Create Your Facebook Life Exhibit Video at Intel’s Museum of Me Site

Intel’s Museum of Me website making an art exhibition video from your Facebook profile information is one of the coolest things I’ve seen on the Internet in years! Mine is below to give you an idea of what I’m talking about. Instructions on how to get yours made follow.

While the site talks about the exhibit being of your social life, it is dependent on your Facebook profile information. For some, this is their life and social life. For others, it’s just a tiny fraction. The exhibit created in the video is of your Facebook profile, not your social life.

Still, what a cool exhibition it is!!!

Here’s how to get your own video if you have a Facebook profile, and what to do afterward to share or capture it:

  1. Log into your Facebook account.
  2. Click on this link, where you will be prompted to allow Intel to connect to your Facebook account for access to your Facebook profile information. This is similar to how any Application you’ve ever used on Facebook has access to your information, so don’t worry about it. Intel says it doesn’t store your information, which I can’t verify, but they act like it (see below instructions).
  3. Sit back and wait until the video is made for you. Then enjoy!
  4. You can click on the screen, or away from it, to pause the video. This is especially good for those “exhibits” where there are lots of photos so you can pick out which ones got chosen, or whose photos got chosen.
  5. You can replay the video as often as you like as long as you don’t close out the page, but you have to let it go to the end first.
  6. After you view the video, Intel can create a Photo Album called Museum of Me in your profile to share some screen captures of the video. This is if you chose to click on the Share yourself on Facebook link at the end. It adds some text to some of the screen captures to help the viewer to understand what it created.

Removing the Intel Application When You’re Done

If you want to remove the Intel Application after you viewed your video, go to Account in the upper right, choose Privacy Settings, choose Apps and Wesbite (Edit your settings link) in the bottom left and look for the Intel app to remove. Do this each time you generate a video if you want to remove it or generate more than 1 video.

Future viewings of your video

You might not be able to save the video, but you can try the site again and again. Each time, you will get a slightly different video because there is some “randomness” in the algorithm used to generate the video. However, some things are based on your latest or most frequent habits on Facebook so they will remain the same.

Intel provides you with screen captures of your video because Intel doesn’t keep your video online for others to see, or for you to access later. That is, if you were able to share it like a video from YouTube, it would mean Intel had to have stored your info. They may have, but they’re at least not revealing that in this manner.

If you ever want to show such a video to your family and friends, they’d have to be there with you when you try out the feature again using the instructions given above. That is unless you use a webcam to record it off your screen to share (not recommended), or know how to do screencasting, video recording of what’s on your screen (with audio).

I have my video, shared above, because I happened to be learning screen casting software when I was told about this Museum of Me site by my friend Fran. It’s total serendipity, but I have a life philosophy which states

“Serendipity favours the well prepared.”
– Minh Tan

I hope you’ll give Intel’s Museum of Me site a try cause I think you’ll really enjoy it. Let’s face it, there’s a little narcissism in all of us… and there may be a little more with lots of Facebook users. That’s partly why this idea by Intel was so brilliant. They got to advertise a little bit at the end of their video (which I blacked out) to make it a commercial tailored towards you!

This could be the future of advertising, my friends. You mark my words! Enjoy! 🙂

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