision of]
February 17 Kraken Isaac Saint Seiya
February 17 Miriallia Haww Gundam SEED [Mobile Suit]
February 18 2001 Hikari Horaki Evangelion [Neon Genesis]
February 18 Maido-kun Tottoko Hamutarou
February 18 1954 Megane Gate Keepers
February 18 Miyuki Kitano Mizuiro Jidai
February 18 Noel Chandler Star Ocean EX (Star Ocean 02 game only)
February 18 Saori Inuzuka Sotsugyou Vacation
February 18 Shiho Kannazuki Pia Carrot
February 18 Yuuta Fuji Tennis no Oujisama (The Prince of Tennis)
February 19 774 UC Frederica Greenhill Legend of Galactic Heroes
February 19 Subaru Sumeragi Hokuto Sumeragi Tokyo Babylon
February 20 Centaurus Babel Saint Seiya
February 20 Eleutron Starship GIrl Yamamoto Yohko
February 20 Hound Asterion Saint Seiya
February 20 1957 Jeffry McWild Virtua Fighter
February 20 Maki Midoritani Kakyuusei
February 21 Beacha Oleag Gundam ZZ
February 21 Cyclops Giganto Saint Seiya
February 21 Minatsu Yamashita Kakyuusei
February 21 Yoroi Akadou Naruto
February 22 Chisa Tsukamoto Comic Party
February 22 Cid Highwind Final Fantasy VII
February 22 1995 Hakuoh Shaman King
February 22 Silence Jura Tripper
February 22 Taiki Kayashima Hanazakari no Kimitachi E
February 23 Eiri Yuki Gravitation
February 23 1979 Kasumi Dead or Alive
February 23 Kunzite Sailor Moon
February 23 Naoji Ishizuki Meine Liebe [Tanbi Musou]
February 24 1900 Asato Tsuzuki Yami no Matsuei
February 24 Miho and Maho Shirayuki Tokimeki Memorial 2
February 24 Millenium Feria Nocturne Lost Universe
February 24 1829 Shikyo The Last Blade
February 24 Yanagi Sakoshita Recca [Flame of]
February 25 Rajim Shaman King
February 25 1959 Saemi Ukiya Gate Keepers
February 25 Shimon Nagareyama Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de
February 25 Ward Zaback Final Fantasy VIII
February 27 Marcel Angelique
February 28 2283 Misaki Ichioujin Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
February 28 Ryuji Otogi (Dub name: Duke Devlin) Yu-Gi-Oh
February 29 Anthy Himemiya Utena [Revolutionary Girl]
February 29 458 RC Fritz Joseph Bittenfeld Legend of Galactic Heroes
February 29 Kabuto Yakushi Naruto
February 29 Mitsukuni Haninozuka (aka Honey) Ouran High School Host Club
February 29 Omi Tsukiyono Weiss Kreuz
February 29 Pochacco Sanrio characters
February 29 Precis F. Newman Star Ocean EX
February 29 Rei Kazama eX-D
February 29 Shuusuke Fuji Tennis no Oujisama (The Prince of Tennis)
February 29 1768 Sogetsu Kazama Samurai Shodown/Samurai Spirits
February 29 Touya Kinomoto Card Captor Sakura
March 1 1968 Chun Li Street Fighter 2
March 1 Genichirou Haneoka Saint Tail
March 1 Kaori Misaka Kanon
March 1 Kaoru Mitarai PitaTen
March 1 Nicol Amarfi Gundam SEED [Mobile Suit]
March 1 Ryouta Kajiki (Dub name: Mako Tsunami) Yu-Gi-Oh
March 1 Sumire Nozaki Tokimeki Memorial 2
March 1 Toraoh Wataru
March 1 Yohko Mano Devil Hunter Yohko
March 1 Yuu Gouda Full Metal Panic!
March 2 Chidori Kuruma Ayashi no Ceres
March 2 1993 Clair Fortlan Cyber Formula [Future GPX]
March 2 Iron Maiden Jeanne Shaman King
March 2 Sanji One Piece
March 2 Skylla Io Saint Seiya
March 3 Akira Kazama Rival Schools 2
March 3 Ami Uzuki Uru-Q (Ultra Cute)
March 3 Chibimaru-chan Tottoko Hamutarou
March 3 Cornet (Coronet) The Violinist of Hameln
March 3 Cyberdoll Lena Hand Maid May
March 3 1957 Fen Feirin Gate Keepers
March 3 Go Kato Someday’s Dreamer
March 3 Goro Tadanof Gizoku
March 3 1998 Hibari Hanakoganei Akihabara Dennou-Gumi
March 3 Ichirou Kogure Full Metal Panic!
March 3 1974 Joe Higashi Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
March 3 Kai Schweitzer Di-Gi-Charat
March 3 Kaoru Kishimoto Hikaru no Go
March 3 Kotoko Chobits
March 3 Kyoko All-Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku Nuku
March 3 Leorio Hunter X Hunter
March 3 Lina Ashita Gundam ZZ
March 3 Luchson Houjou Mugen no Ryvius (Infinite Ryvius)
March 3 Mao Daioji Princess Nine
March 3 Miharu Tatebayashi Tokimeki Memorial
March 3 1990 Misa Hayase Macross
March 3 1983 Momoko Hanasaki Wedding Peach
March 3 1978 Mutsumi Otohime Love Hina
March 3 Nozori Etou Tokimeki Tonight
March 3 Onpu Segawa Ojamajo Doremi
March 3 1906 Ri Kouran Sakura Taisen
March 3 Rinoa Heartilly Final Fantasy VIII
March 3 Rosalie Rose of Versailles
March 3 2283 Sayuka Ayanokouji Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
March 3 1994 Shinichiro Tamaki Code Geass
March 3 Umi Ryuuzaki Magic Knights Rayearth
March 3 Wapiko Kingyo Chuuihou
March 3 Yayoi Sanzein Happy Lesson
March 3 Youji Kudou Weiss Kreuz
March 3 Yukie Itou Sotsugyou Vacation
March 3 Yukiko Kanzaki Assassination Classroom
March 3 2231 Yuri Dirty Pair Flash
March 4 Akifumi Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de 2
March 5 Garnet/Ojou/Young Lady Jura Tripper
March 6 Chikage Sister Princess
March 6 God Jura Tripper
March 6 1779 Jubei Yagyu Samurai Shodown/Samurai Spirits
March 6 1978 Michiru Kaio/Sailor Neptune Sailor Moon
March 6 Rei Otohata Super Gals! Kotobuki Ran
March 6 Yohko Yamamoto Starship GIrl Yamamoto Yohko
March 7 Sana Kurata Kodomo no Omocha
March 8 Aine Yukimura Kaikan Phrase
March 8 Ebisu-Sensei Naruto
March 8 78 UC Elpe Puru Gundam ZZ
March 8 61 UC Mirai Yashima Gundam [Mobile Suit]
March 8 Shirazu Ginshi Tokyo Ghoul
March 9 Ran the Goldfish Angel Tales (Otogi Story Tenshi no Shippo)
March 9 Tenten Naruto
March 10 1979 Aoi Umenokoji Virtua Fighter
March 10 Azusa Kansai Devil Hunter Yohko
March 10 Azusa Kanzaki Mamono Hunter Yohko
March 10 1970 Babyface’s mother JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
March 10 Celes Chere Final Fantasy VI (III in the US)
March 10 Chizuru Yusa I-Doll
March 10 2052 Jimmy Eril Vifam
March 10 Nuriko Fushigi Yuugi
March 10 Pisces Aphrodite Saint Seiya
March 11 Sarah Pixis Mitsumete Knight
March 11 Shen-Long and Shin-Lu Belvedere E’S
March 11 1979 Takeo Takakura Mahou Tsukaitai
March 12 1982 Anna Stephanie SPT Layzner
March 12 Karen Momoto (Flower Stranger) Time Stranger Kyoko
March 12 Korosensei Assassination Classroom
March 12 Makoto Kurita Jigoku Sensei Nuube
March 12 Manami Sugihara Sentimental Graffiti
March 12 Sophitia Soul Calibur
March 12 Yuzo Morisaki Captain Tsubasa
March 13 Frog Ze-ros Saint Seiya
March 13 2283 Liavelt Von Neuestein Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
March 14 1999 Asuka Sugo Cyber Formula [Future GPX]
March 14 1979 Athena Asamiya Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
March 14 Byakuya Takatori Lunar Pitris
March 14 Dzhyma Darvaza-Ark E’S
March 14 Johko Rave
March 14 Marcy Wachifield
March 14 Milii Tekkaman Blade
March 14 467 RC Reinhard von Lohengramm Legend of Galactic Heroes
March 14 Shante du ‘u Homme Arc the Lad
March 14 1973 Shin Mouri (RW name: Cye) Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (Ronin Warriors)
March 14 Wakaba Shinohara Utena [Revolutionary Girl]
March 15 Eddie Rubran Yadamon
March 15 Fllay Allstar Gundam SEED [Mobile Suit]
March 15 Ichigo Momomiya/Mew Ichigo Tokyo Mew Mew
March 15 Miyu Kouzuki Daa! Daa! Daa!
March 15 Mizuho Nitta I-Doll
March 15 Sakura Kasugano Rival Schools 2
March 15 1973 Terry Bogard Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
March 16 Duoero Mcfile Vandread
March 16 2371 J.J. Zillion
March 16 Kukuri Mahoujin Guruguru
March 17 Zell Dincht Final Fantasy VIII
March 18 Augusta Meine Liebe [Tanbi Musou]
March 18 Eagle Marin Saint Seiya
March 18 Extra Kaidou Idol Project
March 18 1946 Jim Skylark Gate Keepers
March 18 2001 Lebia Mavelick Silent Mobius
March 18 Rai Utsumi Dagwon [Brave Command]
March 18 Seika Saint Seiya
March 18 2122 Yuri Dirty Pair
March 19 Chiriko Fushigi Yuugi
March 19 2044 Clare Barbland Vifam
March 19 Youko Kuriki Raijin-Oh [Zettai Muteki]
March 20 Eimi Ooba Comic Party
March 20 Ibiki Morino Naruto
March 20 1985 Ryu Nakanishi/ Great Horned Owl Ryu Gatchaman
March 20 Tsubomi Nonomura Sakura Taisen 2
March 21 1984 Ginga Kurusu Gun Parade March
March 21 Hidenori Kondou Raijin-Oh [Zettai Muteki]
March 21 Julian Solo/Poseidon Saint Seiya
March 21 Tatara Fushigi Yuugi
March 22 Hirose Nanjou Zetsuai/Bronze
March 22 Shun Nitta Captain Tsubasa
March 23 4993 Akari Kanzaki Battle Athletes Daiundokai
March 23 Eriol Hiiragizawa Card Captor Sakura
March 23 Reiga Shurato
March 24 1968 Jack Turner Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
March 24 Jean Leo Sakura Taisen 3
March 24 Kino Asakura Shaman King
March 24 Ophiuchus Shaina Saint Seiya
March 24 Tomomi and Mikage Matsunaga Miracle Girls
March 25 1762 Gen-An Shiranui Samurai Shodown/Samurai Spirits
March 25 Griffon Minos Saint Seiya
March 25 Hana Makihatayama Ojamajo Doremi
March 25 1965 Heavy D Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
March 25 1976 Iori Yagami Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
March 25 1980 Leone Abacchio JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
March 25 Meiling Li Card Captor Sakura
March 25 1981 Narusegawa Naru Love Hina
March 26 2282 Alephtina Mikhalov Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
March 26 782 UC Julian Mintz Legend of Galactic Heroes
March 26 Kotarou Higuchi PitaTen
March 26 Larutsuone Time Stranger Kyoko
March 26 Ryo Saeba City Hunter
March 27 Aries Mu Saint Seiya
March 27 Hanabi Hyuga Naruto
March 27 2015 Isamu Alva Dyson Macross Plus
March 28 2001 Hayato Kazami Cyber Formula [Future GPX]
March 28 1984 Kouichi Hirose JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
March 28 Miki Koishikawa Marmalade Boy
March 28 Natassia Saint Seiya
March 28 Randy Angelique
March 28 Sakura Haruno Naruto
March 29 Aoi Housen Mugen no Ryvius (Infinite Ryvius)
March 29 Cerberos Dante Saint Seiya
March 29 Dearka Elthman Gundam SEED [Mobile Suit]
March 29 2000 Kallen Kozuki Code Geass
March 29 1980 Kasumi Todo Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
March 29 Kazekage Naruto
March 30 No birthdays 😦
March 31 Ace Haneda Reideen
March 31 Hajime Shirogane Toukyou Juushouden
March 31 Itona Horibe Assassination Classroom
March 31 1967 Kaori Makimura City Hunter
March 31 Koichirou Endou (“Denshin” OAVs) Mamotte Shugogetten!
March 31 2022 Miho Miho Macross 7
March 31 43 FC Sai Sici Mobile Fighter G Gundam
March 31 1895 Shamon Shaman King
March 31 Suoh Takamura Clamp Campus Detectives
April 1 Eiji “Edge” Yamada Rival Schools 2
April 1 Esper Roba Yu-Gi-Oh
April 1 Great Britain/ Cyborg 007 Cyborg 009
April 1 Hanamichi Sakuragi Slam Dunk
April 1 Himiko Wataru
April 1 1861 Ikki Yoneda Sakura Taisen
April 1 Inuyasha Inuyasha: A Feudal Fairy Tale
April 1 Iwan Wachifield
April 1 1996 Jotaro “Bleed” Kaga Cyber Formula [Future GPX]
April 1 Kiki Saint Seiya
April 1 Koutarou Nanbara Hand Maid May
April 1 Kurtz Weber Full Metal Panic!
April 1 Lorna Endou eX-D
April 1 Maririn Sengawa Mizuiro Jidai
April 1 Misako Kurata Kodomo no Omocha
April 1 Ryou Ishizaki Captain Tsubasa
April 1 Ryuichi Sakuma Gravitation
April 1 Sakura Kinomoto Card Captor Sakura
April 1 1967 Shuutarou Mendou Urusei Yatsura
April 1 1769 Tam Tam Samurai Shodown/Samurai Spirits
April 1 Teppei Kisugi Captain Tsubasa
April 1 Ussop One Piece
April 1 1993 Yasumitsu Wakamiya Gun Parade March
April 1 2082 Yun Kei Gundress
April 2 Hinata Okano Assassination Classroom
April 2 Hotohori Fushigi Yuugi
April 2 Jaime Hoshino Baldios
April 2 Kanae Ootori Utena [Revolutionary Girl]
April 2 Ryou Hayakawa Princess Nine
April 2 Shinji Aku Tennis no Oujisama (The Prince of Tennis)
April 2 Tenma Morimura Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de
April 2 Xianghua Soul Calibur
April 3 Marine Meine Liebe [Tanbi Musou]
April 3 Senri Nakao Hanazakari no Kimitachi E
April 3 1971 Zack Dead or Alive
April 4 Buzam A. Calessa Vandread
April 4 Hayaka Sakyo To the North – White Illumination
April 4 Hyo Imawano Rival Schools 2
April 4 1868 Jonathan Joestar JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
April 4 1900 Kasumi Fujii Sakura Taisen
April 4 1984 Ken Washio/Eagle Ken Gatchaman
April 4 Kurapica Hunter X Hunter
April 4 Kyosuke Kagami Rival Schools 2
April 4 Marie Sister Princess
April 4 1993 Midori Makibaou Midori no Makibaou
April 4 Riku Heisenberg Di-Gi-Charat
April 4 1952 Ruriko Ikusawa Gate Keepers
April 4 Uzuki Shitennou Happy Lesson
April 4 767 UC Yang Wen-Li Legend of Galactic Heroes
April 4 Yoshio Saotome Tokimeki Memorial
April 4 Yuu Kouzuki Daa! Daa! Daa!
April 5 Gau Final Fantasy VI (III in the US)
April 5 Ino Abbav Gundam ZZ
April 5 Isis Ishtar (Dub name: ?) Yu-Gi-Oh
April 5 Kouji Aiba Mugen no Ryvius (Infinite Ryvius)
April 5 Miho Saint Seiya
April 5 Son Gokuu Saiyuuki [Gensou Maden]
April 6 Shiemi Moriyama Ao No Exorcist
April 6 Tsubasa Kouhouin Starship GIrl Yamamoto Yohko
April 7 Katsuo Mizuno Tennis no Oujisama (The Prince of Tennis)
April 7 Miki Hosokawa Jigoku Sensei Nuube
April 7 Miyuki Kobayakawa Taiho Shichau Zo! (You’re Under Arrest!)
April 7 1985 Pitalia Lope Cyber Formula [Future GPX]
April 7 Satomi Morihara Pia Carrot
April 7 2003 Tetsuwan Atomu (original manga) Tetsuwan Atomu
April 8 1966 Faust VIII Shaman King
April 8 Hajime (Knight of Water) Pretear
April 8 1973 King Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
April 8 Maria Tobe Dagwon [Brave Command]
April 8 1968 Mature Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
April 8 Panda-kun Tottoko Hamutarou
April 8 Relena Peacecraft Gundam W
April 8 1982 Takayuki Setoguchi Gun Parade March
April 8 Tamaki Suou Ouran High School Host Club
April 9 Jim Evillan Sakura Taisen 3
April 9 1980 Shingo Yabuki Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
April 10 Ginta Suou Marmalade Boy
April 10 Souta Inaba Dream Saga
April 10 Tasuke Shichiri Mamotte Shugogetten!
April 10 Towa (Kazuto Sakuma) Kaikan Phrase
April 11 Elc Kowalapule Arc the Lad
April 11 Takuya Isurugi Aozora Shoujotai (801 TTS Airbats)
April 11 Tolle Koenig Gundam SEED [Mobile Suit]
April 11 1992 Tsukushi Tokimeki Memorial: Girls’ Side
April 11 Yamato Ishida Digimon Adventure
April 11 Yuu Izumi Raijin-Oh [Zettai Muteki]
April 11 Yuuji Naruo Burn-Up Excess
April 12 Hinata Wakaba Rival Schools 2
April 12 1960 Ran Tao Shaman King
April 12 Van Slanzar de Fanel Escaflowne [Vision of]
April 13 2370 Apple Zillion
April 13 Aron Luke Walensa and Shun Makabe Tokimeki Tonight
April 13 1967 Ataru Moroboshi Urusei Yatsura
April 13 Hamel The Violinist of Hameln
April 13 Ryota Nango Gizoku
April 13 Sizer The Violinist of Hameln
April 14 Ena Saeki Full Metal Panic!
April 14 1835 Hyo Amano The Last Blade
April 14 Nanami Simpson Tico and Nanami
April 15 Alraune Queen Saint Seiya
April 15 1966 Brian Battler Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
April 15 48 Hamon Gundam [Mobile Suit]
April 15 1982 Hikaru Kousaka Da Garn
April 15 Maki Nishikawa Sotsugyou Vacation
April 16 768 UC Jessica Edwards Legend of Galactic Heroes
April 16 1985 Joruno Jobana JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
April 16 Minori Akiho (Nijino no Seishun) Tokimeki Memorial
April 16 Purin the Dog Sanrio characters
April 16 Shuuichi Shindou Gravitation
April 16 Tamaki Renjou So Bad!
April 16 Tiara Nort Yoko Bastard!
April 17 Chameleon June Saint Seiya
April 17 HIkaru Kudou E’S
April 17 Midori the Tanuki Angel Tales (Otogi Story Tenshi no Shippo)
April 17 1978 Rei Hino/Sailor Mars Sailor Moon
April 17 Sanae Enishi Pia Carrot 2
April 17 Sarai Onishi (Thunder Stranger) Time Stranger Kyoko
April 17 Tamayo Kizaki Angelic Layer
April 17 Vega (USA: M. Bison) Street Fighter 2
April 17 2283 Yuna Kagurazaka Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
April 18 Deadly Beetle Sutando Saint Seiya
April 18 1909 Glycine Bleumaire Sakura Taisen 3
April 18 Jun Kitagawa Kanon
April 18 Kai Kudou E’S
April 18 1991 Kaname Ohgi Code Geass
April 18 Pink Yamato Da Garn
April 18 Serika Shinjou Tokimeki Memorial 3
April 18 Shinichiro Isumi Hikaru no Go
April 18 Taira no Katsuzane Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de 2
April 18 Tasuki Fushigi Yuugi
April 18 1953 Yutaka Watari Yami no Matsuei
April 19 Ginji Amano Getbackers
April 19 Hiroto Honda (Dub name: Tristan Taylor) Yu-Gi-Oh
April 19 Kaho Morii Sentimental Graffiti
April 19 2009 Suguha Kirigaya (aka Leafa) Sword Art Online
April 19 1986 Trish Una JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
April 20 Ryoma Terasaka Assassination Classroom
April 20 Shunrei Saint Seiya
April 21 Gatcha Jura Tripper
April 21 Mana Ichihashi Tokimeki Tonight
April 22 No birthdays 😦
April 23 1969 Fei Long Street Fighter 2
April 23 Kimihiro Tsutsui Hikaru no Go
April 23 1977 Lei Fang Dead or Alive
April 23 Sue Grafton Mitsumete Knight
April 24 1971 Kalim Shaman King
April 24 Millerna Sara Aston Escaflowne [Vision of]
April 24 Naomi Munakata (TokiMemo Pocket Koutei no Photograph)
April 24 Tenchi Masaki Tenchi Muyo!
April 25 Misaki Suzuhara Angelic Layer
April 25 Skelton Maruki-no Saint Seiya
April 25 1981 The Griffon Mask Garou: Mark of the Wolves
April 26 Keyne Tokioka eX-D
April 26 1952 Reiji Kageyama Gate Keepers
April 26 Takako Tsuboi Full Metal Panic!
April 27 1937 Chin Gentsai Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
April 27 Ikuyo Suzuki Hanaukyou Maid Team
April 27 Koboshi Uematsu PitaTen
April 27 Moko/Tank Jura Tripper
April 28 Akira Imamura Raijin-Oh [Zettai Muteki]
April 28 Chikyu-ou (The King of Earth) Time Stranger Kyoko
April 29 Akiko Natsume All-Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku Nuku
April 29 1967 Gendou Ikari Evangelion [Neon Genesis]
April 29 Hayate (Knight of Wind) Pretear
April 29 Retasu Midorikawa/Mew Lettuce Tokyo Mew Mew
April 29 Yume Kikuchi Someday’s Dreamer
April 30 Ai Shinozaki Jigoku Sensei Nuube
April 30 Cepheus Albiero (Daidaros) Saint Seiya
April 30 464 Linier Blumehart Legend of Galactic Heroes
April 30 1984 Mai Shibamura Gun Parade March
April 30 Shuuichiro Oishi Tennis no Oujisama (The Prince of Tennis)
May 1 761 UC Alex Caselnes Legend of Galactic Heroes
May 1 Chouji Akimichi Naruto
May 1 1995 Jackie Gudelhian Cyber Formula [Future GPX]
May 1 Kouichi Mizuno Tonde Buurin
May 1 Maxi Soul Calibur
May 1 Nana Minagawa Kakyuusei
May 1 Subaru Fushigi Yuugi
May 2 Airs Blue Mugen no Ryvius (Infinite Ryvius)
May 2 1754 Andre Rose of Versailles
May 2 1986 Jun/Swan Jun Gatchaman
May 2 Mizuki Ashiya Hanazakari no Kimitachi E
May 2 Rail Claymore Lost Universe
May 2 Roy Bromwell Rival Schools 2
May 3 1983 Chris Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
May 3 Koushi-kun Tottoko Hamutarou
May 3 Lumiale Angelique
May 3 2047 Sharon Pablin Vifam
May 3 Tifa Lockhart Final Fantasy VII
May 3 Yakumo Ooizumi All-Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku Nuku
May 4 Conan Edogawa (Shin’ichi Kudou) Meitantei Conan
May 4 Setsu Sakuma Lunar Pitris
May 4 Tsubasa the Parakeet Angel Tales (Otogi Story Tenshi no Shippo)
May 5 Baba Lamune Lamune & 40
May 5 Domon Ishijima Recca [Flame of]
May 5 Geki Kuroiwa Dagwon [Brave Command]
May 5 Gon Freecs Hunter X Hunter
May 5 1968 Goro Daimon Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
May 5 Hayato Okada Full Metal Panic!
May 5 Hideo Shimazu Rival Schools 2
May 5 Hijikata Toushirou Gintama
May 5 1982 Hinagiku Tamano Wedding Peach
May 5 Junichiro Hokari and Chota Sakuradamon Tokimeki Memorial 2
May 5 Kagome Peach Sabbath
May 5 1970 Katherine Lee (dubbed name: Zandra) Voltes V
May 5 Kouta Aoyagi Tokimeki Tonight
May 5 Kuu Earhardt Di-Gi-Charat
May 5 2283 Mami Hoshiyama Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
May 5 Monkey D. Luffy One Piece
May 5 452 RC Paul von Oberstein Legend of Galactic Heroes
May 5 Ryuunosuke Natsume All-Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku Nuku
May 5 Satsuki Gokajou Happy Lesson
May 5 Sayuri Kurata Kanon
May 5 Shizuka Renjou So Bad!
May 5 Takashi Morinozuka (aka Mori) Ouran High School Host Club
May 5 4984 Tanya Natdhipytadd Battle Athletes Daiundokai
May 5 Tarou Misaki Captain Tsubasa
May 5 Tokumaru Tatsumi Saint Seiya
May 5 1997 Tsugumi Higashijujo Akihabara Dennou-Gumi
May 5 1978 Wataru Ikusabe Wataru
May 6 Amarone Slaintheav (Vandread Taidouhen only) Vandread
May 6 Ayumi Kinoshita Jigoku Sensei Nuube
May 6 Bunster Shaman King
May 6 1609 Constance Bonashu Three Musketeers
May 6 Kirara Hazama Assassination Classroom
May 6 2283 Midori Sasaki Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
May 6 Momoko Asuka Ojamajo Doremi
May 6 Trombone The Violinist of Hameln
May 7 1963 Clark Steel Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
May 7 Maria Shiratori Raijin-Oh [Zettai Muteki]
May 7 Minami Makimura Comic Party
May 7 Mitsukake Fushigi Yuugi
May 7 Mizuki Rashoujin Samurai Shodown/Samurai Spirits
May 7 Sea Horse Baian Saint Seiya
May 8 4981 Aira Vefelasca Rosnovski Battle Athletes Daiundokai
May 8 Homura Mitokado Naruto
May 8 Sumire Hara Assassination Classroom
May 8 Taurus Aldebaran Saint Seiya
May 9 Wakaba Kannuki Yami no Matsuei
May 10 Asumi Nase Hikaru no Go
May 10 2283 Emilia Fairchild Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
May 10 Kanae Mizuhara Platonic Chain
May 10 Kyoushirou Kagami Toukyou Juushouden
May 10 Masami Oyamada Someday’s Dreamer
May 10 1990 Nonomi Higashihara Gun Parade March
May 10 Shirou Fujimoto Ao No Exorcist
May 10 Takenori Akagi Slam Dunk
May 10 1961 Temjin Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
May 11 1992 Futaba Hotaru Garou: Mark of the Wolves
May 11 Kaoru Kaidou Tennis no Oujisama (The Prince of Tennis)
May 11 Melissa Mao Full Metal Panic!
May 11 Mog Final Fantasy VI (III in the US)
May 11 Rika Kawai Tokimeki Memorial 3
May 12 Miaka Yuuki Fushigi Yuugi
May 12 Mizuki Takase Comic Party
May 12 Nanami Jinnai El Hazard
May 12 1985 Yoh Asakura and Hao Asakura Shaman King
May 13 1918 Caesar Antonio Zepelli JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
May 13 Doku Gakuji Saiyuuki [Gensou Maden]
May 13 Rena Lanford Star Ocean EX
May 13 Taizou Hyuuga Dream Saga
May 14 Honoka Sawatari Sentimental Graffiti
May 15 Bear Geki Saint Seiya
May 15 D-Boy Tekkaman Blade
May 15 1989 Jun Gotokuji / Blood Falcon Akihabara Dennou-Gumi
May 15 Kankuro Naruto
May 15 2054 Malro J. Bonner Vifam
May 15 1965 Shapiro Keats Dancougar
May 16 2371 Amy Zillion
May 16 Haruka Sister Princess
May 16 Joe Shimamura/ Cyborg 009 Cyborg 009
May 16 Yumi Saotome Tokimeki Memorial
May 17 Akari Fujisaki Hikaru no Go
May 17 Lyserg Diethyl Shaman King
May 17 1976 Megumi Oka (dubbed name: Jamie Robinson) Voltes V
May 17 1975 Pai Chan Virtua Fighter
May 17 2001 Ryohei “Pei” Sumi Cyber Formula [Future GPX]
May 17 Teddie Adelaide Mitsumete Knight
May 17 Yukira Tani Sotsugyou Vacation
May 18 Cagalli Yula Athha Gundam SEED [Mobile Suit]
May 18 Kira Yamato Gundam SEED [Mobile Suit]
May 18 2007 Rika Shinozaki Sword Art Online
May 18 Shoutarou Kadoma Hanazakari no Kimitachi E
May 19 Megumi Aida To the North – White Illumination
May 19 Rina Takamiya Saint Tail
May 20 Asako Kurumi Kodomo no Omocha
May 20 Atsunobu Hayashimizu Full Metal Panic!
May 20 Kaori Yae Tokimeki Memorial 2
May 20 1835 Keiichiro Washizuka The Last Blade
May 20 Mujika Rave
May 20 Nadesiko Kinomoto Card Captor Sakura
May 20 1983 Narancha Gilga JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
May 20 31 FC Schwarz Bruder Mobile Fighter G Gundam
May 20 1902 Yuri Sakakibara Sakura Taisen
May 21 Asuka Tsukishiro Raijin-Oh [Zettai Muteki]
May 21 Chichiri Fushigi Yuugi
May 21 Patricia McGlass (TokiMemo Pocket Koutei no Photograph)
May 22 1908 Hanabi Kitaooji Sakura Taisen 3
May 22 Hisashi Mitsui Slam Dunk
May 22 Ryunosuke Chiba Assassination Classroom
May 22 Shiori Kudou Full Metal Panic!
May 23 Ryoko Minami Sotsugyou Vacation
May 23 Shouko Yamanobe (“Denshin” OAVs) Mamotte Shugogetten!
May 23 2010 Yuuki Konno Sword Art Online
May 24 1980 Albetro Nal Eiji Asuka SPT Layzner
May 24 Hisui Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de 2
May 24 55 UC Matilda Ajan Gundam [Mobile Suit]
May 24 Ringo Seto Angelic Layer
May 24 Shintarou Papuwa-kun
May 25 Akihito Nanjou Zetsuai/Bronze
May 25 Hitomi Tanaka Platonic Chain
May 25 1969 Madoka Ayukawa Kimagure Orange Road
May 26 Aoi Minase Pia Carrot 2
May 26 Iruka Umino Naruto
May 27 Cid del Norte Final Fantasy VI (III in the US)
May 27 1982 Gato Garou: Mark of the Wolves
May 27 Hajime Mizuki Tennis no Oujisama (The Prince of Tennis)
May 27 1987 Ken Taiga Ryu Doruku Mai Kamishiro Yui Kamishiro Jyushin Rygar
May 27 Kuroko Samurai Shodown/Samurai Spirits
May 27 Maki Kawasaki Burn-Up Excess
May 27 2013 Priss Asagiri Bubble Gum Crisis
May 28 Aizen Bleach
May 28 Chiharu Mihara Card Captor Sakura
May 28 Katsuya Kimura Jigoku Sensei Nuube
May 28 Maxim Feller E’S
May 28 Miki Kaoru Kozue Kaoru Utena [Revolutionary Girl]
May 28 1970 Nasuti Yagyu (RW name: Mia) Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (Ronin Warriors)
May 28 Rokumon Hanawa Toukyou Juushouden
May 29 No birthdays 😦
May 30 1775 Cham Cham Samurai Shodown/Samurai Spirits
May 30 Gemini Saga Saint Seiya
May 30 Kane Blueriver Lost Universe
May 30 Rote Starship GIrl Yamamoto Yohko
May 30 Sea Dragon Kanon Saint Seiya
May 30 1979 Taiki Kou/Sailor Star Maker Sailor Moon
May 31 1875 Nadia Fushigi no Umi no Nadia
May 31 Ruruko Himegi Raijin-Oh [Zettai Muteki]
May 31 2010 Sylia Stingray Bubble Gum Crisis
May 31 Takako Takahata Mizuiro Jidai
June 1 1998 Haruka Yoshino Gun Parade March
June 1 Marcus Finley Starship GIrl Yamamoto Yohko
June 1 Mel Raison Sakura Taisen 3
June 1 Midori Karasuma I-Doll
June 1 Ran Hibiki Rival Schools 2
June 1 Takashi Yamazaki Card Captor Sakura
June 1 1991 Villetta Nu Code Geass
June 1 Yohko Mano Mamono Hunter Yohko
June 1 1984 Youhei Takigawa Gun Parade March
June 1 1956 Zangief Street Fighter 2
June 2 No birthdays 😦
June 3 Ginga Souba Time Stranger Kyoko
June 3 Ryudia Frierd Louise Marnias III Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
June 3 Sadaharu Inui Tennis no Oujisama (The Prince of Tennis)
June 3 Yuu Matsuura Marmalade Boy
June 4 Maina Yasuda Sotsugyou Vacation
June 4 Seiji Takasugi Da Garn
June 4 Touga Kiryuu Utena [Revolutionary Girl]
June 4 Yuugi Mutou Yu-Gi-Oh
June 4 Zephel Angelique
June 5 Minami Nanba Hanazakari no Kimitachi E
June 5 1986 Tamami Konno Tokimeki Memorial: Girls’ Side
June 6 1979 Ayanojou Aburatsubo Mahou Tsukaitai
June 6 1976 Benimaru Nikaido Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
June 6 Claire Majoram Mitsumete Knight
June 6 Grace Hanaukyou Maid Team
June 6 2002 Henri Claytor Cyber Formula [Future GPX]
June 6 Jou Toudou eX-D
June 6 1971 Kage-Maru Virtua Fighter
June 6 Kanako Mita Princess Nine
June 6 Minazuki Rokumatsui Happy Lesson
June 6 1990 Nichrom Patch Shaman King
June 6 Roza Aphrodia Baldios
June 6 2024 Sally Ford Macross 7
June 6 Satan Aoi Sakura Taisen
June 6 Shiki Samurai Shodown/Samurai Spirits
June 6 2001 Shinji Ikari Evangelion [Neon Genesis]
June 6 Shuu Hirose Lunar Pitris
June 6 Torahamu-kun and Torahamu-chan Tottoko Hamutarou
June 6 1997 Tsubame Ootorii Akihabara Dennou-Gumi
June 6 Tsutomu Kojima Raijin-Oh [Zettai Muteki]
June 7 39 FC Chibodee Crocket Mobile Fighter G Gundam
June 7 Kikunosuke Shiratori Gizoku
June 7 Kyoko Minazuki Rival Schools 2
June 7 Mai Nanase I-Doll
June 7 Sanae Yajima Hanaukyou Maid Team
June 8 Chitose Aizawa Tokimeki Memorial 3
June 8 Mitsurugi Soul Calibur
June 8 1967 Shinobu Fujiwara Dancougar
June 8 1551 Shuten Doji / Toshitada Koma (RW name: Anubis) Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (Ronin Warriors)
June 9 Arnold Neumann Gundam SEED [Mobile Suit]
June 9 1760 Genjuro Kibagami Samurai Shodown/Samurai Spirits
June 9 Hikaru Kaoru Ouran High School Host Club
June 9 Itachi Uchiha Naruto
June 9 Koutarou Onodera (OnoD) Full Metal Panic!
June 9 2283 Mari Teshigawara Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
June 9 Mondo Agake Gundam ZZ
June 9 Nozomi Toujou Love Live!
June 9 1973 Seiji Date (RW name: Sage) Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (Ronin Warriors)
June 9 Taiga Okajima Assassination Classroom
June 10 4981 Jessie Galtland Battle Athletes Daiundokai
June 10 Kyoko Suomi (Time Stranger) and Ui Suomi Time Stranger Kyoko
June 10 Meia Gisborn Vandread
June 10 2054 Ruchina Preshette Vifam
June 10 Timmet and Blanda Jura Tripper
June 11 Kurenai Yuuhi Naruto
June 11 Tachibana no Tomomasa Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de
June 12 Aya Hasebe Comic Party
June 12 Chief Konoe Yami no Matsuei
June 12 Justice Kimura Assassination Classroom
June 12 Keima Sagami Dream Saga
June 12 Kinuta Dosu Naruto
June 12 Mizuho Yuki Kakyuusei
June 12 Shin Sawamura Dagwon [Brave Command]
June 12 1973 Yasha-Oh Gai Shurato
June 13 “Hell” Mishima All-Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku Nuku
June 13 Elice Willamette GEAR Senshi Dendou
June 13 Hypnos Saint Seiya
June 13 1992 Jinpei/Swallow Jinpei Gatchaman
June 13 1988 Kim Dong Hwan Garou: Mark of the Wolves
June 13 Strago Magus Final Fantasy VI (III in the US)
June 13 Thanatos Saint Seiya
June 13 Yukari Koshiki Tokimeki Memorial
June 14 Eriko Tachibana Mama is a Fourth Grader
June 15 Aki Tekkaman Blade
June 15 Hiroshi Mitarai PitaTen
June 15 Megu Kataoka Assassination Classroom
June 15 Ruri Hisaishi E’S
June 15 1973 Ryu Hayabusa Dead or Alive
June 16 Houshou Saionji Daa! Daa! Daa!
June 16 1984 Naoko Itou Gate Keepers 21
June 16 Nokoru Imonoyama Clamp Campus Detectives
June 16 Sagitta Tramy Saint Seiya
June 17 Golem Rock Saint Seiya
June 17 1984 Ryouji Kaji Evangelion [Neon Genesis]
June 17 1988 Tamao Tamamura Shaman King
June 18 1837 Juzo Kanzaki The Last Blade
June 18 1986 Modoka Kijou Tokimeki Memorial: Girls’ Side
June 18 Yoshiyuki Kojima Chobits
June 19 Asahi Sakurai Comic Party
June 19 Kei Hand Maid May
June 19 1903 Maria Tachibana Sakura Taisen
June 19 Misty Cornwell Vandread
June 20 Jun Kagurazaka Pia Carrot 2
June 20 Kenshin Himura Rurouni Kenshin
June 20 1984 Natsuki Kariya Gun Parade March
June 20 Yukiko Kawai Pia Carrot
June 20 Yumi Oumura Chobits
June 21 Asuka Hoshino Sentimental Graffiti
June 21 Hikaru Matsuyama Captain Tsubasa
June 21 Kaitou Kid (Kaito Kurobane) Meitantei Conan
June 21 Lulu the Frog Angel Tales (Otogi Story Tenshi no Shippo)
June 21 Yotsuba Sister Princess
June 21 Yuuta Fukui Hikaru no Go
June 22 1974 Kenichi Gou (dubbed name: Steve Armstrong) Voltes V
June 23 Jun Misugi Captain Tsubasa
June 23 Kozue Nishino Full Metal Panic!
June 23 Zena Leon Starship GIrl Yamamoto Yohko
June 24 Cancer Deathmark Saint Seiya
June 24 Kokono Kifu Toukyou Juushouden
June 24 Rika Sasaki Card Captor Sakura
June 24 1991 Rock Howard Garou: Mark of the Wolves
June 24 1976 Tadao Yokoshima Ghost Sweeper Mikami
June 25 Arisu Fujisaki Angelic Layer
June 25 Asuka Tokugawa E’S
June 25 Berniner Starship GIrl Yamamoto Yohko
June 25 Hikari Hinomoto Tokimeki Memorial 2
June 25 Sanae Makieda (Cherry Pai) Suchie Pai Adventure
June 26 462 RC Annerose von Gruenwald Legend of Galactic Heroes
June 26 1974 Chizuru Kagura Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
June 26 Elf Miles Saint Seiya
June 26 Kukuru Lil White Arc the Lad
June 26 2008 Nami Yamigumo Silent Mobius
June 26 Shiira Etou Tokimeki Tonight
June 26 Spike Spiegel Cowboy Bebop
June 27 Alexei Saint Seiya
June 27 Clarinet (Clari) The Violinist of Hameln
June 27 Miyuri Sakai Suchie Pai Adventure
June 28 Minamoto no Motomi Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de 2
June 28 Tamahome Fushigi Yuugi
June 29 1963 Eliza Faust Shaman King
June 29 Tsukasa Enomoto Pia Carrot 2
June 30 Chibi Usa Sailor Moon
June 30 Haruka Nanase Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
June 30 1979 Jun Yamano (RW name: Yulie) Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (Ronin Warriors)
June 30 4980 Lahrri Feldnunt Battle Athletes Daiundokai
June 30 Merle Escaflowne [Vision of]
June 30 1978 Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon Sailor Moon
July 1 Asuza Hinomori Pia Carrot 2
July 1 Masaya Sakurai Tennis no Oujisama (The Prince of Tennis)
July 1 Tokie Sakurai Raijin-Oh [Zettai Muteki]
July 2 Chara Soon Gundam ZZ
July 2 1972 Izumi Shimamura Mama is a Fourth Grader
July 2 Makoto Kagurazaka Hanazakari no Kimitachi E
July 2 Reiko Ikeda Raijin-Oh [Zettai Muteki]
July 2 1955 Sagat Street Fighter 2
July 2 1986 Sakuya Morimura Tokimeki Memorial: Girls’ Side
July 2 1919 Youmei Asakura Shaman King
July 3 Edward Meine Liebe [Tanbi Musou]
July 3 Michio Shirakawa Hikaru no Go
July 3 Nami One Piece
July 3 Neji Hyuga Naruto
July 3 Seiri Mimori Saint Tail
July 4 Arisa All-Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku Nuku
July 4 Aya (Ran) Fujimiya Weiss Kreuz
July 4 Baki Naruto
July 4 Jackie Tonomura Gundam SEED [Mobile Suit]
July 4 Kurumi the Hamster Angel Tales (Otogi Story Tenshi no Shippo)
July 4 1961 Mr. Big Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
July 4 1973 Sarah Bryant Virtua Fighter
July 4 1973 Setsuko Honda Gun Parade March
July 4 Shima Renzou Ao No Exorcist
July 5 1913 Iris Chateaubriant Sakura Taisen
July 5 Yuko Sakuramachi To the North – White Illumination
July 6 Eisen Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de
July 6 Garuda Aiakos Saint Seiya
July 6 Kiros Seagul Final Fantasy VIII
July 6 1774 Rimururu Samurai Shodown/Samurai Spirits
July 6 Suguru Fujisaki Gravitation
July 6 Tsuchi Kin Naruto
July 7 Dayan Wachifield
July 7 Ella Quinstein Baldios
July 7 Fumizuki Nanakorobi Happy Lesson
July 7 Hal Glory Rave
July 7 Hishou Washizaki Reideen
July 7 Hokuto Kusanagi GEAR Senshi Dendou
July 7 6974 Justy Ueki Tylor Irresponsible Captain Tylor
July 7 2001 Karl Lichter Von Randoll Cyber Formula [Future GPX]
July 7 Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru Naruto
July 7 Killua Zoldyck Hunter X Hunter
July 7 7195 Kiriko Kyuubi Votoms
July 7 Miki Kouzuki Daa! Daa! Daa!
July 7 Mokuba Kaiba Yu-Gi-Oh
July 7 1967 Sara Yuki Dancougar
July 7 1907 Soletta Orihime Sakura Taisen
July 7 Souichi Sugano eX-D
July 7 1997 Suzume Sakurajosui Akihabara Dennou-Gumi
July 7 Yuina Himoo Tokimeki Memorial
July 7 Yukari Tachibana Pia Carrot
July 7 1982 Yuri Tanima Wedding Peach
July 8 Ezra Vieil Vandread
July 8 Leo Christophe Final Fantasy VI (III in the US)
July 8 Miyuki Iijima Kakyuusei
July 8 2000 Shirley Fenette Code Geass
July 9 Himeno (Princess Pretear) Pretear
July 9 2050 Kentsu Norton Vifam
July 9 Rinrin Sister Princess
July 9 Shou Nakamoto Sotsugyou M
July 10 Keroppi Hasunoue Sanrio characters
July 10 Kiyomi Kitagawa Pia Carrot
July 10 2000 Makoto Souda Captain Tsubasa
July 10 Mitsuru Tsuwabuki Utena [Revolutionary Girl]
July 10 Musca Dio Saint Seiya
July 10 Ribbon-chan Tottoko Hamutarou
July 10 Sazaku Kurrgi Code Geass
July 10 2000 Suzaku Kururugi Code Geass
July 11 1991 Maya Ibuki Evangelion [Neon Genesis]
July 11 Shinji Noe Hanazakari no Kimitachi E
July 11 Wendy/Princess Jura Tripper
July 12 Kiminobu Kogure Slam Dunk
July 12 Linda Zakroid Mitsumete Knight
July 12 Luva Angelique
July 12 Rinka Hayami Assassination Classroom
July 12 1996 Shinsuke Maki Cyber Formula [Future GPX]
July 13 Black Pegasus Saint Seiya
July 13 1975 Chrome Shaman King
July 13 Gema Di-Gi-Charat
July 13 Hiroshi Takamori Raijin-Oh [Zettai Muteki]
July 13 Li Shaolan Card Captor Sakura
July 14 Flute The Violinist of Hameln
July 14 Nina Mercury Lost Universe
July 14 1169 Yukino Houjou Gate Keepers
July 15 Ichigo Kurosaki Bleach
July 15 Izuku Midoriya Boku no Hero Academia
July 16 Domu Shinjo Dome-kun
July 16 Kyoko Tokiwa Full Metal Panic!
July 16 1986 Mizuki Sudou Tokimeki Memorial: Girls’ Side
July 16 2283 Reimi Huan Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
July 16 Selfie Tilmitt Final Fantasy VIII
July 16 1952 Shun Ukiya Gate Keepers
July 17 Genma Shiranui Naruto
July 17 Shouko Tsujitana Card Captor Sakura
July 18 2284 Himeko Ayakawa Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
July 18 Homura Akai Tokimeki Memorial 2
July 18 Tsuyoshi Sasaki Kodomo no Omocha
July 18 Yoshiyuki Terada Card Captor Sakura
July 19 Pat Campbell Mugen no Ryvius (Infinite Ryvius)
July 20 Basilisk Sylphid Saint Seiya
July 20 Emiru Nagakura Sentimental Graffiti
July 20 Futaba Kaihara All-Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku Nuku
July 20 1956 Goenitz Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
July 20 Hiroyasu Ueda Chobits
July 20 Izumi Totsuka Sotsugyou Vacation
July 20 Nagare Namikawa Rival Schools 2
July 20 Nagisa Shiota Assassination Classroom
July 20 Ogawa eX-D
July 20 2000 Rivalz Cardemonde Code Geass
July 20 Ssigh Argyle Gundam SEED [Mobile Suit]
July 20 Wolf Nachi Saint Seiya
July 21 Inspector Haga (Dub name: Weevil Underwood) Yu-Gi-Oh
July 21 1770 Kazuki Kazama Samurai Shodown/Samurai Spirits
July 21 Kotetsu Hagane Naruto
July 21 Meisuke Nueno a.k.a. Nuube Jigoku Sensei Nuube
July 21 Rouge Starship GIrl Yamamoto Yohko
July 21 1964 Ryu Street Fighter 2
July 21 Sakataki Jin (Crystal Stranger) Time Stranger Kyoko
July 21 1959 Thunder Hawk Street Fighter 2
July 21 104 Vash the Stampede Trigun
July 22 Nico Yazawa Love Live!
July 23 Ikumi Tachikawa Comic Party
July 23 Mika Katou Sotsugyou Vacation
July 23 2283 Rui Maria Marcie Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
July 23 Sasuke Uchiha Naruto
July 23 Takeshi Momoshiro Tennis no Oujisama (The Prince of Tennis)
July 24 43 FC Allenby Biazury Mobile Fighter G Gundam
July 24 39 FC Domon Kasshu Mobile Fighter G Gundam
July 24 En Daidoji Dagwon [Brave Command]
July 24 Hexa Peach Sabbath
July 24 1999 Milly Ashford Code Geass
July 25 1759 Earthquake Samurai Shodown/Samurai Spirits
July 25 Miho Hoshino Comic Party
July 25 Shuro Tsukasa Ayashi no Ceres
July 25 Yoko Shimorenjaku Aozora Shoujotai (801 TTS Airbats)
July 25 Yuma Fukiya Yami no Matsuei
July 26 1967 Jhun Hoon Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
July 27 Corvus Jamian Saint Seiya
July 27 Ranze Makabe Tokimeki Tonight
July 27 Recca Hanabishi Recca [Flame of]
July 28 Chitose Fujinomiya Kingyo Chuuihou
July 28 Hiroshi Tateno Jigoku Sensei Nuube
July 28 Maria E’S
July 28 1905 Sakura Shinguji Sakura Taisen
July 28 Takako Shimizu Chobits
July 28 Tsubasa Ouzora Captain Tsubasa
July 28 Walter von Schenkopp Legend of Galactic Heroes
July 29 1984 Ayane Isuzu Gate Keepers 21
July 29 Kouyou Touya (Touya Meijin) Hikaru no Go
July 29 Kozue Satonaka To the North – White Illumination
July 29 Sayuri Kawamoto Suchie Pai Adventure
July 30 Bowman Delgado Rival Schools 2
July 30 Doremi Harukaze Ojamajo Doremi
July 30 Keiko Kuroha Tonde Buurin
July 30 1979 Seiya Kou/Sailor Star Fighter Sailor Moon
July 31 1899 Ayame Fujieda Sakura Taisen
July 31 Hajime Terazuma Yami no Matsuei
July 31 Isato Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de 2
July 31 1953 Kaoru Konoe Gate Keepers
July 31 Ryota Miyagi Slam Dunk
August 1 Hanna Shawski Mitsumete Knight
August 1 2006 Katsumi Liqueur Silent Mobius
August 1 Mayu Yumeji Comic Party
August 1 Nagisa Hazuki Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
August 1 Toka Yada Assassination Classroom
August 1 Yuusuke Katou Sotsugyou M
August 2 Fuuko Kirisawa Recca [Flame of]
August 2 Mitsuru Sano Captain Tsubasa
August 2 1973 Ryo Sakazaki Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
August 2 Whale Moses Saint Seiya
August 2 4961 Yumika Karashima Battle Athletes Daiundokai
August 3 Di-pu Niobe Saint Seiya
August 3 1974 Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask Sailor Moon
August 3 Raita Hokuto Baldios
August 4 Asami Ryūichi Finder
August 4 Chisato Yachizumi Starship GIrl Yamamoto Yohko
August 4 2070 Kein Wakaba Dragonar
August 4 1985 Yuumi Araigi? Isami Niigi?? Gun Parade March
August 5 Ayane Dead or Alive 2
August 5 Dias Flack Star Ocean EX
August 5 Izumi Himuro Princess Nine
August 5 Katorea Glory Rave
August 5 Noriko Ukai Gravitation
August 5 Ririn Saiyuuki [Gensou Maden]
August 6 Fariina Nanao Toukyou Juushouden
August 6 Hamutarou and Kaburu-kun Tottoko Hamutarou
August 6 1749 Hanma Yagyu Samurai Shodown/Samurai Spirits
August 6 Yuka Tsukishiro Comic Party
August 7 4982 Anna Respighi Battle Athletes Daiundokai
August 7 Huang Pu Lin/Mew Purin Tokyo Mew Mew
August 7 Izumo Miyauchi (“Denshin” OAVs) Mamotte Shugogetten!
August 8 2369 Champion Zillion
August 8 Chigusa Ogawa Mamono Hunter Yohko
August 8 Dilandau Albatou Escaflowne [Vision of]
August 8 1993 Edelhi Bootsvorz Cyber Formula [Future GPX]
August 8 Hajime Taki Captain Tsubasa
August 8 Hazuki Yazakura Happy Lesson
August 8 Hikaru Shido Magic Knights Rayearth
August 8 Hwang Soul Calibur
August 8 Jango Saint Seiya
August 8 Nanami Kiryuu Utena [Revolutionary Girl]
August 8 Onohiko Ohta? Sakura Taisen 2
August 8 1964 Ryuji Yamazaki Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
August 8 Shura Kirigakure (aka Yamada) Ao No Exorcist
August 8 Sumire Ryuzaki Tennis no Oujisama (The Prince of Tennis)
August 8 2083 Sylvia Kakihana Gundress
August 8 1974 Tadataka Zengyou Gun Parade March
August 8 1752 Taizan Morozumi Samurai Shodown/Samurai Spirits
August 8 Yuuhi Aogiri Ayashi no Ceres
August 8 Yzak Jule Gundam SEED [Mobile Suit]
August 9 Ocarina The Violinist of Hameln
August 9 1994 Osamu Sugo/ Knight Shoemach Cyber Formula [Future GPX]
August 9 2035 Sally Yoshinaga Might Gaine
August 10 Black Dragon Saint Seiya
August 10 Brian/Kashira/Boss Jura Tripper
August 10 Chrysaor Krishna Saint Seiya
August 10 Kazumi Bakuretsuzan Tokimeki Memorial 2
August 10 Kei Katsuragi Orguss
August 10 Masaru Kaneda Jigoku Sensei Nuube
August 10 1969 Masato Dancougar
August 10 Midori Saejima Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai
August 11 Guitar The Violinist of Hameln
August 11 2044 Roddy Shuffle Vifam
August 11 Ryoko Kano Kakyuusei
August 12 Bandit Keith Howard Yu-Gi-Oh
August 12 Daiki Asuka (Jr.) Saint Tail
August 12 Mito Renjou So Bad!
August 12 Natsumi Tsujimoto Taiho Shichau Zo! (You’re Under Arrest!)
August 12 Shouji Toukairin Taiho Shichau Zo! (You’re Under Arrest!)
August 12 Shouko Asami Angelic Layer
August 12 Tamami the Cat Angel Tales (Otogi Story Tenshi no Shippo)
August 12 Tosh Vaia Monji Arc the Lad
August 12 Yoshitaka Waya Hikaru no Go
August 13 Cocoa Lamune & 40
August 13 1986 Daisuke Akane Gun Parade March
August 13 Kyoko Yukino So Bad!
August 13 1383 Mosuke Shaman King
August 13 1948 Raido Dead or Alive
August 14 Faye Valentine Cowboy Bebop
August 14 Hiroshi Nakano Gravitation
August 14 Mari Oda Tokimeki Memorial 3
August 15 1909 Erika Fontine Sakura Taisen 3
August 15 Hayato Nekketsu Rival Schools 2
August 15 Herakles Argeti Saint Seiya
August 15 Hinako Sister Princess
August 15 Kazuhiro? Yamaguchi Sakura Taisen 2
August 15 Kippei Tachibana Tennis no Oujisama (The Prince of Tennis)
August 15 Phoenix Ikki Saint Seiya
August 15 1973 Ryo Sanada Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (Ronin Warriors)
August 15 1927 Shirei Choukan Gate Keepers
August 15 Tadaomi Karasuma Assassination Classroom
August 15 Takuto Izumi Zetsuai/Bronze
August 15 Zabuza Momochi Naruto
August 16 1974 Andy Bogard Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
August 16 Edgar Rani Figaro Final Fantasy VI (III in the US)
August 16 Julius Angelique
August 16 Mia Toukairin Full Metal Panic!
August 16 1968 Micky Rodgers Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
August 16 Rio Kinezono Burn-Up Excess
August 16 Sabin Rene Figaro Final Fantasy VI (III in the US)
August 17 Angela Charon Brooks Someday’s Dreamer
August 17 Kojirou Hyuga Captain Tsubasa
August 17 Pal Pu Ran Idol Project
August 18 Anzu Mazaki (Dub name: Tea Gardner) Yu-Gi-Oh
August 18 1986 Chiharu Aoki Tokimeki Memorial: Girls’ Side
August 18 1993 Hatoko Daikanyama Akihabara Dennou-Gumi
August 18 Inori Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de
August 18 Leo Aioria Saint Seiya
August 19 Aiko Shimada Raijin-Oh [Zettai Muteki]
August 19 Cloud Strife Final Fantasy VII
August 19 75 UC Kikka Kitamoto Gundam [Mobile Suit]
August 19 Koji Yotsuya Tokimeki Memorial 2
August 19 Lymnades Kaysa Saint Seiya
August 19 1761 Neinhalt Sieger Samurai Shodown/Samurai Spirits
August 19 Taisei Yoshida Assassination Classroom
August 19 Yuuya Noda Miracle Girls
August 20 Futaba Anzai Tokimeki Tonight
August 20 Ikazuchi Takagi Reideen
August 20 1993 Leona Ozaki Dominion Tank Police
August 20 Pyunma/ Cyborg 008 Cyborg 009
August 20 Shion Suzukaze Idol Project
August 20 Shuuichi Nakatsu Hanazakari no Kimitachi E
August 21 1992 Akira Hiyoshi Cyber Formula [Future GPX]
August 21 Auriga Capella Saint Seiya
August 21 Mr. K Gravitation
August 21 2009 Shino Asada (aka Sinon) Sword Art Online
August 21 Wilhelmine Meine Liebe [Tanbi Musou]
August 21 4982 Wong Rin Fa Battle Athletes Daiundokai
August 22 Drum The Violinist of Hameln
August 22 Goh (Knight of Fire) Pretear
August 22 Hiroshi Naganuma Mizuiro Jidai
August 22 Rurika Yamamoto Sentimental Graffiti
August 23 Arc Eda Ricolne Arc the Lad
August 23 Cindy Sakurai Sotsugyou Vacation
August 23 Rei Ijuin Tokimeki Memorial
August 23 Ryoko Tenchi Muyo!
August 23 Squall Leonheart Final Fantasy VIII
August 23 Temari Naruto
Aigust 23 Tomohito Sugino Assassination Classroom
August 24 Arisa Mitaka Aozora Shoujotai (801 TTS Airbats)
August 24 2034 Maito Senpuuji Might Gaine
August 24 Opera Vector Star Ocean EX
August 24 Rio Nakamura Assassination Classroom
August 25 Esmeralda Saint Seiya
August 25 Kuzui Buskirk Gundam SEED [Mobile Suit]
August 25 Kyouichi Saionji Utena [Revolutionary Girl]
August 25 1958 Ralf Jones Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
August 25 Takuya Muramatsu Assassination Classroom
August 25 Voldo Soul Calibur
August 25 6975 Yuriko Star Irresponsible Captain Tylor
August 26 Akira Kamio Tennis no Oujisama (The Prince of Tennis)
August 26 Amiboshi and Suboshi Fushigi Yuugi
August 26 Megumi Tennouji Hanazakari no Kimitachi E
August 26 Noriko Nakajima Jigoku Sensei Nuube
August 27 Bega/Orie Kusanagi GEAR Senshi Dendou
August 27 2280 Mai Tokudaiji Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
August 27 Masaharu Ogata Angelic Layer
August 27 2000 Nina Einstein Code Geass
August 27 Yuuki Aiba Mugen no Ryvius (Infinite Ryvius)
August 28 1970 Jacky Bryant Virtua Fighter
August 28 Kaori Aihara (“Denshin” OAVs) Mamotte Shugogetten!
August 28 Kou Kagura Lunar Pitris
August 28 Mephisto Pheles Ao No Exorcist
August 28 Raido Namiashi Naruto
August 28 Yukie Kimura Card Captor Sakura
August 29 Shuda Rave
August 30 2283 Miki Shiratori Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
August 30 Troll Ivan Saint Seiya
August 30 Usada Hikaru (Rabi-en-Rose) Di-Gi-Charat
August 30 Wolfgang Mittermeyer Legend of Galactic Heroes
August 31 Ernest Raviede Star Ocean EX
August 31 Jura Basil Elden Vandread
August 31 1979 Konno Mitsune Love Hina
August 31 Miruku (Rumi) Kinoshita Pia Carrot 2
August 31 Miruku (Rumi) Kinoshita Pia Carrot
August 31 2014 Nene Romanova Bubble Gum Crisis
August 31 Yuilii Habana Mugen no Ryvius (Infinite Ryvius)
September 1 Anateru Shaman King
September 1 Dita Liebely Vandread
September 1 Faina S. Shinozaki Mugen no Ryvius (Infinite Ryvius)
September 1 1951 Heidern Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
September 1 Kenichi Nakano Platonic Chain
September 1 Koharu Utatane Naruto
September 1 Konoye Tsurugi Hanaukyou Maid Team
September 1 1988 Nagisa Chiba Code Geass
September 1 Saori Kido/Athena Saint Seiya
September 1 1973 Shu Rei Fan (RW name: Kento) Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (Ronin Warriors)
September 2 Christine Hanakomachi Daa! Daa! Daa!
September 2 Minema Zabi Zeta Gundam
September 2 Mineva Lao Zabi Gundam ZZ
September 2 Ryou Bakura Yu-Gi-Oh
September 2 Sayuri Metal Jack
September 3 Daisuke Satou Raijin-Oh [Zettai Muteki]
September 3 Gordon/Shachou/President Jura Tripper
September 3 Hideki Motosuwa Chobits
September 3 Kotori Haruno To the North – White Illumination
September 3 Maria Rubran Yadamon
September 3 1984 Matsuri Katou Gun Parade March
September 3 Mei Hand Maid May
September 3 Miyuki Haneda Aozora Shoujotai (801 TTS Airbats)
September 3 Pandora Saint Seiya
September 3 Shia PitaTen
September 3 Tomoyo Daidouji Card Captor Sakura
September 4 1755 Feruzen Rose of Versailles
September 4 Koutarou Kobayashi Angelic Layer
September 4 1968 M. Bison (USA: Balrog) Street Fighter 2
September 4 1968 Marco Rodriguez Garou: Mark of the Wolves
September 4 2283 Shiori Junguuji Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
September 4 1987 Wataru Hibiya Tokimeki Memorial: Girls’ Side
September 4 Yuki (Yukifumi Toudou) Kaikan Phrase
September 5 Hanji Zoe Attack on Titan
September 5 1763 Haohmaru Samurai Shodown/Samurai Spirits
September 5 1986 Manta Oyamada Shaman King
September 5 Megumi Mikihara Tokimeki Memorial
September 5 Mimu Emilton Idol Project
September 5 Suzumi Aogiri Ayashi no Ceres
September 6 Masako Kaneko Hikaru no Go
September 6 Takumi Sasaki Tokimeki Memorial 2
September 6 Zakuro Fujiwara/Mew Zakuro Tokyo Mew Mew
September 6 1743 Zankuro Minazuki Samurai Shodown/Samurai Spirits
September 7 1903 Kanna Kirishima Sakura Taisen
September 7 Natsumi Mizuki Mama is a Fourth Grader
September 7 Nene Mouri Princess Nine
September 8 Hizuki Jin (Ice Stranger) Time Stranger Kyoko
September 8 Lieza Flora Meruno Arc the Lad
September 8 Nobunaga Hazama Hunter X Hunter
September 9 Abe no Yasutsugu Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de 2
September 9 Aira Makabe Tokimeki Tonight
September 9 Andromeda Shun Saint Seiya
September 9 Dia Angelique
September 9 Gale Glory and King Rave
September 9 Hades Saint Seiya
September 9 Masao Himejima Hanazakari no Kimitachi E
September 9 Pop Harukaze Ojamajo Doremi
September 9 Relm Arrowny Final Fantasy VI (III in the US)
November 9 1993 Sayoko Shinozaki Code Geass
September 9 Umaro Final Fantasy VI (III in the US)
September 10 Akane Ichimonji Tokimeki Memorial 2
September 10 1978 Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury Sailor Moon
September 10 Fuu Kamiya and Mumu Kamiya Tokimeki Tonight
September 10 Lesley Lopicana Mitsumete Knight
September 10 Madoka Midou Starship GIrl Yamamoto Yohko
September 10 Rumi Sasaki Suchie Pai Adventure
September 10 Siren Sorrento Saint Seiya
September 10 2010 Yuki Saiko Silent Mobius
September 11 C-ko Kotobuki Project A-ko
September 11 Peyote Shaman King
September 11 Yukiko Makihara Tokimeki Memorial 3
September 12 Kaoru Hidaka Tonde Buurin
September 12 2001 Kensuke Aida Evangelion [Neon Genesis]
September 12 1972 Rika Sawaguchi Norakurokun
September 12 62 UC Sayla Masu Gundam [Mobile Suit]
September 13 33 FC Argo Gulskii Mobile Fighter G Gundam
September 13 Harue Yamana Pia Carrot 2
September 13 2000 Kaworu Nagisa Evangelion [Neon Genesis]
September 13 Kirara Haruno Raijin-Oh [Zettai Muteki]
September 14 Abe no Yasuaki Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de
September 14 Abumi Zaku Naruto
September 14 1846 Kaede The Last Blade
September 15 Akio Ootori Utena [Revolutionary Girl]
September 15 Daigo Kazama Rival Schools 2
September 15 Eiichi Ikenami All-Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku Nuku
September 15 Kakashi Hatake Naruto
September 15 Mika the Rabbit Angel Tales (Otogi Story Tenshi no Shippo)
September 15 1980 Umihiko Wataru
September 15 2299 Yuri Cube Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
September 16 Cross/Otaku/Nerd Jura Tripper
September 16 Muffler-chan Tottoko Hamutarou
September 16 1971 Silva Patch Shaman King
September 16 Wakana Ayasaki Sentimental Graffiti
September 17 1597 Athos Three Musketeers
September 17 1979 Nanaka Nakatomi Mahou Tsukaitai
September 17 Romero Pal Gundam SEED [Mobile Suit]
September 17 Roux Ruka Gundam ZZ
September 17 Saya Torii Yami no Matsuei
September 18 Celine Juless Star Ocean EX
September 18 Chipple Tokimeki Tonight
September 18 Kevin Shaman King
September 18 Lycaon Phlogyas Saint Seiya
September 18 Shizuka Nakamoto Sotsugyou Vacation
September 19 Alberto Heinrich/ Cyborg 004 Cyborg 009
September 19 Iori Mizuhoshi Full Metal Panic!
September 19 1984 Keigo Toosaka Gun Parade March
September 19 Luplum Starship GIrl Yamamoto Yohko
September 19 1990 Miyama Zoshigaya/Death Crow Akihabara Dennou-Gumi
September 19 Sakano Gravitation
September 19 Virgo Shaka Saint Seiya
September 20 1953 Francine Allumage Gate Keepers
September 20 Hikaru Shindou Hikaru no Go
September 20 1955 Kaoru Matsunuma Karuizawa Syndrome
September 20 Ryuuji Suguro (aka Bon) Ao No Exorcist
September 20 Shiho Katagiri Suchie Pai Adventure
September 20 Timka Angelique
September 20 1764 Ukyo Tachibana Samurai Shodown/Samurai Spirits
September 21 Aeka Tenchi Muyo!
September 21 Cho Hakkai Saiyuuki [Gensou Maden]
September 21 Gascogne Rheingau Vandread
September 21 Taishou-kun Tottoko Hamutarou
September 21 Tetsuya Kajiwara Fushigi Yuugi
September 22 Madame Talevous Sakura Taisen 3
September 22 2004 Ryo Hibiki Borgman
September 22 Shikamaru Nara Naruto
September 23 Akiko Minase Kanon
September 23 1968 Akira Yuki Virtua Fighter
September 23 Camus Meine Liebe [Tanbi Musou]
September 23 HEVN Getbackers
September 23 Ino Yamanaka Naruto
September 23 Karen Sister Princess
September 23 1841 Moriya Minakata The Last Blade
September 23 Rei Sagami Kodomo no Omocha
September 23 1977 Sie Kensou Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
September 24 Aya & Aki Mikage Ayashi no Ceres
September 24 Chigusa Sanjouin (video game only) Utena [Revolutionary Girl]
September 24 Chitose Hibiya Chobits
September 24 Larz Ulu Meta Llicarna Bastard!
September 25 Akaya Kirihara Tennis no Oujisama (The Prince of Tennis)
September 25 Corvette Hyers Idol Project
September 25 1984 Miu Manazuru Gate Keepers 21
September 26 1850 Akari Ichijo The Last Blade
September 26 2045 Barts Lyan Vifam
September 26 Kojiro Murdock Gundam SEED [Mobile Suit]
September 26 Mika Tsutsumi Card Captor Sakura
September 27 1980 Brono Bucharati JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
September 27 59 UC Char Aznable Gundam [Mobile Suit]
September 27 1982 Hotaru Sakurakoji Da Garn
September 27 1920 Joseph Joestar JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
September 28 Alois Finley Starship GIrl Yamamoto Yohko
September 28 Ashton Anchors Star Ocean EX
September 28 Eri Kagurazaka Full Metal Panic!
September 28 Mayumi Tachibana Kakyuusei
September 28 Nagisa Azuya Clamp Campus Detectives
September 29 Kaoru Koganei Recca [Flame of]
September 29 1952 Megumi Kurogane Gate Keepers
September 29 Meimi Haneoka (Saint Tail) Saint Tail
September 29 Will/Snake Jura Tripper
September 30 2009 Asuna Yuuki Sword Art Online
September 30 Ayako Katagiri Tokimeki Memorial
September 30 Jingo Kazamatsuri Toukyou Juushouden
September 30 Kyoko Aoi Cyber Formula [Future GPX]
September 30 Reika Kokubo Pia Carrot
September 30 2070 Rose Patenton Dragonar
October 1 Belldandy Oh! My Goddess
October 1 1921 Goldva Shaman King
October 1 Katsumi Shibuya Zetsuai/Bronze
October 1 Laurence Laurent Sakura Taisen 3
October 1 Oboe The Violinist of Hameln
October 1 Rusie Ren Ren Bastard!
October 2 Chocolab Shaman King
October 2 1940 Lau Chan Virtua Fighter
October 2 Minky Momo Minky Momo
October 2 4980 Mylandah Arkar Walder Battle Athletes Daiundokai
October 2 Ritsuko Takahashi Jigoku Sensei Nuube
October 3 1980 Akane Aikawa Mahou Tsukaitai
October 3 1974 Berg Katse Gatchaman
October 3 1952 Choutarou Banba Gate Keepers
October 3 Minto Aizawa/Mew Mint Tokyo Mew Mew
October 3 39 FC Rain Mikamura Mobile Fighter G Gundam
October 3 Raizo Imawano Rival Schools 2
October 3 Reiko Takagi Sotsugyou Vacation
October 4 1984 Atsushi Hayami Gun Parade March
October 4 Barnette Orangello Vandread
October 4 Black Andromeda Saint Seiya
October 4 Dragon Shiryu Saint Seiya
October 4 Keigo Atobe Tennis no Oujisama (The Prince of Tennis)
October 4 2010 Keiko Ayano (aka Lisbeth) Sword Art Online
October 4 2005 Kiddy Phenil Silent Mobius
October 4 Quistis Trepe Final Fantasy VIII
October 4 Sugoroku Mutou (Dub name: Grandpa) Yu-Gi-Oh
October 5 1827 Shigen Naoe The Last Blade
October 6 Keiko Sonoda Utena [Revolutionary Girl]
October 6 Masao and Kazuo Tachibana Captain Tsubasa
October 7 Akane the Fox Angel Tales (Otogi Story Tenshi no Shippo)
October 7 1994 Hokutomaru Garou: Mark of the Wolves
October 7 Issei Tsubaki Full Metal Panic!
October 7 Kirigaya Kazuto (Kirito) Sword Art Online
October 7 Kunimitsu Tezuka Tennis no Oujisama (The Prince of Tennis)
October 8 Kagami Mikage Ayashi no Ceres
October 8 Nanvel Candlestick Burn-Up Excess
October 8 Pegasus J. Crawford (Dub name: Maximillian Pegasus) Yu-Gi-Oh
October 8 Yoku Kazamatsuri Dagwon [Brave Command]
October 9 Dyurahan Kiew Saint Seiya
October 9 Kasumi Asou and Kaoru Ichimonji Tokimeki Memorial 2
October 9 Minamoto no Yorihisa Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de
October 9 1549 Rajura / Jirogoro Kuroda (RW name: Dais) Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (Ronin Warriors)
October 9 Suzuka Kazami Comic Party
October 10 1965 Bayman Dead or Alive
October 10 1510 Christian Rosenkreuz Akihabara Dennou-Gumi
October 10 1914 Coquelicot Sakura Taisen 3
October 10 Hibiki Tokai Vandread
October 10 Irina Jelavic Assassination Classroom
October 10 Jitan Wachifield
October 10 Judo Ashita Gundam ZZ
October 10 1981 Jun Tao Shaman King
October 10 Lisa Sakakino eX-D
October 10 1993 Lynn Minmay Macross
October 10 Naruto Uzumaki Naruto
October 10 Noa Kurosawa Uru-Q (Ultra Cute)
October 10 Rintarou Shimazaki All-Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku Nuku
October 10 Ryoko Futaba Pia Carrot 2
October 10 Sakata Gintoki Gintama
October 10 Shingo Takasugi Captain Tsubasa
October 10 Shoma Sawamura Rival Schools 2
October 10 1973 Shura-Oh Shurato Shurato
October 10 1973 Touma Hashiba (RW name: Rowen) Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (Ronin Warriors)
October 10 Youko Tokashiki Princess Nine
October 11 Celtic Midori (Vandread Taidouhen only) Vandread
October 11 2000 Ephemia li Britannia Code Geass
October 11 Izumo Kamiki (aka Eyebrows) Ao No Exorcist
October 11 Lizard Misty Saint Seiya
October 11 Megane-kun Tottoko Hamutarou
October 11 1771 Nakoruru Samurai Shodown/Samurai Spirits
October 11 Naoko Yanagisawa Card Captor Sakura
October 12 Akito Hayama Kodomo no Omocha
October 12 Hotaru Izumi Tokimeki Memorial 3
October 12 Mikimaro Shimura Sotsugyou M
October 12 Minamoto no Yoritada Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de 2
October 12 Murrue Ramius Gundam SEED [Mobile Suit]
October 12 Stein Hager Mugen no Ryvius (Infinite Ryvius)
October 13 Mai Amano Suchie Pai Adventure
October 13 Nakuru Akizuki Card Captor Sakura
October 13 Sonomi Daidouji Card Captor Sakura
October 13 Tomo Fushigi Yuugi
October 13 Vincent Valentine Final Fantasy VII
October 14 Kaede Saitou Angelic Layer
October 14 Kyougo Sekime Hanazakari no Kimitachi E
October 15 Fira Drew Walensa Tokimeki Tonight
October 15 Isaac Meine Liebe [Tanbi Musou]
October 15 Shuuichi Shirato Jigoku Sensei Nuube
October 15 Yuuki Mitani Hikaru no Go
October 16 1986 Kei Hazuki Tokimeki Memorial: Girls’ Side
October 16 1863 Robert E. O. Speedwagon JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
October 16 Shin (Knight of Plants) Pretear
October 17 1610 D’Artagnan Three Musketeers
October 17 Hideaki Kurashige Miracle Girls
October 17 Yuko Asahina Tokimeki Memorial
October 18 Asuma Sarutobi Naruto
October 18 1980 Hisoka Kurosaki Yami no Matsuei
October 18 Jin Hyuuga Raijin-Oh [Zettai Muteki]
October 18 Kazuya Saotome Hand Maid May
October 18 Mamoru Sister Princess
October 18 Terra Branford Final Fantasy VI (III in the US)
October 19 1949 Jun Thunders Gate Keepers
October 19 Suzume Naruto
October 19 1811 Zantetsu The Last Blade
October 20 Chuck Sweager Borgman
October 20 Hiyoshi Gou (dubbed name: Little Jon Armstrong) Voltes V
October 20 Libra Dokho Saint Seiya
October 20 2012 Linna Yamazaki Bubble Gum Crisis
October 20 Mahoko Mochida Kakyuusei
October 20 Noal Tekkaman Blade
October 20 Ohjirou Mihara Angelic Layer
October 20 Olivier Angelique
October 20 Rika Kagura Platonic Chain
October 21 1958 Chang Koehan Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
October 21 Emporer Gestahl Final Fantasy VI (III in the US)
October 21 1901 Kaede Fujieda Sakura Taisen
October 21 Mie Kuribayashi (Nijino no Seishun) Tokimeki Memorial
October 21 Misako Ishibashi Sotsugyou Vacation
October 21 Mizuki Naruto
October 21 Nike Mahoujin Guruguru
October 21 2283 Serika Koromo Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
October 21 2283 Yoshika Saehara Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
October 22 Chisato Madison Star Ocean EX (Star Ocean 02 game only)
October 22 Miki Mano Raijin-Oh [Zettai Muteki]
October 22 1978 Minako Aino/Sailor Venus Sailor Moon
October 23 Bannon Final Fantasy VI (III in the US)
October 23 Hinano Kurahashi Assassination Classroom
October 23 Piyoko (Pyocola Analogue III) Di-Gi-Charat
October 24 Anko Mitarashi Naruto
October 25 1984 Chinami Watanabe Gate Keepers 21
October 25 1961 Choi Bounge Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
October 25 Kaoru Shiina To the North – White Illumination
October 25 2002 Rolo Lamperouge Code Geass
October 25 Seto Kaiba Yu-Gi-Oh
October 25 Sosuke Sugaya Assassination Classroom
October 25 Zeo Gattlar Baldios
October 26 2003 Anya Alstreim Code Geass
October 26 Lililala Shaman King
October 26 Oskar von Reuentahl Legend of Galactic Heroes
October 26 Priscila Dolphan Mitsumete Knight
October 26 Saori Imai Pia Carrot
October 26 Yui Hongo Fushigi Yuugi
October 27 Eimi Haneoka Saint Tail
October 27 Madoka Fujisaki Angelic Layer
October 27 Orochimaru Naruto
October 27 Shinji Asou I-Doll
October 28 Grand Mal Sakura Taisen 3
October 28 Mei Ijuin Tokimeki Memorial 2
October 28 Meiko Akizuki Marmalade Boy
October 28 1997 Naoki Shinjyo Cyber Formula [Future GPX]
October 29 2079 Arisa Takakura Gundress
October 29 Athurun Zala Gundam SEED [Mobile Suit]
October 29 Mashma Serro Gundam ZZ
October 29 Sakuya Ohkouchi Kaikan Phrase
October 29 1975 Setsuna Meiou/Sailor Pluto Sailor Moon
October 30 Kouji Hoshiyama Raijin-Oh [Zettai Muteki]
October 30 Mari Akutsu Full Metal Panic!
October 30 Soi Fushigi Yuugi
October 30 Wyvern Rhadamanthys Saint Seiya
October 30 Zoicite Sailor Moon
October 31 Akira Endou Sentimental Graffiti
October 31 B-ko Daitokuji Project A-ko
October 31 1965 Deejay Street Fighter 2
October 31 Eiji Sagamiya E’S
October 31 Gene Petromolla Mitsumete Knight
October 31 Hokuto Umeda Hanazakari no Kimitachi E
October 31 Juuto Segu Toukyou Juushouden
October 31 Reiko Haga Comic Party
October 31 1982 Yousuke Fuuma Wedding Peach
November 1 1770 Gaira Kafuin Samurai Shodown/Samurai Spirits
November 1 1974 Hello Kitty Sanrio characters
November 1 Ikutidal Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de
November 1 Kei Munakata eX-D
November 1 Mizuki Inaba Full Metal Panic!
November 1 Queen Beryl Sailor Moon
November 1 Yuki Azuma Princess Nine
November 2 Aria Sister Princess
November 2 Hayate Gekkou Naruto
November 2 Kousuke Ochi Hikaru no Go
November 2 1755 Marie Antoinette Rose of Versailles
November 2 Mayuko Peach Sabbath
November 2 1966 Ryo Shimu Dancougar
November 3 Allen Crusade Schezar VIII Escaflowne [Vision of]
November 3 1960 E. Honda Street Fighter 2
November 3 Miyuki Miyazawa All-Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku Nuku
November 3 1982 Scarlet O’Hara Wedding Peach
November 3 Seung Mina Soul Calibur
November 3 Shinji Ibu Tennis no Oujisama (The Prince of Tennis)
November 3 Unicorn Jabu Saint Seiya
November 4 63 UC Amuro Rei Gundam [Mobile Suit]
November 4 Futaba Amitaka Toukyou Juushouden
November 4 Mihoshi Tenchi Muyo!
November 5 Alois Trancy Black Butler
November 5 Daimyo of the Land of Wind Naruto
November 5 1998 Miki Johnouchi Cyber Formula [Future GPX]
November 5 1551 Naaza / Naotoki Yamanouchi (RW name: Sekhmet) Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (Ronin Warriors)
November 5 Noppo-kun Tottoko Hamutarou
November 6 1993 Lip and Rap Shaman King
November 6 1975 Reiichi Himuro Tokimeki Memorial: Girls’ Side
November 6 Rene Leno Sakura Taisen 3
November 6 Shinichirou Naoki Miracle Girls
November 6 Takeru Takaishi Digimon Adventure
November 7 Gorgon Ox Saint Seiya
November 7 Manami Okuda Assassination Classroom
November 7 Ryu Hashiba Dagwon [Brave Command]
November 7 Toma Parott Mahoujin Guruguru
November 7 Yukime Jigoku Sensei Nuube
November 8 Laury Callwell Mitsumete Knight
November 8 1989 Pan Dragon Ball GT
November 8 Scorpio Milo Saint Seiya
November 8 Youko Kamiya Tokimeki Tonight
November 9 Ryuuka Jihioh Hanaukyou Maid Team
November 9 Sagojou Saiyuuki [Gensou Maden]
November 10 Curtis Lawson Starship GIrl Yamamoto Yohko
November 10 Yuuichi? Kayama Sakura Taisen
November 11 69 UC Camille Vidan Gundam ZZ
November 11 Clavis Angelique
November 11 39 FC George de Sand Mobile Fighter G Gundam
November 11 Jiraiya Naruto
November 11 1997 Kamome Sengakuji Akihabara Dennou-Gumi
November 11 Madoka Mano Mamono Hunter Yohko
November 11 Perseus Argor Saint Seiya
November 11 1972 Reiko Mikami Ghost Sweeper Mikami
November 11 Roronoa Zoro One Piece
November 11 1984 Satoka Tachikawa Gate Keepers 21
November 11 1968 Taka-Arashi Virtua Fighter
November 11 Tokaki Fushigi Yuugi
November 12 Layla B. Simmons Idol Project
November 12 Ludwig Herzog von Mohn nahe Liechtenstein Meine Liebe [Tanbi Musou]
November 13 Igor Neuhaus Ao No Exorcist
November 13 1905 Lobelia Carlini Sakura Taisen 3
November 13 Shiina Oozora I-Doll
November 13 Tokiya Mikagami Recca [Flame of]
November 13 Yuma Isogai Assassination Classroom
November 14 Aiko Senoo Ojamajo Doremi
November 14 Kaedeko Sakura Tokimeki Memorial 2
November 14 Kotori Ninomiya Suchie Pai Adventure
November 14 Reiko Shindo Kakyuusei
November 14 Ruka Essenpolka Idol Project
November 14 1374 Tokagero Shaman King
November 15 1971 Hikaru Hiyama Kimagure Orange Road
November 15 1984 Joe Asakura/Condor Joe Gatchaman
November 15 1969 Kyosuke Kasuga Kimagure Orange Road
November 15 1985 Maehara Shinobu Love Hina
November 15 2046 Maki Rowell Vifam
November 15 Mira Kagami Tokimeki Memorial
November 15 1952 Misao Sakimori Gate Keepers
November 15 Timon Yadamon
November 16 Hikitsu Fushigi Yuugi
November 16 Minamoto no Tokitomo Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de 2
November 16 Roberto Miura Rival Schools 2
November 16 Saki Kageyama Sakura Taisen 2
November 17 Makoto Tachibana Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
November 17 Marco Shaman King
November 17 Megumi Yokoyama Sotsugyou Vacation
November 17 Nakago Fushigi Yuugi
November 17 1989 Rakshata Chawla Code Geass
November 17 Ren Mikihara Full Metal Panic!
November 18 Daijirou Gou (dubbed name: Big Bert Armstrong) Voltes V
November 18 Masaki Amamiya Card Captor Sakura
November 18 Takashi Kawamura Tennis no Oujisama (The Prince of Tennis)
November 19 Kefka Palazzo Final Fantasy VI (III in the US)
November 19 Makiko Midori Card Captor Sakura
November 19 Sphinx Pharaoh Saint Seiya
November 19 Takuo Yabe Tokimeki Memorial 3
November 20 Ayumi the Turtle Angel Tales (Otogi Story Tenshi no Shippo)
November 20 Tohma Seguchi Gravitation
November 20 Yuffie Kisaragi Final Fantasy VII
November 21 Ashitare Fushigi Yuugi
November 21 1984 Freeman Garou: Mark of the Wolves
November 21 Gaw Ha Recce L. Gaim
November 21 62 UC Lalah Sun Gundam [Mobile Suit]
November 21 Mermaid Thetys Saint Seiya
November 21 Meteru Tongari Boushi no Meteru
November 21 1985 Ritsuko Akagi Evangelion [Neon Genesis]
November 21 Seira Morimura Princess Nine
November 22 1952 Dhalsim Street Fighter 2
November 22 Kyouya Ootori Ouran High School Host Club
November 23 Chie Matsuoka Sentimental Graffiti
November 23 769 UC Dusty Attenborough Legend of Galactic Heroes
November 23 Karin Kokubu Tonde Buurin
November 23 Kuroudo Akabane Getbackers
November 23 Parfet Balblair Vandread
November 23 Suzune Misaki (Irodori no Lovesong) Tokimeki Memorial
November 23 Yamagata-sensei All-Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku Nuku
November 24 Crybaby Jura Tripper
November 24 1959 Eri Tsunoda Karuizawa Syndrome
November 24 1974 Ippei Mine (dubbed name: Mark Gordon) Voltes V
November 24 Irvine Kinneas Final Fantasy VIII
November 24 Kyoko Misaki (Suchie Pai) Suchie Pai Adventure
November 24 Locke Cole Final Fantasy VI (III in the US)
November 24 1984 Mitsuhiro Nakamura Gun Parade March
November 24 Raiel The Violinist of Hameln
November 25 Izumo Kamizuki Naruto
November 25 Leon D.S. Geeste Star Ocean EX
November 25 Mannen (Knight of Ice) Pretear
November 25 2003 Nunnally vi Britannia Code Geass
November 26 Makiko Sawada Comic Party
November 27 Dark Carlo Tokimeki Tonight
November 27 1985 Horohoro Shaman King
November 27 1976 Jann Lee Dead or Alive
November 27 2121 Kei Dirty Pair
November 27 Rock Lee Naruto
November 27 1948 Saishyu Kusanagi Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
November 27 Tanya Lipinski To the North – White Illumination
November 27 Tougo Arai Sotsugyou M
November 27 Yuuya Asou Super Gals! Kotobuki Ran
November 28 Eiji Kikumaru Tennis no Oujisama (The Prince of Tennis)
November 28 2048 Penshi Eliza Vifam
November 28 Shuuko Suzuhara Angelic Layer
November 28 1969 Vice Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
November 29 Akiha Hara Hanazakari no Kimitachi E
November 29 Genjou Sanzou Saiyuuki [Gensou Maden]
November 29 1948 Lee Pyron Shaman King
November 29 Maya Jingu Burn-Up Excess
November 29 2084 Michelle Iga Gundress
November 29 Mwu La Fllaga Gundam SEED [Mobile Suit]
November 30 1956 En Tao Shaman King
November 30 Sagittarius Aioros Saint Seiya
November 30 Souji Mikage Utena [Revolutionary Girl]
November 30 Tetsu Ishida Tennis no Oujisama (The Prince of Tennis)
December 1 Ai Minamizato Kakyuusei
December 1 1983 Aoyama Motoko Love Hina
December 1 Juri Arisugawa Utena [Revolutionary Girl]
December 1 Momo the Monkey Angel Tales (Otogi Story Tenshi no Shippo)
December 1 Pegasus Seiya Saint Seiya
December 1 Yuko Kawai Mizuiro Jidai
December 1 Yuuki Tokugawa E’S
December 2 Andrei Sergeivich Kalinin Full Metal Panic!
December 2 Kotoko Minazuki Tokimeki Memorial 2
December 2 1966 Lucky Glauber Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
December 2 Manabu “Geki” Tobe Dagwon [Brave Command]
December 3 Airi Kashikura Pia Carrot
December 3 Bluebell Block Shaman King
December 3 1735 Genbu no Okina The Last Blade
December 3 1982 Guido Mista JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
December 3 Jet Black Cowboy Bebop
December 3 2282 Kaede Yumioka Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
December 3 Kiyomi Arai Sotsugyou Vacation
December 3 Manabu Gojou eX-D
December 3 Nozomi Kiyokawa Tokimeki Memorial
December 3 Subaru Akaboshi Gizoku
December 4 Akram Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de
December 4 1986 Kazuma Suzuka Tokimeki Memorial: Girls’ Side
December 4 1964 Kazutaka Muraki Yami no Matsuei
December 4 Kotone Seiryuuin? Sakura Taisen 2
December 4 Miboshi Fushigi Yuugi
December 4 Sarah MacDougal Love Hina
December 4 2001 Sohryuu Asuka Langley Evangelion [Neon Genesis]
December 5 1999 Lelouch Code Geass
December 5 1999 Lelouch vi Britannia (aka Lelouch Lamperouge) Code Geass
December 5 1978 Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter Sailor Moon
December 6 Hiroto Maehara Assassination Classroom
December 6 Mishio Amano Kanon
December 6 1974 Tina Armstrong Dead or Alive
December 7 Genzou Wakabayashi Captain Tsubasa
December 7 Hatoko Kobayashi Angelic Layer
December 7 Mina Hinomori Pia Carrot 2
December 7 Takashi Nomura (“Denshin” OAVs) Mamotte Shugogetten!
December 7 1976 Yuri Sakazaki Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
December 7 Yuu Inagawa Comic Party
December 8 727 UC Alexander Bucock Legend of Galactic Heroes
December 8 Cynthia Grace Hanaukyou Maid Team
December 8 2053 Luchina Puleshut Vifam
December 8 Minawa Narutaki Toukyou Juushouden
December 8 1986 Misato Katsuragi Evangelion [Neon Genesis]
December 8 1969 Yawara Inokuma Yawara!
December 9 Hitomi Kanzaki Escaflowne [Vision of]
December 9 Kyoko Inaba Jigoku Sensei Nuube
December 9 Shinya Yanagisawa Tennis no Oujisama (The Prince of Tennis)
December 10 Emily Ounce Gundam ZZ
December 10 Hagiri Ranba Toukyou Juushouden
December 10 Ivy Soul Calibur
December 10 2283 Mako and Ako Hinokawa Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
December 10 Shuntaro Shinoda Raijin-Oh [Zettai Muteki]
December 10 Sophia Robelingue Mitsumete Knight
December 11 No birthdays 😦
December 12 Fuu Hououji Magic Knights Rayearth
December 12 1959 Kohei Aizawa Karuizawa Syndrome
December 12 1976 Kyo Kusanagi Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
December 12 Tongari-kun Tottoko Hamutarou
December 12 1997 Uzura Kitaurawa Akihabara Dennou-Gumi
December 12 Yoko Tanaka Yokoso Yoko
December 13 1981 Motoko Hara Gun Parade March
December 13 Sant’ Angelo de Roma Final Fantasy VIII
December 14 Akira Touya Hikaru no Go
December 14 Casios Saint Seiya
December 14 Nastasha Zabigof Mobile Fighter G Gundam
December 14 Orphereus Meine Liebe [Tanbi Musou]
December 14 Rei Ryugazaki Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
December 15 Barret Wallace Final Fantasy VII
December 15 Kazumi Watarai Tokimeki Memorial 3
December 16 Tsukasa Ichimonji (Lemon Pai) Suchie Pai Adventure
December 17 Ban Midou Getbackers
December 17 1961 Kevin Rian Garou: Mark of the Wolves
December 17 Nachi Izumi (Dream Saga Takamagahara) Dream Saga
December 17 1978 Noa Izumi Patlabor
December 17 Sylvie Dread Starship GIrl Yamamoto Yohko
December 18 1983 Kaori Tashiro Gun Parade March
December 18 Minotauros Gordon Saint Seiya
December 18 1986 Natsumi Fujii Tokimeki Memorial: Girls’ Side
December 18 Yuu Nanase Sentimental Graffiti
December 19 Ciel Phantomhive Black Butler
December 20 2309 Polylina Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
December 20 Sakuya Sister Princess
December 20 Sasami Tenchi Muyo!
December 21 1967 Kim Kaphwan Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
December 21 Oscar Angelique
December 21 Paiway Underberg Vandread
December 21 Tatsuha Uesugi Gravitation
December 22 Fujiwara no Takamichi Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de
December 22 1768 Galford Samurai Shodown/Samurai Spirits
December 22 Hiromu Shinbo Chobits
December 22 Ikumi Oze Mugen no Ryvius (Infinite Ryvius)
December 22 Seifer Almasy Final Fantasy VIII
December 23 Bismarch Waldstein Code Geass
December 23 1993 Franz Heinel Cyber Formula [Future GPX]
December 23 1960 Guile Street Fighter 2
December 23 Ken Hidaka Weiss Kreuz
December 23 Malik Ishtar (Dub name: Terrance) Yu-Gi-Oh
December 23 Nayuki Minase Kanon
December 23 Tiffany Lords Rival Schools 2
December 24 Akira Ijuuin Clamp Campus Detectives
December 24 Alexander Howell Ayashi no Ceres
December 24 Atsuko Natsume/Nuku Nuku All-Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku Nuku
December 24 Balron Rune Saint Seiya
December 24 Chokora Time Stranger Kyoko
December 24 Fuuka Mitsui Kodomo no Omocha
December 24 Hikari Koumeiji Hand Maid May
December 24 Izumi Sano Hanazakari no Kimitachi E
December 24 Kaname Chidori Full Metal Panic!
December 24 Kouji Nanjou Zetsuai/Bronze
December 24 1758 Kyoshiro Senryo Samurai Shodown/Samurai Spirits
December 24 1909 Leni Milchstrasse Sakura Taisen
December 24 1979 Lion Rafale Virtua Fighter
December 24 Mii Matsunaga I-Doll
December 24 Natarle Badgiruel Gundam SEED [Mobile Suit]
December 24 Papuwa Papuwa-kun
December 24 Queen Horn The Violinist of Hameln
December 24 Rinze Etou Tokimeki Tonight
December 24 Ryouma Echizen Tennis no Oujisama (The Prince of Tennis)
December 24 1982 Ryunosuke Umemiya Shaman King
December 24 Shouko Inaba Pia Carrot
December 24 Tony Tony Chopper One Piece
December 25 Bancolin Patalliro
December 25 1969 Billy Kane Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
December 25 1967 Eiji Kisaragi Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
December 25 Geronimo/Cyborg 005 Cyborg 009
December 25 Jack Oliver Baldios
December 25 Kanata Saionji Daa! Daa! Daa!
December 25 Karma Akabane Assassination Classroom
December 25 Levi Ackerman Attack on Titan
December 25 Magno Vivan Vandread
December 25 Mami Kuroi Jigoku Sensei Nuube
December 25 1755 Oscar Rose of Versailles
December 25 1973 Robert Garcia Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
December 25 Santa (Yoshihiko Nagai) Kaikan Phrase
December 25 2075 Takako Houraiji Gundress
December 25 1907 Tsubaki Takamura Sakura Taisen
December 25 Viktor Nikiforov Yuri!!! On Ice
December 25 Yukito Tsukishiro Card Captor Sakura
December 25 Yuzuki Chobits
December 26 2001 Touji Suzuhara Evangelion [Neon Genesis]
December 27 Hinata Hyuga Naruto
December 27 Okumura Rin Ao No Exorcist (Blue Exorcist)
December 27 Seiichiro Tatsumi Yami no Matsuei
December 27 Yukio Ao No Exorcist (Blue Exorcist)
December 28 Black Cygnus Saint Seiya
December 29 Dinosaur Ryuuzaki (Dub name: Rex Raptor) Yu-Gi-Oh
December 29 Ken Wakashimazu Captain Tsubasa
December 29 1989 Kim Jae Hoon Garou: Mark of the Wolves
December 29 Utena Tenjou Utena [Revolutionary Girl]
December 30 Bowman Jean Star Ocean EX
December 30 Konohamaru Naruto
December 30 Lionet Ban Saint Seiya
December 30 Sasame (Knight of Sound) Pretear
December 31 4982 Ichino Yanagida Battle Athletes Daiundokai
December 31 1979 Sae Sawanoguchi Mahou Tsukaitai
December 31 1973 Yashiro Nanakase Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury / King of Fighters