My Grand Moff Costume

Last fall, I was at Hal-Con, Halifax’s “comic-con”, where there were MANY FANTASTIC cosplay! You can check out the site for photos. I went as a Grand Moff (high ranking officer) from Star Wars, and here’s my cosplay. I have some adult jokes in this post, though, so if please don’t read on if you don’t like such humour.

I would say I had one of the most boring costumes at Hal-Con with the Grand Moff cosplay. Don’t ask me about the title. I didn’t make it up and I don’t know how much moff diving one has to do to become a Grand Moff. Maybe one has to capture a millennium foul cunts or something. Or maybe he just leads the moffia. Whatever.

The costume was a green tunic jacket with a Y cover on the front, with green pants and black boots. I didn’t have time to make the pants and obviously didn’t make the rain boots, so I only made the tunic coat. However, I can see myself with a regular functioning coat, but of this style for some geek chic. Without the badge, and in a different colour, with colour coordinated pants instead of matching colour pants, few would probably associate it with Star Wars. It’d just look like a fashionable coat. That was why I made it, after all.

I saw the uniform up close at a movie costumes exhibit at the Halifax Museum of Natural History and I loved it for its fashion, not for its Star Wars appearance. I saw its potential as a fashionable coat so I got a double purpose out of it. The mock for a cosplay. The real one to come for a real coat.

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